Friday, August 6, 2010

Apsara & Yakshini -Secrets of Success

So many gurubrothers mailed me and insisted me to put some light on Apsara and Yakshini Sadhna.And wanted information on how to perform it and basically whats the difference.

Any Sadhna which is saumya and ugra depends upon how and in what way you want to perform the sadhna.There are three ways of performing and the god and goddess related to that are make visible (pratyakshikaran) in those ways only..

Satvik dhyan

Rajsi dhyan

Tamsik dhyan

Among this the Tamsik Dhyan is mostly used for Shamshan Sadhnas.Due to which the shakti promptly fulfil the ugra wishes but it is not every one’s cup of Tea.

And then also Sadgurudev had given information in Patrika and Shivirs regarding on only those sadhnas which can be easly done at home that means Satvik and Rajsi.

At very few occasion these types of sadhna are used.

From this one thing is very much clear that if any type of apsara ya yakshini sadhnas are given then, these are not harmful in any way.If any important points need to be remember are definitely been told.Were Apsara is of Dev varg and gour varniya shakti there the Yakshini is of Yaksha and somewhat down complexion shakti.

In common way Apsara’s Pratyakshikaran is quite difficult if some representation of mudras is not done.Were the Kuber Sadhna and Mahamrityunjay sadhna performers would experience easy while doing Yakshini Sadhna.Whether it is about Apsara or Yakshini the Kaam Bhav use is very harmful.

In Apsara Sadhna and Yakshini Sadhna there are mudras are practiced for ultimate success.You can find thier explanation in Mantra Rahasya or you can request to Sadgurudev for it.Along with this sadhna the Mantra are as follow :( these are for sake of knowledge so detailed explanation can be found from Sadgurudev.Anyways if u take Apsara or Yakshini Nishchit Siddhi Diksha then there is no need of doing above activities.)

By combining both and with the Kamalavart Yog along with the use of aavahan mudra the vashikaran of Apasara is possible.

Tatkshanaat sarvapsara agachchha gachchh hu yah yah

Via Abhimuktikaran mudra – Om kaampriyaye swaha

Via abhimuktikaran mudra - Om hreem akattah kattah hroom vah phat

Vesthit - om sabandh sabandh stanu hum phat

Via Apsara vasikaran mudra – om chal chal vashmanay hum phat

Well you can take due permission and required details from Sadgurudev, can attempt and siddh the Apsara Yakshini Sadhna by the Mudras and Mantras.Sadgurudev is always ready to give from his both opened arms but if we do not take then whose mistake it would be?



SadguruDev Poojya Shri Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali ji

