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Wonderfull Effects of Rudraksh

In spiritual way every sadhak must be familiar with the effects of Rudraksh, but do you know today I am going to give u information on the solution of Phyisical and Mental diseases and I really hope you all would take benefits of it.

1 mukhi Rudraksh : The disease related to Heart, Back bone, Blood issues and the problems incurred due to planet Sun in the horoscope can be finish off by wearing this rudraksha and get complete benefit.

2 mukhi Rudraksh : Remembering power, Mental defects, breast related issues, stomach related and the problems raise due to the position of moon can also be finish off by wearing this rudraksha.

3 mukhi Rudraksh : Uterus related diseases, pranjan defects and adult problems like impotency, sperm counts can be enhanced by this rudraksh.

4 mukhi Rudraksh : Brain disorder, Hand related illness, mental weakness and problems incurred due to planet mercury can ve finish off.

5 mukhi Rudraksh : blood pressur, kidny problem, prostet gland problem and for planet Jupiter it is used.

6 mukhi Rudraksh : skin related, Kidney stone, Incapability and it is wear for the problem rises due to planet Venus .

7 mukhi Rudraksh : Arthiritis, Spondilitis, any longed pain and the problem due to planet Saturn are cured by it.

8 mukhi Rudraksh : freeness from unproper sleep, Eye problems and the issues from Dragons head are look after by it.

9 mukhi Rudraksh : The Infavourable conditions created by Dragons Tail can be cure, relieves from Body pain also.

10 mukhi Rudraksh : Sugar problems, external issues and infovour of Jupiter can be cure by it.

11 mukhi Rudraksh : Can be wear for curing nerves system problems, dipretion, inheritance issues,conception issues.

12 mukhi Rudraksh : whose bones are very weak can wear it.Any type of pain would disappear.

13 mukhi Rudraksh : Migrane, mental disabilities can be cure.

14 mukhi Rudraksh enhances the complete mental brain power…

In my next article I will try to provide information on Materialsitic and Spiritual effects.


The Secret Of Mahakali

The Adya Shakti MAHAKALI keeps the number one position Aamongst the all Mahavidyas.So whom so ever would attept this sadhna will be entitles for all type of happiness, Beauty, health, Wealth, victory and every thing in very easy way.And her sadhna is perform on the Mahakaal ratri that means on occasion of DIPAWALI.As no other would be the best time to do it.When we can siddha this sadhna in complete sense.There are some aspects from which sa many sadhaks are not introduced yet.In 1985 Shree Sadgurudev had conducted each Mahavidya sadhna shivir separately along with the route cause and the various other secret perspective which are famous only between the high class of sadhaks and siddhos.Among them I am going to explain some of secrets with all of you.I hope you all would take due benefits of it and make your life praiseworthy.From Mahakali mool mantra, there is significance of each Beej Mantra in itself through which we successful fulfill our wishes.


This is MAHAKALI mool beej.
Which gaves u success in any work for sure...


It symbolize the TRISHAKTI KAAM TRAY BEEJ.By which we can become scolar in any type of study and can siddha any shastras.


It is a SHAKTI BEEJ and by chanting it you can win your case, political success, victory on enemies.


This is Kali beej and symbolizes the Navdurga Pratik Bindu.By chanting it the sadhak get eligibility of saving himself from AKAL MRITYU and gaves you complete materialistic happiness and triumph in life.


This is the YUGMA BEEJ which chanting gaves you materialistic happiness and ultimate success and reach in any field.


This is the URDHV BEEJ which bows you the inheritance, conception, issue related happiness.

It is a PRAJAPATI BEEJ which gaves u success in marriage with wishful partner i.e. SIGHRA AUR MANOVANCHHIT VIVAH and complete marital happinessI.


It is a NIJ BEEJ which gaves success in all learnings and Siddhis…


It is KOORCH YUGMA BEEJ which gaves u victory on all four Purusharth and success in each and every type of work.


It is a GUHYA BEEJ for completeness in health related problems and also chanted for success in sarva sidddhis.

