Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While trying to absorb Rakt bindu Shweta Bindu secret when I again arrived infront of Shree Sadgurudev, he said how was your journey??
I said with your blessings everything becomes so easy.I didn’t expected that great eminent would give me such secret knowledge so easily.(I remembered that I ve metioned in the same series,that I will disclose some secret facts and activities of Alchemy related Rakt bindu Shweta Bindu in previous serious which would get disclose in upcoming articles…Actually the reality is that they are no where in ancient books.And if it is their then they are unpublished.those sootras are mentioned in Siddha Nagarjun in name of “SWARNA PRADiPIKA” which is unattainable and in whole world only three copies of it is available.

With sweet smile Sadgurudev said my dear son do you find each n every solution for this problem? Do you have any other curiosity in your mind which is not yet resolved…?
Oh my lord I am just an innocent child.. It is just due to your kindness I am able to recollect it.Yes I understood this subject wel but still have some questions in my mind which can be answered by you only.

And whats that???

I studied that process wel from that eminent person under his instructions.And found success little bit, but many times I feel like having sex, I mean to say sometimes excitement level goes high.And tamsik bhav too.The moment Sushumna step forward to Dhan path it feel like that some one is stopping its momentum… Why it happened like that?

Ok tell me where the sancharan path of chakra bhaedak Sootra is located?

Ummm I guess in Merudand…

When this Kundali Bhedak Nadi passes through the middle of Merudand then it way should be very clear, specific and straight.Thats why sadhak or yog abhasak are instructed to sit straight.Shastras such sayings are not fake…understand!

ya I got it…

There are 84 pearl shaped wholes bones in our merudand.In middle of which this chakra bhedi nadi locates.Just like a Mala form it joins all the bones.Similarly it controls the all unuseful but Sharir rakshak kriyas likewise brain controls all the Eichhik kriyas. Starting from Muladhar it completes from Trikut and end on the Amritchatra.It includes all the divine power within.Saptchakra represents our seven bodies.Each body have its own color.On the same base the sapt rang and it uprang are imagined.Collection of that divine Mahaling is not that easy as it seems… hnnna… but it seems much easy which u listened few minutes back…

Hnnnna how?? Its seems very contradictory...

Look you very wel know that it is the joint form of 84 bones, but do you know what they say or reprsents? Whats their qualities? No I guesss hnna! Then listen carefully-every bone represents 1-1lakhs yonis and their features.It mean it containing all qualities of all Bhu Tatvas and also contains the features of creeping creatures and this is how it move forward.While moving towards it again contains the qualities of Akash Tatva and and also collects the features of flying creatures and contains the specialities in them and this is how each bone is connect and mixed with each other. You know whenever we keep asan for sadhna, so we have to keep Merudand in very straight and erect form and chant the mantras then the Kundalini shakti open up.It flows to upward direction and reach the Trikut chakra after chakra bhedan. It is possible only when there is no obstruction in the Kundalini path.This is how this sootra starts from Muladhar and do the chakra bhedan and reach to the Agya chakra.While traveling this journey on any point if any sadhak changes it sitting position or asan place then this sootra consist whichever qualities of yoni ly in whichever Asthipind, in this situation sadhak in sadhna kaal burst out the same qualities and experience the same feeling.for eg. Like the area Asthipind in which nimna yonis which consists all qualities of Bhu Tatva or Bhu jal are present would express the Kaam Bhav and even show the God goddess of the same type of sadhna and for them also they express the same feeling.Therefore each sadhna have its own way of sitting style which touches exactly the same Pind which is required and takes that shakt in upward direction.The way we change our position in sadhana kaal similarly the shakti marg also get affected.

While Mantra jap the internal energy is produced by which the the produced energy finsh the negative effect and burst out the divine qualities.And by all powers the sadhak becomes Ajeya, reach to the ultimate path of completion.This the way of Bramhand Bhedan by which we again come back from the Amrutchatra ya Trikut to the Muladhar.And this returning completes the Kundalini journey of Sadhak. By medium of Kalpnayog when you convert Mahaling into Parmanu and Vidyut guna then via shwas path or by bramhand path it establishes in the Mahayoni (Trikon) or in Muladhar.After this process it appears again n again in internal and external form.

Hmmm I think now u got my point hnnna!

Ummmm but Sadgurudev after trying hard, still the Kundalini Pran Sootra doesn’t reach to the Trikut then what should be done?