Its very hard task to write some words about Sadgurudevji, while keeping his divine smile and blessing I am trying for that .And offcourse another things is that which provide courage that poojya sadgurudev ji always has a great compassion towards all of us . Sadgurudev was born on Jodhpur in deep inside area of Rajisthan .he had faced a lot of untold struggle and misery in earlier childhood,but his determination,hard work he always moved forward and faced all situation.he married at very early age to poojniya mataji smt. Bhagvati shrimali ji. He not only completed his essential education, but received twice Doctorate degree .Sadgurudev ji initially started his professional career as teacher and later become HOD of Rajisthan University.
At the very early age, his heart always felt very sad by seeing the situation of ancient scienceof sanatan dharma (the eternal religion) and sadhana. As a true BRAHMIN and calls of his soul, one day he left home and started his search for upliftment of the divine science he spent nearly 19 years in deep area of Himalaya, he visited almost all the area of that, even the inaccessible area too. He learned and mastered almost all the branches of sadhana whether it belongs too tibbet or others too.or related to sabar,kapalik,vedic to aghora,or yogic to alchemy ,shamsahan……..too.
His great superhymun hard work, determination,devotion leads to him at the feet of Param gurudev(Dada gurudev ji) Paramhansa Swami sachhidaanandaji.Poojya param gurudev ji has given inition to him. One can just think about that, that in last several thousand years poojya paramhansa Swami Sachhidananada ji has given his inition only to three person. One can understand the criteria of achiving that Diksha. Its cannot be expressed in word or describe about it.
With the divine advice and instruction of poojya param gurudev ji, he once again comes to normal household life. And spreading his knowledge at first through books on astrology mantra and tantra ,very few people known that he even wrote one novel named EK DALI RAJNIGANDHA KI” on which super hit movie “Rajanigandha” is based. poojya sadgurudev ji has outhered more then 200 hundred books .some of still to be published.later he founded SIDHHASHRAM SADHAK PARIVAAR. And started monthly magazine “MANTRA TANTRA YANTRA VIGYAN”. from 1980 onwords this magazine is successfully running, now its memebership reaches a record number. He never ever hesitate to a minite to provide knowledge even very secreats to yogis to true seeker whether he is disciple to him or of others, belongs to any caste ,religion, country, as atrue jagat guru he has never a time for such a man made limitation.
Because of his hard work and love compassion, now thousand of sadhak are getting success on sadhana field, he did very patiently his work without creating any propaganda about that, now responsibilities lies on our shoulder that we , as his child come forward to devote our life to learn this science and can provide relief to mankind from all the misery of life.
Though initially he was very strict regarding selection of desciples, he never ever interested in number, his main motto was that they are the representative of him, if they (desciples) are not upto a level or fells to achieve it, its been a great worry for him.after unconditionally sevice and obeydence of param gurudev ji, he was very worried that new generation is not getting success in sadhana because of lack of devotion, determination towards his guruand sadhana , as he wants.
but how can this limitation stop him,he started to distribute his very hard earned tapasya pooji(divine energy)as a diksha to even general masses. He has been on various time critised not only by the savants of sadhana but even from yogis of siddhashram.
But for him his Gurudev and His shisya are everything. He never ever pay attention to time and his health while taking to his shishyas. He again took a great step that first time in Indian sadhana field , sadhana shivir has been oranised by him,where 7 to 10 days desciples from various region caste ,religion country get trained directly by him, and desciples achieved great success.
Again major breathrough was that now gurudev is trying to help the desciples those are not able to come and attained sadhan shivir at jodhpur either due to finanacial or other reasons,he started sadhana shivir to various part of the country either in metropolition or in very small town, for him meeting with his part of soul, is only the joy.he even visited severable time to foreign land like UK, USA,MAURITOUS like that for spreading the knowledge.he provide his divine inition to 90 yers older person to even child in womb. Even foreign person who are not able to sit on floor, for all this is joy for him.
He had been awarded by severable society either from Govt organization or public one even from sadhana field . But for him its just a same. His task is to again the nation named INDIA reaches its top ,A golden bird’s era. Day and night hard work of him made his health little bit soft, on the demand of thousands of desciples Sadgurudev blessfully initiated all his three son namely shri Nand kishor ji, Shri Kailash ji And shri Arvind shrimali ji as a guru of full capaity.
Kindly note that all the iniation process completed by sadgurudev himself and all the three poojya gurudev worked under very close supervision of him of a period more then 6 years . At the SAMARATABHISHEK diksha Shivir he told that now he used to meet his disciple like always , but renouncing some of the wordly duties. And his ordered instruction was that ,be respectful, obedient, fully devoted to all gurutrimurti like him, he stated not a single true desciples of him ,work differently to this GURU AGAYA order.(All his this great pravachan recored in vedio form can be obtained ,easily, from gurudham jodhpur and still be listen).
Poojya Sadgurudev never revealed his detoriated health condition to his desciples, but earthly body has a limit, on the guru agya of param hansa paramgurudev ji, sadgurudev left his body and again reach SIDDHASHRAM, where he still have a close eys on all the business of desciples .
Is it true that he left his earthly body and left to Divine place ? no …its not like that he who, has a such higheast degree of love ,sneh, prem for his deciples. how can he simply sit there and watching us. Sadgurudev has a thousand divine form , he is not a limited mortal being, this form or that form he always with us, offcourse in guru trimurti form he is still at jodhpur.
Mataji divine presence is still at jodhpur, mere priy gurubhai still can visit and feel the divine blessing of matajis in person still now. What more I can say after that all this work is devoted at the divine feet of poojya sadgurudevji,”TAVDIYAM VASTU GOVIND TUBHYMEV SAMERPAYET” I am confident that my fellow gurubhai and poojya gurutrimurti will excuse me if I mistackingly write something not correct here.
I would like to share all of you that his Nikhileshwaranandaji form is eternal things, this form never perishes even the generation come and go, Sadgurudev always be present on this unioverse as His Nikhileshwarananda form .
So dear brother , poojya pad gurudev is still in jodhpur in gurutrimurti form, his blessing ,diksha and essential guidance still available without any limitation. So poojya sadgurudev is waiting for you to come forwards for this journey for fulfilling Poojya sadgurudevjis dream……..

Jai Gurudev