Before attempting any of the above sadhna one must have Mahakali Yantra and Mahakali Mala.This whole can be windup by doing one lakh mantras .But on daily basis 11 malas would also gave you benefits.Wel along with that if you do Mahakali Diksha then it would be the perfect combination.

For performing any type of Kali sadhna before and after, don’t forget to chant KREEM KREEM for seven times.B’coz it is the Mahakali’s DEEPNI mantra.Then only it deliver u success.
If blessings of Sadgurudev would always shower in same way then definitely in upcoming articles I would try to give information on subjects like

Till then…”JAI GURUDEV"



The moment we have opened our eyes we are bogged up with n number of such thoughts which always questioned us that what is this nature and how we are connected to it… where our emptiness is relinquished? Do we can step forward on splendid path hnnna? And if yes then what are those barriers… lets see?

For answering all these questions we desperately need our Brahmanetra i.e. Jyotirvigyan (Astrology).Through this shastra we can measure the knowledge from starting to end.On Splendid path it teaches us the art of winning in very simple and easy manner.

Basically to some extent it is the portion of Vedas and for reading it one need the power of understanding (Pragya Shakti). Due to change of time the purity is missing day by day... To keep a common man away from the circumference of such knowledge, the people who are influenced from traditions made this knowledge so tough to grasp… Astrolgy is not just a calculation process.And if it would have then the predictions we are watching nowa days would not be fake…Rather concentrating on its mathematical aspect we should concentrate on its spiritual aspect for uniting all socially...And it is right also… Doing continous sadhna and enhancing the understanding power under Guru’s presence can only help you to capture those intangible truth.And that’s the truth what we are oriented to show our society.

For having perfection in study of astrology we have to concentrate on both learning as wel as sadhna also.Our liability is to putforth all these rules in very simple and easy manner. Due to which every one would come to know all the barriers in simple way.
And if we do it then this principle “Yat pinde tat brahmande” would be fruitful and will save us from being puppet of fate.Therefore its necessary that the Astrology itself speak rather that the astrologer as would take to errors.


Saturday, July 24, 2010


Couple days back one of my guru brothers expressed one query that how hypnotism can be useful in our work area while in group discussion.This part is next to one of those article.All these experiments are very effective and capable enough to gives you desired success in right work.

Well you all can consider these solutions in your work, business , Job, dealing and can achieve desired success.One important thing is that they doesn’t work out in any malpractice or wrong type of work.Because so many persons tried to make it but they always found opposite results.So work with conscious and take all benefits.

These Tantra Kriyas produces a different kind of environment which is favourable to mould human brain.

Take white Gunja leaves ras and mix grinded brahmdandimool then do a tilak on forhead of it.Whomsoever will see it would not get out of your charm...
Take white root of Aak and Sindoor with banana juice mixed it, then tilak it on forhead would infatuate watcher…
In sahdevi ras mix the grinded tulsi seeds, then tilak it on forhead at Sunday which would definitely infatuate every one.
A tilak made up of mixture of manahsil and banana juice also deluded by all.
A tilak made up of Harital and asgandh mixed in bananas would result in Lok Mohan.
Mix Kakda Singi, Chandan, Vacha, Kuta and make ready mixture of it and then flame it.showing aroma of this flamed mixture to the clothes, whole body, face and even making tilak of it would do Sarva Jeev Mohan.
Take Bilvapatra and dry it in cool place.Grind it in milk of black cow and make small tablets of it.Well tilak of those tablets would infatuates all three lokas for sure.

Before using any of this process attempts this mantra for 10 thousand times.

1. om hreem siddhaye namah

2.om hreem kali kapalini ghornadi vishvam vimohay jaganmohay sarvmohay thah thah thah swaha

At last I would always pray to Shree Sadgurudev to give you all desired success in best work.



In present time when our body became the house of diseases and maximum portion of our income is been spent on curing such diseases.In such condition a big question arise i.e. how to keep our body fit n fine.

