Thursday, September 30, 2010

Aatma aavahan -3 Atindriya activation and establishment

Jai gurudev everyone

Congratulations to all those who have been through with sadhana of Maharshi Devdatt.

Yes. so we were Discussing (well, short of. not really discussing) about aatma aavahan. Swa aatma aavahan, the topic, made me really amazed. I was having no imaging power of such secrets. Who may know that Aatma aavahan can lead you to a stage where you need not to call any one's soul and can do the task with your own soul.

But, it was not just end. Gurudev described me the third most important stage of aatma aavahan, and this is about atindriya jagran and Sthapan ( Activation of sixth sense and establishment of the same).

so, when become able to accomplish tasks through Swa-atma aavahan, Then one will concentrately practice to call call the souls with out boards or without using any of the board or mediums and this becomes very easy for the sadhak to do when it comes to 2nd stage, Swa aatma aavahan. then one can call spirits and does the task while eating food even and no one will be able to know that what you are doing.

but when it comes to next stage of atindriya, one will practice to call his own soul without any medium. in some days practice one will be able to do that. continue practice for few days and because of your movement to subconciousness, your 6th sence will be activated. now you will start feeling spirits around you, if is there any. some times you will be able to watch them even. in this stage a atindriya being generated is so much powerful that it will force any spirits to be around you. thus where ever the sadhak goes, spirits there surrender control by them self to the sadhak.

Thus after some more practice when this full power when been generated, guru will establish that power into the tongue, fingers. if it is being established in tongue, what ever he speaks, becomes true, he get power of vak siddhi. and if it is being established in finger, sadhak's thub of any hand remains touched with fingers and throught this special mudra he gets so many siddhis. he can listen to the conversations of thousands miles and can click anytime what is going on in the persons mind.

Well, one should practice tratak especially agni tratak (jyoti tratak) when pursuing into this sadhana.

It seems like this whole process take too much time but again it depends, I have seen people accomplishing all these three stage into 1 month time even.

So one should be praying into the sadgurudev's feet for providing such great knowledge and go ahead in this field.

Jai gurudev


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

tantra vijay - tantrokt shiv sadhana

Jai gurudev all,

my relation with naga baba was from some years. his one of the disciple
`Swamiji' was a good friend of mine. he was often termed as swamiji only.
Swamiji was quite component in smashan sadhanas, epecially in tripur bheiravi,
mahakali and kaal bheirav sadhana. I have seen him making bheirav dance on his
one order. he lived in nepal and kamakhya region. His guru were Sri Naga baba.
Naga baba went through Naga order and left the cloth. He was around 80 years but
any young men, if tries to mash with him, with in one slap of nagaji, he will
loose consciousness. always cheer full. he was component in many bheirav sadhna
and many of shiva sadhana. when Swamiji went nepal, he came across sadgurudev
nikhileshwaranand ji, and under his guidence he did some sadhanas. as I was
disciple of sadgurudev `swamiji' was having a special feelings for me. I
respected him as brother, and sooner we became friend.

When swamiji used to meet Shri naga, he often used to speak about me infront of
him. Naga baba was happy with me as in small age I went in path of tantra. one
day nagaji suggested swamiji to let me do one sadhana. through that sadhana one
can see any isht ir any human but only once. I never met nagaji or spoke with
him. our conversation took place with help of his disciple swamiji as a only
medium. so, when swamiji came back after meeting him, he told me to do this
When I completed that sadhana, question came that what I like to see ? I wanted
to see nagaji, as I have never seen him even. So, with in few moments I was able
to see nagaji.

When I been through the sadhana, I spoke to swamiji about my sadhana experience.
He told this Nagaji....I got a call from swamiji...Nagaji was even with him...he
said Nagaji wants to speak to me...

Nagaji started conversation into fluent english. he asked me rather why I have
not seen god and tried to watch me. I replied that ist is the one who provide me
sadhanas and this time you didi it and I have even not seen your face...He
laughed and said " mera ( Bhagvan ka) jawab tu he, par tera to jawab hi
nahi..." because of this incident, even nagaji became very close to me and
shared lots and lots facts on tantra.

once we were talking to each other and the topic turned to shiva sadhana. he
said there are lots of shiva sadhana, easy one throught which you may even
travel to many mysterious places related to shiva while you are in sleep and can
get his darshana in dream even. but there are some hidden facts which people do
not know and not even wanted to share, neither it is written in any scriptures."

He again asked me ` all right. tell me..6 aksharo ka shiv mantra kya he ?' (
Which one is 6 letter shiva mantra)

I replied ` Om Namah Shivay'
He laughed loud.

` Are, that mantra belongs to this pathetic material people ( He used to hate
material people), can you imagine, if they does sadhana, what they ask to god
....Money! How great those are. ( He seriously was very against this thing.)

anyways yes so that mantra belongs to bhoga only..but which one is tatrik
shatakshari mantra of shiva ?

I didnt spoke anything...

He said are let me tell you. don't be confused.

When this mantra was created, it was for material people but need to completely
verse wise of sanyasi. so god made this mantra on 180 digree for moksha tell me what could be that ?

I said No idea.. is " Shivay Namah Om" (शिवाय
नमः ॐ )
ohh yes..understood. now I understood what you mean to say... this is the famous mangtra among tantrik and known as Tanrokt shiv
mantra, and this is the mantra for which I was talking before some minutes. nice...but how this mantra could be chanted...

hmm....He told me process and I did it as he said...for all 8 days, I was able
to feel mysterious things in my dreams...I went through many temples which are
hidden...many such places which are invisible and those all thing took place in
dream only...

for my dear one, that you all, I am giving this sadhana process.

one should start this mantra from Monday.

after 11 pm sit facing north. no dress code. one should light incents or dhoop.
and then with rudraksha rosary chant following mantra. 11 rosary should be done.
continue process for 8 days i mean till next monday.

"Shivay Namah Aum" (शिवाय नमः
ॐ )

so this is one of the very good sadhana of shiva and one should do it.

jai gurudev


Monday, September 27, 2010

Aatma aavahan-2 (Swa- aatma aavahan)

jai gurudev everyone

well, before I start, need to share something :

when some of you people were busy meeting hukoom (arif bhai, generally i use
this term for him, literally means `the king') at Delhi gurudham, I gave a call
to Anurag bhai
He said ` are bhai, people are looking for you here, you should be here `
I said ` who are looking for me ?' and he said all about the meetings and the
things took place there. so, I would like to thank all the people to make our
effort seriously worth. but shock was when he told that there are some girls
even. I never imagined that. Its too good and few words were filled from my
memory that ये तो सब
कृपा हे उनकी,
वर्ना बिच
समुन्दर में
किनारे कहा
होते हे
may be some of them can be next rajola, nagbala or mohini. and some of them
would be next vyadi, nagarjuna or nagbudhha.
so, now we are sure that we'll reach to our goal, we are not alone, and we'll
walk together work together and reach to our goal together.

Anubhai was telling me that bhai no body is asking me that am I anurag ? anyways
that thing was over.

But that's not all...after 2 Days I received SMS " Pal bhar ke liye koi hame
SMS/ E-mail karde Jutha hi sahi, Ab to blog ke writers se hi ummid he " - Anurag
bhai , me bola have peace, kuchh thanda pijie you will surely get some mails and
Sms, Keep on pressurising readers one day they will do it. and finally he got
some. And those people really obliged me because whenever we used to talk after
his journey from delhi, Anurag bhai used to say Bhai at least you send me the topic has moved and got some new topic for our calls....just

So we were into the subject of aatma aavahan:

Gurudev describede " what do you think, aatma aavahan is just related to calling
a spirit, why it is aatma aavahan and not bahyatma aavahan ` aatma avahan simple
means to call the soul. How can you think only of souls in outer world, How come
you forget your own soul. "

`hmmm....So it is the concept of the aatma aavahan, well i think I am getting a
`well son, you better not get a little and understand it full, because half
understanding will lead you no where' Again a sixer

anyways so, I tried to understand Swa-aatma aavahan with the help of aatma
aavahan only. with gurudev's permission I called one of the soul who were a sage
and left his body. very knowledgable, he tought me many tantra sadhanas even. So
i again called him and he described me the method of swa-aatma aavahan.

here, I would like to mention that one should first be component in aatma
aavahan through any method, then only they can move towards this second steps. I
tried to provide proper information on board method but those who are proceeding
to the practice, do mail me, I may suggest few things from my experiences.

In swa-aatma method, one should call his own soul on the medium of anything. I
did it with the same board method of aatma aavahan. one will concentrates and
start calling his own soul. in few days of practice one will start feeling that
you are separate part of your body, some time you will feel your self soul, some
time body, some times. it is good. one will be able to watch the things from
diferent angles. now your soul will be contacting your board. remember, every
soul has equal powers , so, if you mastered this thing, you will be able to do
all those things by your self which is being done by spirits in first stage.

Well, but this is not even end. Gurudev described me one more thing by which you
can do what ever with spirits. something like being a king of spirits. How?
we'll make it in next articles.

Jai gurudev


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tantra Darshan part 6: kankavati sadhana (is Alchemy possible through mantra only ?)

Dear friends, how are, are you ready to come with me in the path less traveled by any ,even sadhak. I knew that , you are ready to come with me, I am extending my hand to you all, at least be with me for some moment and take the joy once I felt there.

Once,Arif ji and I were moving near of ma kamkhya maha peetem area.

He told me that if I was lucky then I would meet poojya sadgurudev’s sanyasi disciple there, I was very excited to see any one of them. We were moving through car. Suddenly he told me that why not stop here, I told him why not. I was standing side of Road, thinking of mine initial life and , may be I will be able to move a little further, what I will speak to Sadgurudev sanyasi disciples, whether they would allow to talk to me, or…..what would be there reaction.. I was worried too….

Suddenly, my shoulder was pressed by a gentle hand, I moved, and shocked that one sanyasi was smiling…, I shocked swami ji.. how you are here…(he was none other than swami Shishyananda,I already told you about him, in post named Bindu sadhana, kindly once again read that details of him…).

