Friday, August 28, 2009


By the blessings of the divine Sadgurudev I got an opportunity not only to know the divine devotees but also got a chance to learn a lot from themselves…The most pleasant part of this introduction was that all the Guru Bhai’s were so divine, polite & fully devoted and they have gained all the devotions which are impossible only with the blessings of their Guru….

Anyways, this is something different and I will try my best to discuss many other topics of the Knowledge and the Learnings which I have gained from the blessings of my Sadgurudev…

In this mail, I am giving that point which is related with the “Metal Conversion” and this was explained by one of the senior Guru Bhai from Punjab and he also performed this task in front of mine….But yes, this is apart that further I was not able to conduct the same because of some reasons….But I have seen the same from my eyes live…The success will be there if all the processes gets conduct in the guidance of the right person…

Take a thin film of Copper and make it hot and then exhaust the same 21 times in the Butter Milk…Then clean the same 3 times by KIRKIRA….Crush the “Haldiya Vish” & put the same into the water and put the Utensil on flame till the time the bubbles get starts coming from the water…Place those Bubbles in the other utensil…Take all those bubbles and rub on the Copper piece and allow it to dry and then melt the same in Suhaga….In this way, the Swarn Siddh process takes place….

Other Experiments in my next coming mails….

Thanks & Rgds…


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