Then we think is their any way to keep our body healthy and complete freedom from disease but also a long live life as per our wish hmmm?

You know it is possible through RAS TANTRA.The same sadhna was performed by Devvrata (Bhishma) by permission of his father and blessed with long life.With complete devotion we can achieve above all fruits.Shree Sdgurudev explained in such manner..

This sadhna can be performing from third to eleventh of Shukl Paksha.Whole white cloths and asan should be used while sadhna.Very first use pure Ashta sanskarit Parad along with the Belpatra ras and do the kharal process and make a gutika of it.Then in morning first worship the God Mahamrityunjay and Gurupujan and request for complete success and blessings.After getting permission put that parad gutika on vilvapatra and by concentrating ur whole consciousness and by tratak do the chanting of below mantra for 108 malas.After completing mantras again repeat the same process means take fresh vilvapatra then place the gutika and do the same counts…In the same way do it on 108 fresh leaves.When u r done with the whole process then keep that Parad gutika at very safe place.Grind that leaves and take juice out of it and drink it.

Keep doing this series for 11 days.One important facts is that the green leave gets transform into golden color one by one after each 108 malas which indicates us that we are going in right direction.

MANTRA : om kleem mrityunjayaay kleem kleem phat

Via this article I was just trying to introduce this sadhna.Making understanding of Mantra and its pronounciation is guru’s work.Therefore contact Gurudev for it.He would definitely make you understand its secrets.

It is just because of his kindness this sadhna is infront of us.Definitely attempt this sadhna and dedicate our all gratitudes to Sadgurudev.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Internal alchemy

mercury or parad in samskrit,has a long detailed history to use.to the practitioner of the tantras(and the medieval alchemists),it was the key to the ultimate sacrament,the purpose of this article is to share some of forgotten subject.

some of the common words used to symbolize parad are:


rasendra(b'coz it is the most important of metals)

suta(b'coz of its ability of transmute gold)

capala(on account of its volatility)

rasa raj(ruler of metals)

shiv virya(semen of shiva)

and lord shiva is the tantric literature,symbolizes infinite time(MAHAKALA).

mercury ,as the semen of lord shiva,is the physical embodiment of the fire of transformation(tejas).it can provide incredible amounts of tejas to an organism,and can make them capable of digesting almost any thing.parad can also provide unlimited amounts of prana. thus with prana and tejas,fire and water,parad can unlimited ojas,the quinteness .b'coz it controls these three,it can also control the three doshas,or bodily humors.yet,by itself mercury forms an insoluble salt which lodges in the brain and causes insanity or death.ingesting mercury by itself is like raising kundalini throgh an imbalanced path.what mercury needs is somethingto balance it ,to control its energy.that something is the element sulfur.

sulfur is the elemental embodiment of blood,that which the body uses to create everything else(from an ayurvedic perspective),and the only thing capable to controlling mercury.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Secret Of Karna-Pishach Sadhna

Do you know whose speed is the highest speed in whole universe…Hmmm...

Come on just give a thought hnnna..

What happen?

Ohhho it’s but obvious our MIND… hmm isn’t it…Wel in whole universe only human beings are bestowed with this MIND POWER… While other living beings are stimulated by God and performed their task, as they don’t have mind.Hey do you ever heard any animal smiling or laughing?

Due to this mind power, human can imagine and have a caliber of definite intention. Behind every discovery and each siddhi there is imagination power only.


Human’s unlimited Manah Shakti which can be control by power known as KARN-PISHACH or KARN-PISHACHINI sadhna.It clearly means that one who would conquer this mansik shakti can only becomes the Sadhak or Siddha of such divine knowledge.

By these learnings we don’t inactive our mind rather by capturing its Charam and Param activeness earnest effort we spend it in human welfare only.

By this Siddhi we enhace the activation power of mind because the inactive and inert power is of no use?

Behind this Study which principle works u know?