He also smiled and told me..Aap kaise hain..(how I was).i replied as usual..tell me what he was doing there. But same question came from his side too. We both smiled. now please tell me, are you going to somewhere, I asked him. He told me very politely that..sadgurudev instructed him to meet us here, that’s why he was waiting for.. both of us. Then Arif ji also came back, we all smiled. Swami ji told me.. is it not that he made promised me in the ma kamakhya temple. To meet again…

Then swamiji asked us to come a direction ,it was the mid day time, he asked us to purchase 20 gram mercury from the market , two earthen Pot (deep)and some kandon, I did that. When I returned I found that he was ready after taking bath , and waiting for both of us. he again asked us to bring some Dhatoora ‘s flower in 50 to 60 number , and again told to get the juice of that Flower. We did that too. .He asked us to put that mercury in one pot and fill some juice of Flower and remaining portion with the normal clay. And he took that pot in his hand sit in sukhasan position, and start chanting some mantra ,after 15 minite.

he added some more juice in that and covered the pot with another pot, tightly. with applying clay and cloth. And after that he again recite some of the mantras, I could not here that but after that he start showing some mudra(special hand gesture) in front of that pot off course Sadgurudev photo was there and one parad shivling was also. I tried to memorize the mudra but failed he was continuously showing various mudra one by one. I remembered one was ling mudra. For others I had no idea. After that he asked us to burn the kandon (cake made by cow dung).

When ,all the kando burnet completely, he asked me to put that pot in between that. After 10 minutes he asked us to take out that. We did that, break that, he instructed, on breaking I was shocked that instead of white mercury , there was fully gold there, the mercury totally converted to that, and in same shape, shape of mercury not even changed.

I could not think ,what to say. I asked him, how it was possible , that was market mercury and no purification applied , only dhatoora flower juice can turned that, he smiled , and told me that I wanted to know that why dhatoora is used, was ,because kanak is also one of its (dhatoora)name, kanak means gold too. Had I not herd

kanak kanak te soue guni……. Famous lines.

Yes I herd that, but could only that, is the reason for that.. no .. it was not because of that .. reason behind it, was KANKAVATI SADHANA.. its her(kanakavati) grace and the power of tantra sadhana this happened. I can not understand til now what a tantra sadhak and tantra sadhana can do that, it’s a great path and like a universe .. this path also has no end.

But is there any utility of various mudra ?, that he showed, he replied me , smilingly that that was the VAAM MARG sadhana and the path is known as HANSA MARG. Vaam marg is highly secretive one, and what can not it ,do, has no limitation, I also seen the power in front of me, but why so many mudra..

He told me, have a patience, actually for this sadhana , kakiani or woman with specific signon her body , is needed and physical connection between him and sadhak is required. But, where that can be possible in this era.(this path is highly got ,bad name because of this). So poojya pad Sadgurudev ji made this sadhana in this way , so that even showing the mudra , will produce the same result (no real woman needed as some of mine friends still thinking that, vaam marg has many dimension..please not to be limited that in only one sense…..)

I politely asked swami ji, can you , performed this process , without mudra and mantra ever. he smiled on that question, he replied I he did that.

But nothing happened, because of that he has to complete that sadhana thrice.

Why I asked..

He replied. In sadhana field there will be no place of doubt, other wise thousand years won’t produced desired result .he did that. Just for trying ,means once accomplished sadhak he was, and he did that…the sadhana power immediately disappear from him.

Since he doubted the sadhana.

So he has to do thrice that sadhana ,even praying to Sadgurudev ji, for his mistake.

Sadgurudev ,Himalayan effort, when we understand. He is ultimate authority in this universe. I (Anu)have many doubt in my mind that , could it be possible that only mantra alchemy is possible ?.

yes yes..

Sadgurudev read my mind and he produced a situation so that I could be the witness of such a divine process. Swamiji replied.

I took that gold weighted 20m grams , in my hand about 10/15vminites .. not able to understand what to say, Sadgurudev ji rightly wrote in swarna tantram… even your all life is stands no where in front of this parad tantra. I practically seen that. Now ,whole months /year s earning earned within 15/20 minutes.

Sadgurudev wanted that even, some of the sadhak come to this field who has not aim to go for gold but for higher plane of this science. If a sadhak has a only goal towards this then this sadhana Siddhi will not be possible for him , off course if sadhak is totally and whole heartily doing his journey of this path then this process only revealed to him, otherwise how his family life and material life governs.

Sadgurudev knows that , very well.

What is the name of the sadhana.. kanakavati sadhana is the name….

On returning I was thinking ,…kya boloon., kya kahoon, til date I also laughed on such a process ever exists and witnessed by other ,

but now I am one of them ,who will believe on mine story………

So dear one ,As Bhagvan Shri Krishan said in Gita that… one in thousands will move in this path and very few, can get success.

Like that Jesus also said lands are truly plenteous but laborers are a few.

I kept this incident in mine heart, but Arif bhai told me that , why such things Anu bhaiya write that experience to our guru brother and guru sister .. may be some of them will understand the value of this science”.. I replied .. I am thinking that they attracts towards gold.. very few of them really understand the value of mantra and tantra sadhana.”

We will do our best to express our experience in front of them, sadgurudev is here , he will guide them. We are only his children, why they be set side of such a beautiful experience. He told me.

Arif told me.. why sadgurudevji and shishyananda ji has shown us that miraculous procedure and we became the witness of that.

Some of our gurubhai and sister ,one day , get that process from Sadgurudev, who knows ,they will shows both of us, the hidden procedure are behind that. That, Anu bhiya you wanted to know.. from swami shishyanandi.

for that he replied to me(anu).. I had to still pass many test … and whole heartily start learning this science..Anu bhaiya.,. you had written in prev post that .. (regarding mine experience with parad science..) you were not able to move a single step in that field.. but Sadgurudev one saw you, in tense mood and smile play on his divine face.. surely, he has something for not only you but for all of us.…..

Mere priy, what I have seen there, I describe fully here, nothing hidden in that…I am also like you, to pray to Sadgurudev that one day , we move the path and clear the test ,we too do that..but serving the mankind and upliftment of this science will be out motto. Otherwise kicked back by him..

So can you sleep tonight..

Ha ha.

That I want s,

Once , we all awake and understand sadgurudevji’ love.. for all of us…



Tantra vijay 6 : Atma aavahan ( calling a soul) and Atindriya activation

Jai gurudev all,

sadgurudev have mentioned in many of his book about this subject. in fact to call the spirit has remained one of the hottest para-psychological issue in whole world. Now the science even has started believing in this regards and some people have accepted about the existence of spirits.

I would rather first like to make clear that spirits and ghosts are different. Ghosts are different as they are a different `yoni'. Where else spirits are those who have left their mortal form and looking for birth again.

Sages for very ancient time have remained success full in calling such spirits from universe and contacting those, for various reasons. They are not in material form and they are in tri vargatmak, so they can accomplish many many tasks which simple humans can not.

There are several ways to do aatma aavahan or calling the spirit. Mantrik process, Tantrik process, yoga process in India, in abroad even such practices are being carried out on the name of witch craft and slat process.

I would like to mention my own story in this regards.

When I learned aatma aavahan, i was very excited in that regard. I liked to know more about the world beyond this world; I got so much of information from those spirits. One of my cousins was very close to me but suddenly one day I came to know that she has blood cancer and she died after some day but I was not able to go to her as I was in some other city. I was very guilty and felt like dying. After 2 days I was doing aatma aavahan and suddenly found my cousin in the form of spirit. She told me that she is happy and peaceful and I require not feeling guiltier for that incident.

On another occasion, I was able to call a spirit of my uncle who was death before 20 years; He was murdered because of the controversy while playing cards. When I was successful to call his spirit, he asked me to do some task for him, like dakshina and offering food to cows, I did that and asked for anything else. He was happy now and told me that he would not like to take birth for long and will now continue to stop young people who are playing card and will help indirectly to get a rid on that. As a nephew, it was one of my great tasks for internal satisfaction.

So, this way I have thousands of experiences (I really mean thousands).

Now a question is how to call a spirit.

Well there are different methods and classification, I mean to call normal soul does have different method and to call soul of siddha people is different method. I am here giving you both the mantras for this.

For siddha peoples soul calling : Hrim siddhatma bham sham mam pam sham sham dristava iti.

For normal soul calling : Om hili hili khichi khichi phat

One should know the full process from guru and do it under his guidance, if one will recite one rosary of the mantra daily, one will slowly feel spirits around and if concentration level increase, thus one will be able to have a full control over it.

Based on my own experience, I would like to tell you that one of the very easy processes for soul calling is slat/ board process. I have even described mantra processes above, one can choose based on their comfort.

In slat process, one should prepare one board on which alphabet A to Z and number 0 – 9 should be written. One should draw a big round in between and place a coin or any small round cup. Placing a finger on it, one should start calling spirit with concentration the any spirit nearby please come. Thus after some time the coin or cup will move. At that time you can start conversation and the spirit will answer you with the help of board.

This is one of the processes described by gurudev many times.

One should not fear of anything in this, the spirit can not harm you, not to worry as you are disciple of gurudev.

2nd thing is one should alone practice this in a room where no one other should be there, the best time for this practice is after 6 in the evening till mid night.

After communication, one should return that soul with respect by telling to leave sincerely. They even sick for respect.

When I mastered this and asked gurudev this is great science through which we can know past, future of any one can does the messages and do get replies from anywhere and can get a Para logical information through this. But he smiled and said that aatma aavahan is not just of calling spirits.

I was surprised to have this answer

He told, do you think that this science just end here?

I didn't answered anything

He continued, see, you have just passed first stage there are two more stages in this.

Aatma aahvan
Swa aatma aahvan
Atindray jagran

And after that you will get your kingdom over spirits.

I said that you have not mentioned other two parts anywhere

He said "that's why I am telling you no "and smiled. I laughed.


Jai gurudev


Friday, September 24, 2010

Sadgurudev Prasang Part -4 At the Divine Lotus feet of our param poojniya Mataji Bhagvati Devi Shrimali

Dear friends, Aap log kaise ho ,so once again I am asking some of your valuable time, plz plz itna sa to kar do.

But before that I would like to thanks, to whom? what more I can say, I have got a forwarded e mail of pyush bhai by Arif Bhai, he told me that ,read that fans mail.i jumped on that mail(first mail come), after reading that mail, neither I can laugh nor cry.. want to know..ok

piyush wrote that, why Anurag Bhaiya always you complain that no one ask for you(me), in fact three of their friend talk about 1 hours with you Anu). I shocked, to read that(brother ,I was there off course but killing makhhis, so mine dearest one, the fellow whom you all , talked, was mine younger gurubhai Anuj Sharma (A great devoted disciple of poojya sadgurudevji ).our names first three letter is ,offcourse same. one sister wrote that” I am really thankful to Sadgurudev that with His divine blessings He made us lucky enough to meet such great personalities like you, Arif bhaiya, Anuj bhaiya..” .means mahan main? Great question.

So neither I can laugh nor…cry , only said….. koi baat nahi, kabhi to din aayega . So fan ki kya kahoon, yahan to pankha, cooler, AC tak nahi mila . I thought prev. I will offer a prize to that, fellow who will write first to me. But I dropped that idea, secondly I thought after receiving one lakhs mail after that I will write in hindi , but also failed, since Arifji told me, Anu Bhaiya ,he made promise to Aditya , ishita and others our dearest guru brother and sister for that… so kya karoon…., I am just kidding ,I offer mine best wishing for all of you.


Its time to start.. to chaleen…

Priya mitron, 4/5 years back I was in jodhpur, to meet param poojniya mataji, after meeting with guru trimurti ji, I asked for meeting/have a darshan of her. i was told that may be mataji would come out for daily pooja time , that time I can try mine luck. I waited there.

(before moving further, I would like to share with you, even great Swami Vivekananda ji once told to his fellow guru brother that Baap se bhi jyada maine ma mi mamta payeen hain.(he had received more love ,and blessing compare to his gurudev swami Ramkrishan paramhansa,) I also ,accept in front of you that I also know, very little greatness of mataji, I thought that time, she is a wife of sadgurudevji, that’s all, I could not understand mine total foolishness, it was the blessing of mataji and sadgurudevji, I go through the literature of Ma sharda (wife of Shri Ramakrishan paramhansa). Then I understand ,what I foolish act I did, not offering proper respect, from heart to mataji, years after that incident ,I was again in front- of her. Poojniya mataji, and Sadgurudev ,never ever asking any special respect, whom they ask for that, to their AATMA PART(all of us), no no selfless love and obedience in enough.)

Now the moment arrived, mataji, came out of him home, I moved to touch her divine lotus feet, to see that I was coming, mataji smiling on me, when I touch her lotus feet. She smiled once again. Asked me..BETA KAHAN SE aaya Hain (me son where are you from). I replied with pranam mudra…I came from……….i was sitting in front of her ,and she was standing,(engilsh translation of the talk is here ,but actual conversation takes place in hindi, to check that word,, kindli go to the hindi section of this article)

I told ma….i know that you are the Actual Ma of us. Please assure me, like always you will protect me, in every part, every second of mine life,

mataji—why, for that sadgurudevji is here.

i- that’s true but I need assurance from your side.

Mataji-pray to sadgurudevji

i-that’s true but ,I know that you are the main power behind him, why not you giving me assurance.

Mataji-what next,

i-ma will you please give me diksha.

Mataji-sadgurudev already did that.

(I puzzled, what to say more)

i-eventhough mataji, you not giving me that ,but you have to always care for me, your blessing be always with me, please say this time, yes.

Mataji smiling one that, at that time she was having small bunch of flower in her hand.

I thought, I could get all the boons, as,disciples used to get from MA SHARDA.

(actually, why she was not answering ,reason is, she and Sadgurudev are one .she is the shakti of Sadgurudev ,so she is already with all of us, so why need to say again and again, how foolish I was.)

I returned after touching her lotus feet,

And within in a minutes I took my bags and was standing front road, I hope of getting any riksha to reach station.

Suddenly, I turned back, I found mataji, is standing in front of her room, and showed me her finger to come near to her .i dropped that bag on the road and rush there,

She asked me….just now you are returning

I ..yes mataji

She again smiled

i..mataji, if you will not angry upon me, and if you give me the permission, may I ask one personal question, and you have to answer that,

Mataji.. yes, ask

i-do you still meet Sadgurudev ji, in person ,in his physical form.

Mataji—my son for that cause I am here,

i-(puzzled,) na na mataji..i am asking for…(repeat the same question).

Mataji—Sadgurudev told me ,that’s why still , I am here, and all the three gurudev working day night.

i- ..(again puzzled, have a little courage )na na mataji..may be my question is..

mataji-(very strong voice)- you will not change the question, yes ,yes, my son, so many times I still meet sadgurudevji ,in physical form too. sadgurudevji ‘eye on each work of all of you.

Tears flown from mine eyes.

(even I am writing this lines mine eye are full).

What more assurance I can get from any body , mataji self, answering mine question, the supreme authority.

She again bless me ,I , i alone standing with mataji. i touched her feet. She smiled and told me now I had got the answer, I replied yes ma. she told me now I could go, and she turned back ….

Now mere priy, what more I can share with you, she meet me even though she was very ill at that time, I knew that Sadgurudev ji and mataji is with me and you all too, still not understand her presence in physical form ,then no one can turn your fate..she is still in jodhpur, you can go and be benefitted by her blessing, if still..mine writing not evoke your feeling then if have some time please do read shri ma sharda devi written by swami Gambhhirananda ji ,definitely your love will be thousand times, to our beloved mataji. Once again, if I write anything here not correct by mistake, I am asking forgiveness to all of you.)

To sure, you all will go there, I knew that, you all too have great love and respect for mataji, may be thousand years more mataji will be us, and bless us in her physical form,we all understand the value of them. I am praying to sadgurudev and mataji and off course poojya guru trimurti ji’s for all of us.

(in the last I am as your gurubrother, requesting sharing with you that daily hundreds of hits and monthly crossing thousands hits ,happening on our blog (its your too) ,its really very, very motivating for all of us too, but we cannot know from that either the same person or some new one also visiting there, if have some spare time, then may i request to you , be sign on that blog page, its free of cost. And your presence as a follower will be highly encouraging for us, and also inform other gurubhai too .I am waiting for that)



प्रिय मित्रों, आप लोग कैसे हो,एक बार फिर मैं आपसे आपके बहुमूल्य समय चाहूँगा ,कृपया कृपया इतना सा तो कर दो , पर उससे पहले मैं धन्यवाद देना चाहूँगा, पर किसे,? ....और मैं क्या कह सकता हूँ, मेरे पास एक मेल भेजी गए हैं आरिफ जी के द्वारा ,पियूष जी की.....आरिफ भाई हस्ते हुए बोले की लो फैन्स की मेल पढो.मैं तत्काल ही बैठ गया, उसे पढ़ने के लिए, पहला मेल आया हैं, कबसे इंतजार कर रहा था.

पढने के बाद न तो हस सकता था न रो सकता था. क्यों.. बताता हूँ ..पियूष जी ने लिखा था की “अनुराग भैया क्यों आप शिकायत कर रहे हो,जबकि उनमे से तीन दोस्तों ने मुझे बात की थी १ घंटे तक”. मैं तो हिल गया था.ये पढ़ के (भाई ,वहां पर मैं जरूर था ,पर मख्खी मार रहा था , प्रिय दोस्तों, जिनसे आप बात कर रहे थे , वह मेरे प्रिय गुरु भाई अनुज शरमा जी थे (सदगुरुदेव के एक प्रिय शिष्य).मेरे ,उनके नाम में बस पहले तीन अक्षर ही सामान हैं .एक प्रिय बहिन मुझे लिखती हैं, "सदगुरुदेव जी की कृपा से महान व्यतित्व जैसे आरिफ भैया,अनुज भैया मिले हैं..)
तो कोई बात नहीं कभी तो वह दिन भी आएगा, अब फेन की क्या कहूं, पंखा, कुलर क्या एक A C AAAaCc भी नहीं मिला.पहले मैं सोचा की उसे मैं उपहार दूं ,जो मुझे पहली मेल करेगा, पर इस टाइप की, मेल पाने के बाद आईडिया हटा दिया हैं, दूसरा, मैंने सोचा की ,पहली एक लाख मेल जब मुझे मिल जाएगी तब से हिंदी मैं लिखूंगा परन्तु,आरिफ जी बोले,, उन्होंने इशिता और आदित्य से वादा किया हैं आप को लिखना हैं,, तो मेरी दूसरी बात भी गए. .......

अरे मैं तो बस मजाक कर रहा हूँ. आप सभी के लिए शुभ कामनाएं ,


तो शुरू करता हूँ.....

प्रिय मित्रों, मैं ४/५ साल पहले जोधपुर गया था.परम पूजनीय माताजी से मिलने के लिए, पूज्य गुरु त्रिमूर्ति जी से मिलने के बाद , मैंने पुछा की क्या मैं माताजी के दर्शन कर सकता हूँ,मुझ से कहा गया की माताजी पूजा के समय आएँगी तब मिल लेना.यदि मेरा भाग्य होगा तो . मैं इंतज़ार करने लगा.

(आगे बात करने से पहले मैं कुछ आप से कहना चाहूँगा ,की स्वामी विवेकानंद जी ने एक बार उनके गुरु भाईयों से कहा था की, बाप से भी ज्यादा माँ ममता उन्होंने पाई हैं .मैं भी आपके सामने स्वीकार करता हूँ की मैं भी पूज्यनीय माताजी की महानता के बारे मैं नहीं जानता हूँ,

बस सोचता था ,की वे पूज्य पाद सदगुरुदेव जी की धर्मं पत्नी हैं बस. मैं अपनी नासमझी के कारण नहीं समझ पाया , ये पूज्य सदगुरुदेव जी और माताजी की कृपा थी की मैं बाद मैं माँ शारदा (श्री रामकृष्ण परमहंस जी की जीवन साथी और धर्म पत्नी ) से जुड़ा साहित्य पढ़ कर समझ पाया , की क्या मुर्खता मैं कर चूका हूँ,माताजी का जैसा सम्मान मुखे करना चाहिए था वैसा नहीं किया ,सालो के बाद मैं फिर से उनके सामने आने का अवसर था .