Human’s whole past period is hidden in his conscious and subconscious mind.Therefore whenever u cooridinate your supreme mind power with the other one abruptly u got contact with his mind and in fraction of seconds u become able to know his whole past.It is because from prakar antar your mind is coordinated with the Akaash tatva and then only you became able to hear that secret in universal voice which makes u realize that u r listening it with your own ears.

One must not use this knowledge for self purpose or for any type of malpractices and if done then be ready for bad consequences.This sadhna is for increasing our atmabal and along with that it makes your work easy. Remember TANTRA is not right nor wrong.It only leads us to that shore from where we can decide with the help of our conscious mind that how to use it.

Wel this sadhna is less in force in Tantra but is wonderful sadhna.Socialy Karnapishachini Sadhna is famous more but the types of illusions which are spreaded all over and it frightened the sadhak to perform it. Therefore Karn-Pishach sadhna is more favourable.

Start this sadhna on Monday.
On first day do fast (no food), as it is process of making pious internally and externally too.
Clothes and asan should be white and face towards the south direction.
Night is the best time to attempt it.
Make a knot of Lauki and Sarpakshi roots in red thread and tie it on your head (bring this roots in Pushya Nakshatra)
Do Guru Poojan and Mantra Jap.Then request for accomplishment of this sadhna to revered gurudev.
Then lighten the oil lamp and again worship it.After worshipping with complete concentrated mind do tratak on the tip of lamp and complete the 1.5 lakh times mantra chanting.
Wel in how many days you want to complete it is up to you.So divide it wisely.At max only 21 days can be prolonged but not beyond it.
Definitely you will see success with Guru kripa.

Mantra :
om namo bhagvate rudraay karn pishachaay swaha

This sadhna can be attempted by both Waam and Soumya Marg. On continous Mantra chanting you will experience various types of voices which haven’t ever heard.

But Sadhak’s real examination starts after earning Siddhi.As he became capable to know all mentalities of others which could be too dirty and too evil to imagine and for digesting also.Now it is up to you how you keep shut and give peace to ur mind.I remember very wel one of Sadgurudev’s verdict-“It is too easy to siddha the sadhna but is too difficult to stay normal or digest after accomplishing it”.Before doing this sadhna one must go for Diksha sanskar first from Sadgurudev and Poorna Sidhhidayak too.

So come on step forward and adopt such divine sadhnas in ur life and make it successful.


Sukshma Shava Sadhana

The Tantra Shastra is surrounded by so many complications and these complications can be solved only in the condition when you have blessings and the shelter of the Sadgurudev with you…The most difficult devotion (Sadhna) in the Tantra Shastra is the – “SHAV SADHNA”…

Don’t think that the Shamshaan Sadhna is something gossip or any story topic…This is one of the most difficult and the serious devotion which is mentioned in the Tantra Sadhna which makes a human being free from the 8 traps and gives the completeness & these 8 traps are: - Ghrina (Hate), Shanka (Doubt), Bhay (Fear), Lajja (Shy), Jugupsa (Abuseness), Kul (Generation), Sheel (Sensitivity) & Shakti (Power)….

Here, the power sounds something strange but this is also a hurdle in the completeness when you yourself feel as a wholesome and the powerful human and till time this feeling will remain how the presence of your Idol will be possible i.e. “Isht Laabh or Isht Darshan”…and to get free from all these traps the Shamshaan Sadhna becomes necessary…

In context of the “SHAMSHAAN SADHNA”, the Tantra depicts that the Shamshaan Sadhna should be conducted in the guidance of the Guru only….The dead body should be fresh i.e. it should not be used before for any conduct; The dead body which people burn the without any special process is of use and is useful…By this body – Shav Sadhna, Mund Sadhna etc.can be conducted….but can this process is so easy in this same???Perhaps No…..