भला पूज्यनीय माताजी और सदगुरुदेव जी कोई बिशेष सम्मान , प्राप्त करना चाहते हैं, किस्से, वह भी अपने आत्मा के टुकड़ों से (हम लोगों से ) , नहीं नहीं, उनके लिए तो हमारा स्वार्थ रहित प्रेम और आज्ञापालन ही बहुत हैं ..
वह क्षण आ गया , माताजी अपने घर से बाहर आ रही थी ,मैं उनके दिव्या चरण कमलो के स्पर्ष करने के लिए आगे बढा,मुझे आते देख कर ,वे रुक गयी, जब मैंने उनके चरण कमल का स्पर्श किया तो उन्होंने मुस्कुराते हुए पूछा बेटा कहाँ से आया हैं , मैंने हाथ जोड़े हुए उन्हें उत्तर दिया माँ मैं ...... से आया हूँ.मैं उनके चरण कमलों मैं बैठा था.
मैंने कहा--माँ मैं जानता हूँ की आप की बास्तव मैं माँ हो हम सबकी ,कृपया मुझे बचन दो की आप प्रतीयक क्षण और हर अवस्था मैं मेरी रक्षा करेंगी .

माताजी--की क्यों,किसलिये सदगुरुदेव यहाँ पर हैं.

मैं- वह सत्य हैं पर मैं आपसे भी अस्वासन चाहता हूँ.

माताजी- सदगुरुदेव से प्रार्थना करो.

मैं-हाँ माँ पर मैं ये जानता हूँ की आप ही उनकी शक्ति हैं तो क्यों नहीं आप ही अस्वासन देदेती हैं.

माताजी-आगे बोलो

मैं- माँ क्या आप मुझे दीक्षा देंगी.

माताजी- सदगुरुदेव जी ने पहले से ही दी हैं.

(मुझे समझ नहीं आ रहा था कि क्या कहूं )

मैं- यदपि माँ,आप मुझे दीक्षा नहीं दी रही हैं पर आप की हमेशा ही मेरी रक्षा करेंगी व कृपा रहेगी आपकी मेरे उपर , ये तो आप को करना ही पड़ेगा.

माताजी हसने लगी, उस समय उनके हाथो में पूजा के फूल थे.

में सोच कर आया था की में उनसे वह वरदान प्राप्त कर लूँगा , जिस की माँ शारदा के शिष्य उनसे प्राप्त करते थे

(की क्यों वह उत्तर नहीं दी रही थी, इस का कारण था, माताजी और सदगुरुदेव एक ही हैं,उनमे कोई भेद नहीं हैं .वे ही सदगुरुदेव की शक्ति हैं ,और वह हमेशा से ही हमारे साथ हैं, तो बार बार उसी चीज को क्यों दुहराना , में भी कितना नासमझ था )

में उनके चरण स्पर्श कर बापिस आया.

कुछ मिनिट के भीतेर में ,में अपना बैग लेकर ,बाहर रोड पर खड़ा था, किसी रिक्शा को देख रहा था.

तभी में पीछे मुड़ा, पाया की माताजी अपने कमरे के सामने खडी हैं ,और अपने उंगली के इशारे से मुझे आपने पास बुला रही हैं .में अपना बैग रोड पर ही छोड़ कर उनने पास भागा,

उन्होंने पूछा की.. अभी ही बापिस जा रहा हैं .

में.. हाँ माँ

उनके चहरे पर फिरसे मुस्कराहट आई ,

मैंने -माताजी, अगर आप नाराज़ न हूँ, और आप आज्ञा दे तो क्या में आपसे कुछ व्यतिगत प्रशन पूछ सकता हूँ .

माताजी .. हाँ पूछों

मैंने- क्या आप अभी भी सदगुरुदेव जी से मिलती हैं उनके भौतिक स्वरुप में .

माताजी-- मेरे बेटे में इसलिए तो यहाँ हूँ.

में -नहीं नहीं माँ में पुछा रहा हूँ ...(उसी प्रशन को दुहरा दिया)

माताजी – सदगुरुदेव जी ने कहा था , इसलिए में यहाँ अभी भी हूँ और तीनो गुरुदेव दिन रात परिश्रम कर रहे हैं.

में--(थोडा सा परेशां हो गया ,कुछ हिम्मत करके बोला ) नहीं नहीं माताजी शायद मेरा प्रशन ये था..(फिर से वह ही दुहरा दिया ).

माताजी (गुरु गंभीर वाणी में)-- तो तुम प्रशन नहीं बदलोगे ,हाँ हाँ ,मेरे बेटे , कई ,बार में सद गुरु देव जी से अभी भी मिलती हूँ, भौतिक स्वरुप में ही उनके. सदगुरुदेव जी की निगाहें तुम लोगों के हर और प्रय्तेक कार्यों पर हैं .

मेरी आखों में आसूं आ गए ये सुनकर.

(यहाँ पर ये में लिख रहा हूँ और मेरी आखें भरी हुए हैं).

और किससे में अस्वासन पा सकता हूँ, माताजी खुद कह रही हैं, सर्वोऊच्च व्यक्ति .

उन्होंने मुझे फिर से आशार्वाद दिया ,में माताजी के साथ खड़ा था , उनके चरण स्पर्श किया .वे मुस्कुराए , और कहा की अब तो मुझे मेरे प्रशन का उत्तर मिल गया .,

मैंने कहा हाँ माँ.

उन्होंने कहा की में अब जा सकता हूँ, और वे बापिस मुड़ गयी

और अब मेरे प्रिय, और में क्या आप से कह सकता हूँ,वे मुझसे मिली जबकि उस समय उनका स्वाथ्य ठीक नहीं था ,में जानता हूँ की आप सभी के साथ माताजी और सदगुरुदेव जी सदैव साथ हैं, पर यदि अभी भी आप उनकी मह्तात्ता नहीं समझे तो आपका भाग्य कैसे बदलेगा , .. माताजी आज भी जोधपुर में हैं , आप जा कर के उनके चरण स्पर्श कर सकते हैं, आशीर्वाद प्राप्त कर सकते हैं .यदि मेरी लेखनी ये पर्व नहीं कर पाए हैं तो यदि समय हो तो " माँ शारदा " लेखक स्वामी गम्भिरानंद लिखित किताब पढ़े . निश्चय ही आपका माताजी और हमरे संपूर्ण गुरु परिवार के प्रति आपका स्नेह हज़ार गुना बढ़ जायेगा .

में जानता हूँ की आप सभी समय निकल कर जायेंगे ही , आप सभी का स्नेह पहले से ही हैं,हमारे साथ माताजी हज़ारों साल रहे इसी भौतिक स्वरुप में , में सदगुरुदेव जी , माताजी और पूज्य गुरु त्रिमूर्ति जी (परम पूज्य तीनो गुरुदेव जी) से आप सभी के लिए प्रार्थना करता हूँ.

(मेरे प्रिय गुरु भाइयों , यदि में यहाँ पर कुछ गलती से गलत लिख गया हूँ तो में आप सभी से क्षमा चाहूँगा )

(अंत में, में आपके गुरु भाई के रूप में, आप सभी से कहना चाहूँगा , की प्रति दिन सैकरों की संख्या, बा महीने में हजारों की संख्या में लोग अपने इस ब्लॉग पढ़ रहे हैं , यह बहुत ही अच्छा हैं हमारी हिम्मत बढाती हैं ,पर हम इससे ये जान नहीं पाते ही कोई नए गुरु भाई या व्यक्ति भी इसे पढ़ रहा हैं, यदि आपके पास कुछ समय हो तो आप भी इस ब्लॉग पर sign in करे , ये बिलकुल फ्री हैं ,और इसकेबारे में अन्य लोगों को भी बताएं जो की इसमें रूचि रखते हों .. में इंतजार कर रहा हूँ..)



Sadgurudev Prasang Part- 3 ( meeting with a true disciple of Sadgurudev ) Ma Balgamukhi sadhana experience

Ma Balgamukhi sadhana experience

Dear friends ,how is the day ,have a smile on your face ,it is I, once again Aap mere sath thoda sa to chalo. (office time ke baad,pahle nahi). Arif ji told me Anu bhaiya its not that only greeting he have received from them (are last post aap log bhool gaye kya),there is one serious complaint also received by him, one of our guruSister (Ishita) told him that why posts are in English only where majority of his gurubrothers and others can read/understand better in Hindi.

Now You can understand, Arif ji,

the best word, he received by him ,kept secreat in his heart and discuss this complaint with me….(hard luck) dear gurubrother and sister are you listening this.. ….ha ha. Its true that I also love to write in hindi but I do not know how to type in hindi. one day I was searching a software )off course free one. For that purpose. Suddenly I have got one .(aaap log pahle se bata dete to easy hota, na ).

So I will try that to convert some of the article to in hindi. Till then wait, like that I am waiting for your e mail..,as the total e mail received will touch 1 lakhs number , I will do that….. (wase secreat ye hain ki,abhi take ek bhi nahi aaye, are na na,mere pass meri hi send ki so many mail hain, I am self depended on that, kisi ka bharosa karana), …..ha ha

Oops ..

Lets starts..

Last post was so lengthy that I had to cut short that, now in this post remaining important discussion. I asked the him (gurubrother, whom I have meet). Definitely you were in jodhpur with poojya sadgurudevji, have you get any exp regarding sadhana there, yes he replied to me, now his story (remaining part)……..

Anu bhaiya… as he told me ,belong to very, very middle class background, many of his relatives and influential person of his village unlawfully controlled his property. many times he also listen that, his mother very old and villagers always told aiming him, in this time when her mother needs her sons most ,her sons was busy serving a guru. He listen simply that,

One day he had got call from his home that he was being called very much there, he went to meet sadgurudevji to get his permission,

sadgurudevji replied just seeing him, beta, akele pachas admi ke samane jane se bhay aur asuraksha hoti hain in baton main, main dekh loonga. (my son, alone facing to fifty person in type of cause, induces fears and insecurity, he would see them, not to worry)

He returned to office, after 4/5 days same call from home, so like prev, he again reached to Sadgurudev ji, same assurance. He had no choice. Very next day sadgurudevji called him, he thought surely he would give him permission,he prepared his bags and wear new cloths , but Sadgurudev ji gave him a piece of paper a mantra written on that, and ordered him do jap this mantra just 1 mala for the three days. By which mala (rosary) should be used .. he asked him. Sadgurudevji replied.. take any one mala from any returned VPP packets. And whether he could do this jap in sadhana hall, no instead of he has to do that in room behind the office. He touch his divine lotus feet, and returned office, in night time , he just wear a dhoti, take a sphtic mala(from a packets returned) and went to the room indicated. He simple sit there and start his jap.

NO DIGBANDHAN, NO ASAN POOJA, NO OTHER RITUAL ,no yellow dhoti , HE DID for in the beginning of that Ma bagalamukhi mantra sadhana. Dear brother, when our Sadgurudev give permission then in his place. no other things necessary. His agya following (without ifs and buts) is must and supreme. Even gods follow/obey that with pranam, he is such a great mahavataar yogi.

He just sit there, as he start his jap(remember he had to do only 1 mala of that). Doors are moving inwards outward with big sound. He was not afraid, but has a curiosity what was happening there, and room filled just a divine smell ,he has no word to explain,. And nothing else happened, all three days passed with same experience. That all.

After that 2 more days passed he has got call from his mother that all such person’s imposing restriction removed by them self and they come to say that no such a problem again raise in future. He shocked to see that, next day he touch sadgurudevji lotus feet with shastaag namsakar, Sadgurudev blissfully smiling on him.

Is there any specific procedure he did that I asked him, he said yes, may in know that so many of our gurubrother will be benefitted by that, instead of normal mantra jap sadgurudevji instructed him do jap in such a way that when breath inhale thinks all the chakra is energized by the dhyan, and exhaling time do mantra jap. This is the secreat.

I could not understand , so once again I asked , what is that.. pls tell me once again. He smile d on me .said Anu bahiya, dhayan of the god is not the mantra jap, sadgurudevji told him, it would be better if we dhyan of the yantra do to each chakra , since dhayan of god/goddess is a state of dhyanasth state not consider as a mantra jap, but this is that. Ok I understand. He did that way.

Is any other experience with him..

Yes , he told me once Sadgurudev instructed members of the staff that VPP send to every member of the MANTRA TANTRA YANTRA VIGYAN mag. that cost about Rs 240 at that time, he was very worried, how her mother in the home would get that ,she would not have that money. So he went to office person asked him not to send VPP to his home, definitely returned from there without receiving there, he would take that ,when he will have that amount. Person locked the number and his name in the computer.

He also requested to the person in charge of VPP sending dept. so he assured. Next day sadgurudevji came into the office and gave there 11 Balgamukhi Yantra and he himself , written Beej mantra of Ma i.e. “HLEEM” by his divine hand in the middle portion of yantra. And told there do post there yantra too, fortunate one will get this, whose luck calls. Sadgurudev smiled on him and returned to his home.

He(our guru brother) was standing one side of room listen patiently. When one day he had to go to collect the list from post office how many VPP received by sadhaks, he shocked that first VPP received and the money came is from his home. Even in spite of all his effort(failed). How his mother was able to pay that.

On reaching home, when he opened the VPP packet he found, the same balgamukhi yantra (on which Sadgurudev written beej mantra).

Tears flown from his eyes, told me, is there anything hidden from sadgurudevji eyes .he knew each and every disciples, they all are his AATMA part.

So dear friends amazing story , but is true , you can understand that, is not there Sadgurudev ji smiling.

Thanks for be with me , and spend so much valuable time with me, I pray to Sadgurudev to guide you in the right direction. are pahle se hi Sadgurudev aap logon ke pass hain hi, main aur kya kah sakta hoon)



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Horoscope and Astro Combination of Success in sadhana

The whole universe is divided into 12 zodiac sign and 27 stars, and our birth horoscope also consider as a form of that KAAL PURUSH also divided between 12 parts. Each of these part known as STHAN or Bhav. and nine planet situated in theses bhav shows us their effect. The lord of the zodic sign situated in that bhav / sthan is known as Bhavesh (lord of that bhav). Planet situation in that bhava’s play such an amazing game, do not ask for that..

And where can ,we know about the games, yes brother, from the place known as Lagna (Asendent). That represents , person or earth in birth horoscope, where person can see the effect of various planets situated in that bhava. How correct birth horoscope is, can only be decided by the garbh kundli or beej kundli, other wise general kundli /horoscope is used for only time pass purpose. reason is very clear that how can we ascertain the correctness of birth time……. The very difficult work is that. When birth time in not correct then how can prediction based on that horoscope be true. prediction made by you is just a guess.

If the birth time is correct then the kundli based on that become true and the prediction offered on the various dept of life also come true.

( in that above fig. various bhav number mentioned in as text, they are not changeable one, yes it is true that the number in that bhav come after the astrological calculation can change since they come out based on birth time calculation. You can check the fifth and ninth bhav, you can also check through own kundli what is written in place of lagna means number , i.e. will be your lagan/ascendant, as 1 stands for Aries, and 2 is stands for Taurus, like wise you can take help from the list below. So you can easily know which is your lagna or ascendant.).

The only aim of this post is to analysis a horoscope in light of only the aspect of sadhana related side. So that in which sadhana one can get success by studying the situation of planets. So you can get some introduction, all the sutra appeared here ,are provided by the Sadgurudev, that will help us to know the right path (please remember that this out come is based on your self analysis, since if we pray to Sadgurudev in person for to decide which way is best for us, he will guide us without ever going to the kundali)

I have told you , in mine prev posts about the fifth and ninth bhav, today we will explore our spiritual life through untouched new sutra.

lets begun with

1.Mesha/Aries lagan- Surya(sun), lord Dattatraye, ganesh.
2.Vrashbh/Taurus lagna- kuldev (deity of your family),Saturn
3.Mithun/Gemini- kuldev, kuber
4.Kark /cancer- shiv ,ganesh
5.Sihma/leo- sun
6.Kanya/virgo- kulden
7.Tula/libra- kuldevi
8.Vrasachik/scorpion- ganesh
9.Dhanu /segittarius - sun ,ganesh
10.Makara/capricorn- kuber,hanuman,kuldev,Saturn
11.Kumbha/Aquarius--- saturn,kuldevihanuman
12.Meen/pisces- dattaatraye,shiv ganesh
In any of the planet in birth horoscope is strong like ..

If that is

Sun then person will get desired object by worshiping Shakti.

Moon then he will have interest toward Tamsic means.

If mars then shiv upasana.

Mercury then tantra sadhana.

Jupiter then sakar brahma upsana.

Venus then mantra sadhana.

Saturn then expert in mantra ,tantra and very famous.

Like that…………………………..

If Saturn has an aspect on ascendant or on moon then person will be a successful sadhak.

if moon is situated in ninth without any aspect then person will be famous sanyasi.

If the lord of the tenth bhav is in seventh bhav , person will get success in tantra sadhana.

If lord of the ninth is strong and be with Jupiter or Venus then success is sure.

If lord of the tenth situated between two positive planet then also success is sure.

If all the planet situated between Jupiter and moon then mantra sadhana will be much better.

Is all the planet situated in Kendra or in triangle then success achieved through various attempts.

If by any means connection between Jupiter, mars and mercury happens then success also sure.

If Venus and mercury is is in ninth then he will have bramha sakkshatakar.

If exalted sun is with lord of the lagan person will be great sadhak.

If lord of the lagna is aspected by Jupiter then he will be mantra marmagya.

If lord of the tenth is in tenth then he will have success in sakar sadhana.

If lord of the tenth is with Saturn then, he will have success in tamsic sadhana.

If rahu is in eighth bhav, then he can have success in miraculous tantra by his attempts.

If fifth bhav has any connection with sun then he can have success in shakti sadhana.

If ninth bhav has any connection with mars then shiva aradhan is best for him.

If Saturn is in own sign , and in ninth bhav , he will become great sanyasi in old age.

Here I would like to share some fact with a story off course true, one disciples of great swami ji maharaj of datiya, once reached to him as asked why he is not getting success, even though he is doing the chinnmasta sadhan from so many years, he advised him to go for ma balgamukhi sadhana, he did that, he was shocked to see the result in only one day of that sadhana, why he not got success in the chinnmasta sadhana, poojya swamiji replied I have transfer the account only, still the disciples puzzled, again asked for his doubt. He replied smilingly that mother is one, though he is doing ma chhinmasta sadhana because in his home that sadhana is already practicing from so many years. But from the so many previous lives he was having sanskar of ma balgamukhi sadhana. He transfer the ma chhinmasta mantra jap to ma balgamukhi mantra, and that works. Now dear friends , you can understand the why Sadgurudev presence is needed most in sadhana field.

Not only this but one of the author of this blog, had been instructed by sadgurudevji for ma chhinmasta sadhana, but he forgot the letters and word of sadgurudevji, and doing ma tara sadhana, but one day he found that letter, to correct his mistake he again asked Sadgurudev ji regarding this, his replied was he was doing ma tara sadhana go ahead ,no probs ,no need to change that. But he , himself not satisfied, why Sadgurudev ji , not allowed him to go for prev told ma chhinnmasta sadhana. But after some years he was able to know that all the ten mahavidya are actually fully consider in three mahavidya only and ma chinnmasta is consider is in ma tara . so even though, he did mistake but no probs.

so analysis your own horoscope and see what it ,suggest / told to you .

जन्मकुंडली और साधना में सफलता के योग
संपूर्ण ब्रह्माण्ड १२ राशियों और २७ नक्षत्रों में विभाजित है , और हमारी जन्म कुंडली को भी उसी काल पुरुष का ही रूप मान कर १२ भागो में विभक्त किया गया है और इन्ही भागो में जिन्हें स्थान या भाव भी कहा जाता है, में ये नौ ग्रह स्थित हो कर अपना प्रभाव दिखाते हैं. प्रत्येक भाव में जो भी राशि होती है उस राशि का स्वामी भावेश कहलाता है . इन भावों में ग्रहों की स्थिति ही तो जीवन के ऐसे ऐसे खेल दिखाती है की बस पूछो मत ....................
और इन खेलों का पता हमें चलता कहाँ से हैं ..... हाँ भाई उसी लग्न स्थान से जो की जातक या पृथ्वी का प्रतीक है जन्म कुंडली में , और जहाँ से खड़ा होकर जातक देख सकता है भिन्न भिन्न स्थानों पर अवस्थित ग्रहों का प्रभाव . याद रखिये जन्मकुंडली की सत्यता और शुद्धता का निर्धारण गर्भ कुंडली या बीज कुंडली के द्वारा होता हैं अन्यथा सामान्य कुंडलियाँ तो मात्र दिल को बहलाने के ही काम आती हैं जिनके द्वारा ज्योतिष के अधिकांश सिद्धांत अनुमान मात्र ही रह जाते हैं ..... कारण साफ़ है क्योंकि जन्म समय की सत्यता कैसे की जाये , कैसे सही जन्म समय का निर्धारण किया जाये ....... ये अत्यंत ही दुष्कर कार्य है. अब जब जन्म समय ही शुद्ध नहीं होगा तो उस समय पर आधारित जन्मकुंडली से भला सही फल कथन कैसे किया जा सकता है . तब तो आपके द्वारा किया गया फलित मात्र अनुमान ही तो रह जायेगा ना.
यदि सही जन्म कुंडली हो तो फल कथन भी सत्य होगा और सत्य होगा जीवन के प्रत्येक पक्षों का दिग्दर्शन भी .
( चित्र में जनम कुंडली में जो भाव क्रमाक दिए गए हैं ,ये बदलते नहीं हैं ये स्थाई हैं , हाँ ये जरूर हैं की ,ज्योतिष की गणित के हिसाब से इन भाव में आने वाले अंक बदल जाते हैं. (जनम के समय के अनुसार ).अब आप पचम और नवम भाव देख सकते हैं,आप अपनी कुडली में lagna भाव स्थान पर क्या अंक लिखा हैं उन्हें देख ले, आप अपनी लग्न जान गए हैं.प्रिय मित्र यदि १ लिखा हैं तो मेष हैं, २ लिखा हैं तो वृषभ ,कृपया लिस्ट के अनुसार देख ले.)