But I would like to tell you all one thing for your knowledge that all those devotions explained in the Tantra Shastra can be conducted only either by the Adham, Maddhyam & Uttam bhed or by the means of Pashu, Veer or Divya bhav….Similarly, the most secret process - Shamshaan Sadhna can also be conducted in three forms…

We can feel the benefits and the advantages of the Sthul Shamshaan Sadhna by conducting the “Tantrokt Sukhshm Shamshaan Sadhna”…have you ever thought that the Sadgurudev had left the eternal epic named as “Tantrokt Guru Poojan” is full of so much amazing & divine secrets…

Perhaps Yes or perhaps No…Isn’t it????

Friends, infact all the processes & the teachings explained in that Epic are important and the amazing but that small epic contains the most amazing process named as – Mansik Poojan….Might be you people will not believe on the fact but this is very much true that by the means of that Poojan the Sadgurudev had handover such an amazing process to us through which we can fulfil all the impossible works….no wonder the accomplishment of the Siddhashram can also be fulfilled by this process…The beginning of the process which gets start with the base mantra (Beej Mantra – Om Hroum) by which both the body and the soul gets purify and all the high profile devotees knows this Beej Mantra as the “Divya Beej”….and explanation of such highly powered Mantra is not an easy task…

No matter in what condition you are you can conduct this process on your bed itself…our bed is the form of Shavashan and on sitting on the same on daily basis we recall our Gurudev, Idol on mental basis and by conducting Poojan we can gain the eternal secret of the Shav & Munda Sadhna at our doorstep only….because the mental process which are present in the Mansik Guru Poojan are the same which has been explained in the Sukhshm Sadhna….which means –

The body full of desires, griefness, sin first gets purified by the – “Bhoot Shuddhi”…and to see the body in a dead manner and to see yourself from the Drishta Roop and then put the Chandan in the form of Shraddha on the dead body of yours and then conduct the devotion sitting on the body with full concentration…By doing this the body itself will become – “Maha Shamshaan” and the path of knowing the “Nikhil Tatva” will appear in front of you…

The uses and the benefits of this Sadhna is unexplainable….Have you ever thought that by giving full time in the regular meditation we can sit for hours but as soon as some special moment comes – viz.Eclipse (Grahan) or a special timing (Mahurat) we are not willing to sit for meditation and the heart gets opposite to our mind and the negative thoughts start increasing and the body gets dull….

This is something very natural…The planets which affect the representative planets of soul and the mind of the powerful Sun and the Moon…how can you and your body remain unaffected from this???After all the elements which are present in the Universe are present in our body…In other timings also, in some special timings sometimes your destiny can also becomes opposite and can stand in front of you with their troubles which remains in between your good luck and you….All these troubles can be rectified by the only weapon by conducting “Mansik Guru Poojan”….and believe me this is my personal experience….

If to accomplish special achievements without conducting the processes in the Shamshaan you have to pray to the Sadgurudev and once you accomplish the processes by the “Tivra Mahakaal Diksha” the presence of the Maha Shamshaan itself gets accomplish in your body with the powers of Chita and because of this the bad luck of yours gets an end & the piercing of the most powerful power “Kundalini” takes place…


Nav Grah Mantra

In Tantra Shastra (Tantra System), each and every solution is present for any of the problem…Whether we have think or not but when we are able to fulfil our wishes through these devotions and each devotion results into a wider manner no matter there working area is limited or short…then why we conducts the “Grah Mantra Jaap” (Planetary Positions Chants) just for the “Grah Shaanti” (worship for the Peaceful results for the Planets) instead of having the fact that we can make a wider and broader use in resolving our day to day problems and also in fulfilling our wishes also…

You might take my points in a strange manner but the truth is this that each Planet is governed by a holy chant and that chant is capable enough to give the results accordingly and is helpful in accomplishing the wishes of the devotees…no matter that the particular planet is situated at the right or the wrong position in the birth horoscope…

Remember, when we devote ourselves towards the rival since birth time due to the fact of these holy chants attraction effects the particular planet is forced to give the favourable results…

In series to this; today I am going to forward those holy “NAVGRAH CHANTS” (Chants of the 9 governing planets) in front of all with the blessings of Sadgurudev which is very rare…

For conducting these “Mantra Processes “you should have the “Chaitnya Navgrah Yantra” with you and you have to complete each mantra just 11 times….and by conducting these special mantras you can gain your wishes….