इस लेख का आशय मात्र जातक की कुंडली के साधना पक्षों का अध्यन करना ही है , जिससे ये जाना जा सकता है की किस ग्रह स्थिति से कैसी साधना और किस पद्धति में सफलता मिलती है , इसकी जानकारी मात्र हो जाये. ये सूत्र सद्गुरुदेव द्वारा प्रदान किये गए हैं . जो की साधक को अपनी कुंडली देख कर सही पद्धति का निर्धारण करना सिखाते हैं( याद रखिये ये निर्धारण स्वयं के द्वारा का है क्यूंकि यदि हम गुरु के चरणों में उपस्थित होकर प्रार्थना करते हैं तो वो बिना किसी कुंडली के भी आपको उस पद्धति से परिचित करा देते हैं).
पिछले किसी लेख में मैंने आपको पंचम और नवम भाव से इष्ट का निर्धारण बताया था , आज हम कई अनछुए और नवीन सूत्रों के द्वारा अपने आध्यात्मिक जीवन का अध्यन करेंगे. तो शुरुआत करते हैं जन्म लग्न द्वारा इष्ट के निर्धारण से ......
1. मेष लग्न – सूर्य,दत्तात्रेय , गणेश
2. वृषभ- कुलदेव ,शनि
3. मिथुन-कुलदेव , कुबेर
4. कर्क- शिव, गणेश
5. सिंह- सूर्य
6. कन्या- कुलदेव
7. तुला- कुलदेवी
8. वृश्चिक- गणेश
9. धनु- सूर्य ,गणेश
10. मकर - कुबेर,हनुमंत,कुलदेव,शनि
11. कुम्भ- शनि, कुलदेवी,हनुमान
12. मीन- दत्तात्रेय,शिव,गणेश
यदि जन्मकुंडली में बलि ग्रह हो........
सूर्य तो व्यक्ति शक्ति उपासना कर अभीष्ट पाता है,
चंद्र हो तो तामसी साधनों में रूचि रखता है,
मंगल हो शिव उपासना
बुध हो तो तंत्र साधना में
गुरु हो तो साकार ब्रह्मोपासना में
शुक्र हो तो मंत्र साधना में
शनि हो तो मन्त्र तंत्र में निष्णात व विख्यात
इसी प्रकार..............
प्रथम भाव या चंद्रमा पर शनि की दृष्टि हो तो जातक सफल साधक होता है.
चंद्रमा नवम भाव में किसी भी ग्रह की दृष्टि से रहित हो तो व्यक्ति श्रेष्ट सन्यासी होता है.
दशम भाव का स्वामी सातवे घर में हो तो तांत्रिक साधना में सफलता मिलती है
नवमेश यदि बलवान होकर गुरु या शुक्र के साथ हो तो सफलता मिलती ही है.
दशमेश दो शुभ ग्रहों के मध्य हो तब भी सफलता प्राप्त होती है .
यदि सभी ग्रह चंद्रमा और ब्रहस्पति के मध्य हो तो तंत्र के बजाय मंत्र साधना ज्यादा अनुकूल रहती है .
केन्द्र या त्रिकोण में सभी ग्रह हो तो प्रयत्न करने पर सफलता मिलती ही है.
गुरु, मंगल और बुध का सम्बन्ध बनता हो तो सफलता मिलती है .
शुक्र व बुध नवम भाव में हो तो ब्रह्म साक्षात्कार होता है.
सूर्य उच्च का होकर लग्न के स्वामी के साथ हो तो व्यक्ति श्रेष्ट साधक होता है .
लग्न के स्वामी पर गुरु की दृष्टि हो तो मन्त्र मर्मज्ञ होता है.
दशम भाव का स्वामी दशम में ही हो तो साकार साधनों में सफलता मिलती है.
दशमेश शनि के साथ हो तो तामसी साधनों में सफलता मिलती है.
राहु अष्टम का हो तो व्यक्ति अद्भुत व गोपनीय तंत्र में प्रयत्नपूर्वक सफलता पा सकता है.
पंचम भाव से सूर्य का सम्बन्ध बन रहा हो तो शक्ति साधना में सफलता मिलती है.
नवम भाव में मंगल का सम्बन्ध तो शिवाराधक होकर सफलता पाता है.
नवम में शनि स्वराशि स्थित हो तो वृद्धावस्था में व्यक्ति प्रसिद्द सन्यासी बनता है.

पर में यहाँ एक बात आपके सामने रखना चाहूँगा ,एक कहानी के माध्यम से, सत्य घटना हैं,दतिया के आदरणीय पूज्य स्वामीजी महाराज का एक शिष्य उनके पास आया और कहा की वह कई साल से छिन्नमस्ता साधना कर रहा हैं पर सफलता उसे नहीं मिल रही हैं, उसे जबाब मिला माँ बगलामुखी की साधना करो, साधक को एक ही रात में जो अनुभव हुए उससे वह तो हिल गया ,अगले दिन स्वामी जी से कारण पूछने पर की क्यों सालो साल छिन्नमस्ता माँ की साधना से फल नहीं मिला, यहाँ एक दिन में ही माँ बल्गामुखी से मिल गया, स्वामी जी ने कहा, बेटा तेरा अकाउंट tranfer कर दिया हैं और कुछ नहीं, साधक के फिर से पूछने पर उन्होंने कहा की माँ तो एक ही हैं, वास्तव में बेटा तू अपने कुल (घर ) में चल रही छिन्नमस्ता साधना को करता आया हैं, परन्तु पिछेले कई जन्मो के उसके संस्कार माँ बगलामुखी के थे. इसी कारन उन्होंने उसके द्वारा किये गए जप को बल्गामुखी माँ के जप में बदल दिया. अब आप लोग समझे ,की सदगुरुदेव की क्या आवश्यकता होती हैं और क्यों .

यहाँ तक की इस ब्लॉग के एक लेखक को पूज्य सदगुरुदेव जी ने माँ छिन्नमस्ता की साधन बताए थी, परन्तु उनसे वोह पत्र में लिखी बात भूल गए ,और वह माँ तारा की साधना करते रहे, कई वर्ष के बाद उन्हें वह पत्र मिला, अपनी गलती समझ कर उन्होंने सदगुरुदेव से बात की, परन्तु जबाब आया की माँ तारा की साधन ही करते रहो,बदलने की जरूरत नहीं हैं. वोह ये बात समझ नहीं पाए की पहले तो सदगुरुदेव ने कुछ और बोला था, अब क्योँ नहीं बदल सकते हैं, कई वर्षों के बाद उन्हें ये ज्ञात हुए की दस महाविद्या वास्तव में मूल रूप से तीन महाविद्या हैं और माँ छिन्नमस्ता ,का माँ तारा में ही समहिती करण माना जाता हैं.

तो अवलोकन कीजिये अपनी कुंडली का और देखिये क्या कहती है आपकी कुंडली

****ARIF & ANURAG****

messages and information

Jai gurudev all

Messages for Readers:

ज्ञान का संकरण करते रहने से ज्ञान और सिद्धि दोनों ही संकरण से संकीर्ण हो जाते हे . मेने ज्ञान का संकलन करके बूंद बूंद के रूप में आप सबको गंगोत्री बनाया था , अब समय आ गया हे की आप उफनती गंगा बन जाये . जेसे एक जला हुआ दीपक हजारो दीपक जला सकता हे उसी तरह आप ज्ञान रूपी दीपक बन के अज्ञान के अँधेरे को दूर करे. अगर में चाहता तो वो क्रम में ख़तम कर देता और साधना का प्रस्थापित करने का काम अपने शिष्यों पर नहीं छोड़ता मगर मुझे सिर्फ साधनाओ को नहीं भारतवर्ष को जीवित करना था . और भारतवर्ष जीवित होगा आप से, मेरे शिष्यों से, मेरे आत्मीयो से , क्यूंकि मुझे लुप्त हो गई गुरु-शिष्य परंपरा को भी तो प्रस्थापित करना था गुरु तरफ का कम तो मेने कर दिया हे अब शिष्य तरफी कम तो आप ही करेंगे और करना ही पड़ेगा यही मेरी गुरु दक्षिणा होगी . आप सब शिष्यता की और अग्रसर हो कर ज्ञान को आत्मसार करे. जेसे पारद स्वर्ण ग्रहण करते करते एक समय तृप्त होके वापस स्वर्ण बहा देता हे और वो इस पारस की स्थिति को प्राप्त करने के बाद कितना भी स्वर्ण बहाने पर उसमे स्वर्ण की कोई कमी नहीं आती क्यूँ की वो खुद ही स्वर्णमय बन जाता हे . आप भी ज्ञानमय बने और ज्ञान को उसी तरह बहाते रहे यही मेरा ह्रदय से आशीर्वाद हे

-पूज्य गुरुदेव श्री निखिलेश्वरानंद जी

कोई मेरे पास पूरी ज़िन्दगी भर रोज़ आके कहे की मुझे रस विद्या सीखनी हे तो सायद में उसे मृत्यु के बाद उसके अगले जन्म में उसे रसज्ञान देता . फिर आपके सामने तो गंगा बह रही हे. श्री निखिलेश्वरानंद जी का वरद हस्त आपके सर पर हे तो फिर चिंता केसी. आगे बढिए और ज्ञान को आत्मसार करे.