1.Health & Wealth giving – Sun (arogya data surya)
Om hreem tigmrashmaye arogyadaay swaha

2.Mental Peace giving – Moon (mansik shakti pradata Chandra)
Kleem hreem aim amritkaramritam plavay plavay swaha

3.Rivals Fighting Planet – Mars (dust dalan karta mangal)
Aim hram hrim sarvdushtan nashay nashay swaha

4.Wishes Fulfilling Planet – Mercury(kamna poorti budh mantra)
Hreem shreem shoumya sarvan kamaan pooray swaha

5.Prosperity giving – Jupiter (abhisht data brahspati)
Aum aim aum surguro abhishtam yachchh yachchh swaha

6.Sharp Mind Prosperity in business giving planet – Venus (buddhi va vyavsay me safalta dayak shukra)
Shaam sheem shoom shaiem shaum shah

7.Dominating Planet for Rivals destruction – Saturn (shatru uchchatankarta shani)
Hraam hraam hreem hreem sarvshatrun vidravay vidravay martandsoonve namah

8.Rivals destructing Planet – Rahu (shatru vidveshan karta rahu)
Raam hroum bhrem hreem somshatro shatrun vidhvanshay rahve namah

9.Prosperity giving – Ketu (labh pradata ketu)
Kroom hroom kraim ketve swaha

These processes can be start on –


kaal sarp yog-my view

From few years I have came across the fact that the people are getting afraid by the few Astrologers by a myth “Kaal Sarp Yoga” (A planetary position in a horoscope which is not considered good at some instances)…. Kalsarp Yoga has become a very popular astrological concept today with a number of controversies surrounding its authenticity and true nature. Many astrologers claim that there is no mention of Kalsarp Yoga in any of the classical astrological texts.

Now let us first understand what it is????

What is Kalsarp Yog? Why and how it is formed? What are its solutions and remedies?

If all the seven planets come between Rahu and Ketu then Kalsarp Yog formed.

If in between Rahu & Ketu all seven planets come then it is not considered good in Astrological studies. It is assumed that if a person who takes birth in this yoga suffer from various problems like child problems, loss in business, family problems etc. Rahu is known as snack and Ketu is its tail. All planets come under the execs of Rahu & Ketu because of which Kaal Sarp Yog is formed in horoscope.

This Kalsarp Yog can be formed in any person's horoscope like king, rich, president, prime-minister, peon, poor etc. and those who has Kalsarp Yog in their horoscope, instead of they have all kind of facilities but always suffer from any tension, fear, insecure.

A person who has bitten by snack cannot sit comfortably like this a person who has Kalsarp Yog in his horoscope always fear from death.

Why this yog is formed?
This yoga is more dangerous than other malefic yoga. This yoga effects a person till 47 years and some time throughout his life, its depend upon the position of Kaal Sarp yoga.

If, in a horoscope, all the planets are placed between Dragon’s-head (Rahu) and Dragon’s- tail (Ketu), it is considered to be Kalsarp yoga. According to Indian astrology, there are many types of Kaal Sarp yoga-

If inauspicious planets like Mars and Saturn are placed on the opposite side of ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’, then it is considered to be a partial Kaalsarpa Yoga. In the partial Kaalsarpa Yoga, the effects are not as powerful as Kalsarp Yoga.
Let’s again come to our point…The people are wasting their money and energy both by the above misconceptions…and I am amazed that the Astrologers are well known about these facts and realities no matter they are new or old in this profession… The main reason of all this is the assumption of the ill effects of this yoga….It’s in our culture and custom that if something is harmful for us; the people will not find the root cause of that; the only thing they will do is to get away from the things and will fear always and will find the solutions by wasting time and money….

It might happen that the few respected and superior astrologers may find my version wrong; and if this is the point they are free to oppose my facts through the accurate base from the knowledgeable books so as to bring the Truth in front of all…

The Kaal Sarp Yoga is not a curse for anyone and for this I have few facts which are as follows:-

In a birth horoscope, there are 9 Planets in which 2 Planets are the Shadow Planets – Rahu & Ketu…the planetary position of the Earth is considered as the Planetary position of the person itself which is also known as “LAGNA”...

The origin of the “Rahu & Ketu” is because of the tilt resolution of the Moon in compare with the straight resolution of the Earth…It is average tilted – 5 Ansh 8 Kala & 54 Vikala…This tilt sometimes become higher and becomes 5 Ansh 20 Kala & sometimes become less to the 4 Ansh 57 Kala…Because of the Sun and Earth rotation, the tune of the Moon minimum 2 times in a year comes in the centre direction between the Sun position….

Whenever the resolution of the Earth and the Moon cut each other in a straight line the adjoining point of the line is known as “SAMPAAT”…Whenever the Moon cuts the position of the Earth and get above on it is known as “AAROHI SAMPAAT”…similarly when it gets down it is known as “AVROHI SAMPAAT” or “AAROHI SAMPAAT Rahu” or “AVROHI SAMPAAT Ketu”…

The Ketu is assumed as the shadow of the Moon and the Rahu as the shadow of the Earth…The Rahu revolve in the “Mandlakaar” shadow of the Earth…

According to the Space Science, The Moon cuts the course / path of the Earth 2 times only in a month…Due to this, the Rahu & the Ketu cannot create together in any condition as the time taken to reach from 1st Sampaat to the 2nd Sampaat is approx – 13 Desh and 11 – 12 Hours…

The Rahu & The Ketu remains together or they lie on the 180 degree positions…In most of the horoscopes, almost or maximum planets lie in between these two…but this doesn’t mean that these two will cause any useful or harmful effects on the strength or the effect of the planets…Remember, these two are the shadow planets hence neither they resemble any zodiac sign nor they have any ratings…hence they both acquire the ratings of the dominating positions… In a birth horoscope the position of the Rahu lies in the 3rd, 6th & the 11th positions…

The external Planets like Mars, Jupiter & Saturn cannot come across in the effects of both Rahu & Ketu…

When The Rahu gives the Auspicious results in its trick position then how the “Vashuki, Mahapadya, Vishakt”positins of the Kaal Sarp Yog will give the ill effects???? Rather then this the origin of the Kaal Sarp Yog from these positions is something dangerous…

The most important point of controversy is that is this is a simple planetary position or a lack in a horoscope….

In Astrology any of the Yog (Planetary Position) originates under the 4 basic principles as follows:-

1.The personal combination of the Planets
2.The present positions of the Planets
3.Special Timing of a Planet depending on its size and shape
4.The special position of a zodiac sign with the Planets
Now if any of the Yog either gives the Good Result or Bad Result overall; how come the Kaal Sarp Yog will effect someone to Good and Others to Bad????

Many of the renowned Astrologers are also confused whether this Yog will be created when the planets will be situated between the Rahu or Ketu???

It is still dispute on the point where the same has been originated and in which Book there is a proper description of the same is still a mystery for us…And my dear friends you only think that our Saints who have the Power of the divine vision were also unaware of this dangerous yoga is somewhat not acceptable for me…

All the praises & the verses which support the existence from the ancient times are as follows:-

“Putra Bhava Sarp Shapat Soot Kshaya Naag Pratishthaya Putra Prapti”

This praise told the result of the Rahu placed in the 5th position in a horoscope not the result of the Kaal Sarp Yoga…Many of the Astrologers have told so many types & sub-types of this but the fact is this the whole Astrology count is also less than this….

The Conclusion lies in the fact that if the above statement can be proved wrong it has to be proved with the completes facts and figures only then the ill effects of the same will be treated as the Authentic studies….otherwise there is no need to get afraid from the same….There are many more facts which proves that there are some misconceptions regarding the same will be discussed in our coming mails…

Till then, take care of yourself…