- रसाचार्य श्री नागार्जुन

रस तंत्र ६४ तंत्र अध्ययन की अंतिम कड़ी हे. इसका अद्ययन करने से बाकि सरे तंत्र स्वयं सिद्ध हो जाते हे. आप सब भी तंत्र की उच्चतम स्थिति को प्राप्त करे एसी गुरुदेव से प्रार्थना हे .

- श्री त्रिजटा अघोरी

आप आगे बढे और सिद्धाश्रम गमन करे यही कामना के साथ आपका पथ सुभ रहे यही आशीर्वाद देता हु .

- स्वामी सुर्यानंद



Mantras in hindi :


अस्य महर्षि देवदत्त प्रणित निखिलेश्वर्ये रसेश्वर स्वरूपे मंत्रस्य रस सिद्धि रस ज्ञान अर्थे जपे विनियोगः

Mool Mantra :

ॐ निखिलेश्वर्ये रसेश्वर्ये नमः


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Jai gurudev


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vajroli kriya and sahastrar bhedan


jai gurudev all

Vajroli, into vam marg is one of the most important excercise for the activation of whole kundlini chakras. The special process is ver secret into the vam marg and had remained unknown to the general people. well, this is one of the way into kundalini jagran but not only one, since this process is too followed by many many vam margi sages.

the sadhak who is persuing into this process first does the excercise of weight lifting through penis. till the sadhak became capable of lifting atleast 10 KG weight through the penis, the excercise continues.

the next face of the sadhana is again difficult, here the sadhak is applied for frequent urination, rather throught herbal medicine or throught more and more water consumption. when the urination starts, the sadhak hold his linga tightly and stop urine to come out. then he leaves it to flow the water. this excercise it being continued for atleast 6 months.

now, sadhak does the deh suddhi through neti, dhyoti , basti, nauli and pranayam. after deh suddhi sadhak moves to another step.

he is applied for the practice of snaching the things throught linga. first thing is Air. he take air from linga and leaves it after holding it for atleast 10 minutes. when this step is crossed, sadhak does the same practice with water then with milk, then with honey.

finelly, when he is able to does it with honey, he s given a 8 samskarised mercury to practice with. he then practice it till 100gm of mercury is being subjected.

when the sadhak become capable of this thing, the most important step is being carried out.

now, one kakini is taken to the sadhana place with permission of their guru. the sadhak is then take the 100gm paarad with linga to the body and carries the "Yoni Pujanam", described specific mantra by guru. then the poojan of shiva and shakti is done. after poojan, the sadhak is required to do "Meithuna"with the kakini(with using of such great and hidden mantra jap). this whole process is being carried out infront of guru him self. when the meithuna is going on, the sadhak then snach the rajas of the female from antah yoni peetham.

thus, here the shiva and shakti meets. as we all know paarad is shiva shatva and rajas of stree is shakti shatva. so when they both meets it creates a blend of the super energy into the body. this is the most difficult time for the sadhak.

when he does this, he suddenly looses concious and becomes faint. the guru is now throught his powers and knowledge of experience, diverts this generated power of the sadhak's body to the Kundalini.

here after generally 1 week, this process is repeated again. total 3 time this process is being carried out. and after the all three stages, i mean when this process is done for 3 times, the kundalini of sadhak reaches to the sahastrar chakra and becomes siddh. he gets power of flying into sky, invisiblity, parkaya pravesh etc directly.
one knows about it so not going deep into it.

here the question arise is that the whole process is based and formed for male. but what in case of females ?....

well, component gurus and siddha people lives in to some very differnt word of imagination. when it comes to the female, they uses Vyakshi tantra, throught which they convert female body to male body for the specific time of the sadhana. when they are throught with the sadhana, their body is again changed to feminine body.

This whole process is called vajroli kriya.

jai gurudev


Sadguru Prasang-2( meeting with a true disciple of Sadgurudev )

Dear friends, once gain I am here to talk with you. Recently I was on a journey , stopped to Delhi for some hours, suddenly two young man came nearer to us, ask are you Arif ji, he(not me) replied yes. could he provide a little time to talk with them, he replied in affirmative. both of them called their friends, eight of them(age ranging between 24 to 65yrs) they gathered around him, talking with them nearly 3 hours. I was just surprised to see them even some of our gurusister are also taken part to talk to him. Such a beautiful our siddhasharam sadhak parivar,. later Arif ji also told me that its really surprising things for him too, that not only our gurubrothers but gurusister are actively asking questions about so many articles /posts in the blog.

Important things is that no one ask about me, I was waiting, if some one comes and ask are you……. , I would jump and replied yes yes yes..But no such a fate of mine.

I was sitting on a pipe watching on them… just kidding.. in fact we also very much surprised that his blog read by so many of our gurubrothers .since I hardly received any mail yet. So I could not able to understand. So I will be much more careful while writing ,next time in the blog. so hope so in next time someone will definitely come and said are you……Arif (once again same name..when mine time will come…….)now come to the point

Lets start..

i have to meet a certain person ,for that I have info that even though, his very small means(belongs to very middle class family) he achieved so much heights in parad field .i asked him how he come into this field and has he know about our Sadgurudevji, he replied he is also a disciple of sadgurudevji , I shocked. Now in coming lines his story ……………………………..

He just passed class 10 th and went to meet sadgurudevji after reading his classic book
SHAMSHAN BHAIRVI. He reached sadgurudevji home i.e. jodhpur. Stay in Dharmshala, daily he visited but Sadgurudevji never calls him to meet.

(at that time Sadgurudev himself calls the person whom he want to meet) days passed by but Sadgurudev never call him, after the 7 th day he was thrown out of Dhamashala, next day he took night stay in jodhpur railway station, two more days passed ,still no result came, sadguerudev still not call him. Railway T.T. recognize him. ask not to stay there in railways station. He was very worried now where can he go, so he thought that was the last day , after that he went to his home town, that day, too sadgurudev ji not call him till 10:00 AM, when doors of Sadgurudev office closed, he had tears in his eyes. Suddenly, doors opens. Sadgurudevji told him,
come inside..why last 9 days he was here.. he replied I want to do sava of him.

Sadgurudevji asked..he was not interested in seva of his own mother and father.

He replied
I would do that too.

Sadgurudevji which class he studied

He--Class 10th

Sadgurudevji –what is the percentage

He--87 percent

Sadgurudevji -Why not he want to go ahead in study.

I want to go for seva.

Sadgurudevji --No ,you can became an IAS. either you can become IAS or proceed in this path, just go to home and come back after 6 month, then he will decide .

He went home but date of admission in class 11 th has gone, so he had taken admission as private student and again reached Sadgurudev home within just 1 month (instead of 6 moth as directed by sadgurudevji) at that time , he told me
bhaiya…sadgurudevji and poojniya mataji was sitting in his garden alone .

(how beautiful that time was, I (Anu) thought that, if I get that time..but its not mine luck so ok..)

Sadgurudevji asked him, why he was there. he told that he was not able to take admission, Sadgurudev replied , what he could do in that condition it is his responsibility, he(sadgurudevji) can do nothing.

He again said that he was ready for seva .

sadguruvji replied”
main haddiyon ka tail nikal deta hoon”.(he can take out oil from the person bones, in literal meaning)

He replied nothing, stand there with pranam mudra.

Again sadgurudevji asked him think for one more day ,then he will decide,

While retuning he thought that if sadgurudevji calling him for next day..means there may be some positive.

Next day sadgurudevji was going somewhere ,when his car passed the gate suddenly car stooped he asked one of the senior gurubhai.. accept this boy as a member of staff.

now he had to do the work,

but which type,

toilet cleaning three times a day first at morning 4 AM ………then 10AM……… then 6 PM

He did that work for 5 months, sadgurudevji silence watched him, one day sadgurudevji told “are he is literate one why are you engaging him in such a work, place him office work” so that day onward he worked in the office.

Very next day sadgurudvji asked him, what he want to become,

he replied
I want to go Siddhshram.

“For that siddhashram diksha is must” ..sadgurudev replied.

next day sadgurudevji called him for diksha,

He was called to
deposit Rs 1100 for that poojan and for article necessary for that.

Where he
was only Rs 11 in his pocket. He was very worried. he placed Rs 11 in office table, that is accepted by person in the office, when he reached diksha place sadgurudev ordered him wear a dhoti then comes, so office in charge very quickly arranged a dhoti for him from store.

Sadgurudevji told him, now last half an hour he was waiting for him , and sadguguredevji initiated him,

One day ,he is taken part actively process of parad shivling .he shines a particular parad shivling with so much dedication that the shivling shine very, very bright among all other parad shivling ,when Sadgurudev saw that shivling asked who did that,he hesitating come forward, sadgugudevji told him
,”tere haath main metal ki line hain, tu kal parad ki rasheswer diksha lelena.(means that he has a line in his palm indication that he can be a success in metal line..parad field, that why sadgurudevji instructed him to take rasheshweri diksha .)

So he started his path will fully obeying him, he is now master in more then 10 th sanskar. his quest for knowing more is still continue..he told me very clearly the struggle and pain he felt in this path, and also help and bless found in this path. He is a main straight forward. within a second he can understand where the person standing in front of him ,stands. And telling about Sadgurudev, he eyes was full of tear and start weeping told me Bhaiya he could not understand that one day sadgurudevji would……., really a tough time for me to say any word to him, I did not know what to do. suddenly his brother asked his name from downstairs, he simply wash his face and go there, on returning, I asked him, tell me something more about Sadgurudev, he told me, this is enough ,next time he will tell me something more.

his knowledge about herbs was superb. on mine returning ,he stopped me on various places on a way to reach railways station ,told me about the herbs ,I patiently listening all, but very hard to digest all knowledge in on go. i took a promise from him that next time he will to teach me one by one, for that he is agree. If he can be a success so why not us who have all type of material blessing and off course Sadgurudev blessing too. still you want to leave it on your fate then……..

So friends, have you sure understand a lot of him from his quest ,his beautiful story , its very strange that Sadgurudev molded so many great sadhak in every field, his greatness cannot be expressed in word. In compare to our gurubrother ,how easy the things today, no such a testing now, no waiting period .how blissful are us, to have such a great Sadgurudev.

Its mine pleasure to meet him in person, you want his name, for that he is not giving me permission, but what the matters, name may be different one but all our story (true) whether small or big one belongs to Sadgurudev ,so once again I am praying for you all to have great success in this path ,please go ahead slowly and firmly too.

success are not always achieved in miles by miles but inch by inch.

Like always I want your email reply, but mine email inbox still in hope of getting any one single mail.. I am just kidding…its 12:30 Am in night its time to sleep ……………. smile


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tantra Darshan 5(Vaam Marg and Sadgurudev view)

Dear Friends, once again , App log kaise ho, as you might be aware that last some of the posts are aimed towards Vaam marg related things, its luck that we are getting such a eye opener article from our guru brothers, but the question arises why such type of article is needed,.may be some of you definitely taken part in the Samaratabhishek Diksha shivir held at delhi. (kindly if have time, pls do listen/watch that great video still available to all of us ) in that

sadgugudev ji clearly told all of us that “how long we can be just a child, now its enough. you all are (desciples) grown enough now”.)

that’s why we are doing our best to through some light on this forbidden great path. Are you still sure that Sadgurudev never ever told about that. No no …..its not true that such a great mahaavataar did not told much on this. he clearly explain it between his closed disciples. Still I think you are not satisfied then…. In this series I will try to translate some of the article of him.(already appeared in mantra tantra yantra vigyan mag.). so that you can better understand our effort and have grateful to our sadgurudevji..

Here is the English translation …(I am doing as per mine best capacity)..

Title :
Sadana ka ek paksha ye bhi hain Bhairavi sadhana:

(sadhana has one form ..bhairavi sadhana)

After entering into the tantra field, sadhak has to take help from Bhaivari , in any of the step on the way to sadhana .its must. This is a fixed maryada .

No sadhak of any age whether belongs to young or old cross this,(over look). Since bhiravi is an form of shakti and whole tantra shastra philosophy (mental or physical )is based on shakti. may be the reason behind it that sadhak has to feel that woman is not only a medium of bhog (sexual gratification) but a originator of power or shakti, and only Sadgurudev can complete this kriya only, in his direction .since he knows that feeling and emotion of his each and every disciples. That s why in the path of tantra the need of Sadgurudev is much ,much more compare to any other path.

When somehow this maryada has forgotten, and society only knows that in the field of tantra bharvi is must then this, vyabhichar taken birth, since to control such a energy ,Sadgurudev ‘s power is lacking.

This also true that may be some of the person having negativity, used this great pramparaa (order/way) for his sexual gratification. But this is true in all way that, sadgurudev presence is totally forgotten on this path divine. Those who are accomplished sadhak clearly knew that to enter into the field of tantra one must has to pass the test of shamsham and shyama peethikas. Then only he can be consider himself eligible for enter into great height of tantra field. This bhairavi sadhana is also of same level but little lower then shayama peeth.

In fact when any sadhak gets indication from Sadgurudev for such a sadhana then he can understand that he is ready to take him from more higher plane of tantra sadhana. BHAIRAVI sadhana , and after that
BHAIRAVI SADHANA then only the gate of true tantra sadhana opens. where sadhak consider his body as tantra and able to get introduction of his many mysterious power, and blesses not only his life but thousand others

The tightest rope/bandhan of a person is physical bandhan i.e. physical gratification, that s why tantra attack on this and provide a new direction on this. True tantra attack ob only vasana not his inner true chaitna. That’s why tantric is more powerful than any other yogi or yaeti.

“Bhiravi”, this word how we treat it , no need to explain but what I have seen, that too I want to discuss between in front you, remains ,depends upon each person feeling and emotion that how he take the subject or how far he can understand /absorbs that .

Some year ago, when I wondered in mine sadhana life during toughest period of highest sadhana, I had got opportunity to get know about Bhairavi. The path to sanyas is too tough and it also has such a complexities that if I try to explain that too very difficult for me. They are all bhavgat stages, in terminology of yoga they are known as aalodan viloden. Sanyas is not only a way of facing physical difficulty but also a very tough phenomena of facing inner difficult stage. One cannot expect when he received any instruction of poojya sadgudev and he has to work suddenly on that too, without any if and buts. Only mine sanyasi brother and sister can understand.

On this way, one day I have got a message from Sadgurudev through guru brother that I had to go a specific place and be there with a female sadhak (sadhika) for a period till next guru agya comes. I do as I instructed, and within two days I have to meet that sadhika. I do not know which communication way ,message of mine reaching there , already reached, and that sadhika was there to welcomed me,

What is that,

I was just shocked to see her dress. she was having age between of 30 -35 years, black colored, that sadhika who come to welcomed me totally nude(without any clothes), she was not wearing any jewelry so that I could consider that as her clothes ,in whole of mine sanyas life I never ever seen any lady totally nude, so its natural that because of mine old sanskar, some conflicts arises in my mind.

Due to some curiosity ,some shame, some hate, mine eye looks downwards, but still no sign of vasana comes to mine mind and body. By telling this I am not praising myself ,since each of us already knew his ‘man”, very well.

Surely behind that , definitely some very specific effect of his personality and greatness of his tap is there, that I accept without any doubt.

How long I stay there in that condition ,I do not know , but her voice with authority (like guru)comes to me cautious again.

“Chalo” this word and indicating a direction though his first finger, I proceed that like a hypnotized condition. To get rid of the feeling of mine , I tried to spoke her but its like that she has no ear, that depress me, so I became silence too.

On reaching her home ,just like a small hut, indicate to sit there(a direction), provide some food for me having some forest vegetable and some chapattis too. Off course some water too. First wash my hand and feet and instructed me to eat, each talk is full with authority and very short one. I also forget all mine knowledge, following each instruction.

Its very hesitating for me to eat food from her, since from mine sanyas I am eating food only self prepared and if I taken food from other fellow gurubrother that too in very specific cause.

Since physical purity is the fact related to very much to the woman. in this era ,to get refrain from all the activity is considered foolish, not only in general woman but sadhikas too consider as a useless.

That is created not only to degrade hers or due to complexity, but it has been based some very specific cause/facts.

All of mine hesitation just set aside when m she instructed me ,”eat”. I do with silence, that food was very nourishing and very satisfying one. After that again same silence come over us, to get rid of this situation ,I wanted to start the communication ,I saw that her face was as like a mother, after her child finished his food. I do not know how long I eaten that way. After the food, I was asked to sleep on a puaal (forest grass) scattered on a side of hut, because of two days travel and so much fatigue I was in sleep quickly . I woke up in the middle of night, I saw ,light coming from any lamp lighted with any forest herbs ,and she was in her aassan , her back was on mine side, I did not know in which process she was busy,

But I would like to mentioned here that, no yagya kund, no flowers scattered, or no sindoors applied any where neither any smells of dhoop or lohban. she was as like just a normal woman but be free of need of any cloths. Some times Sadgurudev told us that such a stages comes when a sadhak has no feeling of his body, living nude, may be that bharaivi belongs that stages. I remembered once Sadgurudev told us that ..

once Mahaveer sawami reached a place in a condition with no cloths on his body,

people asked him, why he was naked,

His reply was, nude is not he, but that people themselves , since there eye having feeling of that

So any time when I saw her nude , that many time I remembered Sadgurudev ‘s that word mentioned just above .it hit me like slap.

From days onward I have no work since gurudev will instruct me there when needed, as he told me .so no home work there ,I just wondered there in forest watching various form of nature, then come and after taking food rest. Is mine daily routine. It was just like mine childhood once again returned ,no responsibility ,no work, I gain laugh like child. mine old forgotten habit returned once again.

The radiance on her face (bhairavi) always assurance me about it mine well being. she was just like mother. I had seen such a sadhikas and woman that even having womanish lajja but caring too much sexual oriented. but here she is totally nude but having mother like.. but no talk between us remembers me like I am small child who still not learn how to speak, but still communication happens.

Though mine sanskar some time controlled me, she was a woman, so accepting food prepared from him produce hesitation, but in front of hers every thing goes away, I accepted that if Sadgurudev himself placed me in such a condition then pure or impure all condition will be decided by them only, this gives me cool.

One day when I returned, I found she was standing in from of Sadgurudev, just like 6/7 months old girl child behaves in front of her mother. I pranam to sadgurudev and sit a distance to both of them. I did know what they have been talking to each other. suddenly like hypnotize break Sadgurudev told… Anugunjani, I am taking him. I pranam to him, and back with Sadgurudev ji,

But it still a mystery that why he kept me in such a condition so long with such a sadhika , I could not decide ,one day I asked him..he smile and told me that this is first step of shyama sadhana.and to get a feeling that one form of woman is mother.

I mildly objected him, after following so may hard rule why such a period with no rules at all. I did not know what I had eaten food there, made by her in pure or impure condition. How can I prayaschitta that.

Sadgurudev replied only this single sentences: when you were small child and in palana(small bed for child),at that time have you asked your mother regarding his physical pure /impure condition.

This alone .. opens all the closed windows of mine mind…..


.. when I asked him why not he opens this confidential side to all, so that many of the sadhak/sadhiaks can make their life blissful.


Can you feel what a pain lies/hidden in above sentences of Sadgurudev,since in front of society attacking habits, are not valuaing his knowledges , result I do not know but, many of the bhav bhhmiyan of sadhana will definitely get disappear, get sorrow /pain for that.

When, sadgurudevs small/general action attracts so criticism like flood from all direction, so one can not expect that what will happen when such a process (of vaam marg ) and others. Comes , in front of the society.

I also remembers in 1990a at varanasi, when Sadgurudev organize a sadhana shivir there, what not happened there(like abusing to him, threatening of all kind,and use local media to spread very ,very low level language)..


Dear friends still , if you not satisfied I will post some more translation of poojya Sadgurudev article in this regards. Its our luck that our dearest gurubrothers ,throughing light on this path lesser known side, kindly go through the posts in this regards, with open heart/mind and healthy outlook, we are the children of the Sadgurudev, can any one of us , misuse his great divine name…. never never ,never in dreams.

I am just praying to Sadgurudev ji too bless us , and provide the capacity to digest this great knowledge of him with very politeness .is mine pray to him.( I am not well versed in translation but I tried to do that , if any mistake are there, kindly I am asking your forgiveness)

With smile