Siddha Sadhaaks does not require the outer help my dear son… because they start their sadhana jeevan only after the Asan Siddhi is accomplished. But on safer side they continuously keeps the contact with the Parad Gutika with their body.Due to which their sootra stay always energetic and becomes unaffected and free by any type of internal or external effect.Along with that it save our Astral body (Sukshma sharer) too. And makes us blessed with the holy divine powers is the Mauktik Parad. Parad is Urdhwagami.It means by getting hotness it flows in upward direction and a basic nature of it.Therefore it keeps that sootra urdhwagami.If it is so good for Saints then definitely it is a boon for we normal persons …Merely trying just little bit which gives the sadhak the Asan siddhi and Sukshma Sharir Siddhi and many other materialistic live achievement then do know what I m talking about hmmm??

What is the name of this Gutika and how it is prepared???

Well in Siddha Samaj it is known as SUKSHMA JEEVA PARAD GUTIKA”. Parad only can give us completeness and everyone should understand it properly.Very first take 11 sanskar did parad and do mardan process by Siddha mulikas and Divine herbs.By which it becomes divine in qualities and completes our every wish.Then do grasan process of Ratnas.Well this not delusion or fake custom.Moreover behind Ratna Graas there is very secret facts are stealed in the Rastantra.Ratna contains various types of powers.like Manik finishes the wine effect and sets free from ineffectious disease and bows us freshness and control on our desire for food and thirst.Panna increases the intoxication and relieves from the poison.Moti and Munga are uterine from Lakshmi which enhance the power of eyes and enhance the kundalini power in upward direction by chakra bhedan.These ratna gives mildness and politeness along with the courage and willingness also.Chanting with the Lakshmi mantra or yakshini mantra and siddha only munga .By wearing it any one can have all types of materialistic happiness.Neelam enhance the physical strength and relieves and saves us from the Tantra Badhas.Pukhraj sets free from any type of blood related problem and Marrow disease and leprosy and bright our fortune also.Panna gives Waakk Siddhi.Heera gives completeness.And create Khechartva environment and make favourable security shield also.Vaikrant gives ultimate success in Ras darshan whether it is of Dhatuwad or about Dehwaad.The Ratnas are effective only when they are bowed us by hardship of sadgurudev in terms of Beej Mantras and Parad grasan.And mardan of herbs in end the Jap must be done then only we can have fruits from it. (On these Ratnas and their upratnas so many high level sadhna can be attempted like maran, mohan , stamne , uchhattan, kundalini jagran, rog mukti, aishwarya avam saubhagya prapti, vashikaran, stambhan, manokamnapoorti, kayakalp etc.For making it Chaitanya it can be enchanted the specific type of Mantras and can earn ultimate wish completion.Well which can be use for which type of process? On this subject we would definitely talk later.May be in coming articles.)If from the wound the blood is flowing continuously then just spread this gutika over it promptly u will find relief (PRATYAKSHAM KIM PRAMANAM), Thereafter cook it in Gajpoot so that completeness is given.and along with that Raseshwari Mantra is enchanted so it becomes Siddha. One who is very fortunate can only get this gutika infront of which every joy becomes taseteles insipid. The touch of such Gutika gaves u success in Rakt Bindu Shwet bindu and other various types of sadhnas and alchemy tantra which is the ultimate dream of every alchemist.With instruction of revered sadgurudev I did the formation of this gutika successfully but I very wel know without his blessings I would not be able to do it.And this is the ultimate truth that so many sootras are no where in ancient books.And if they exist, then they can found only in Sadgurudev’ throat.Now this is our responsibility to achieve all sootras and keep it secured for coming generation.

This is our only SHISHYA DHARMA…hnnna!

I remember that in Brahmatva Sadhna Shivir in 1987, Sadgurudev’s kindness we attempted the sadhna called Sukshma Sharir Siddhi and Chakra Jagran sadhna successfully. Achieving this Gutika is ultimate furtune.and satisfaction of earning it.Then only we can easily attempt the Rakt Bindu Shwet Bindu sadhna.

If only by wearing this Gutika we can earn our long treasured wish.If really want to make life glitter like Diamond then wants to write your own fate by urself then come forward and achieve this gutika which can remove all our pains and unfortune and show us a new definition of success.And to achieve it from revered Sadgurudev and give compliteness to our life.

रक्त बिंदु ,श्वेत बिंदु रहस्य को आत्मसात करने का प्रयत्न करते हुए मैं जब सदगुरुदेव के
चरण कमलो में पुनः उपस्थित हुआ ,तब सदगुरुदेव ने कहा की कैसी रही तेरी यात्रा ........
मैंने कहा -आपके आशीर्वाद से सभी कुछ अत्यंत सरल हो जाता है. मुझे उम्मीद नहीं थी की वे महानुभाव मुझे इतनी सहजता से इस रहस्यों को बता देंगे.( मुझे याद है की मैंने
इसी लेखश्रृंखला में श्वेत बिंदु और रक्त बिंदु से जुड़ेधातुवाद के रहस्यों और कुछ क्रियाओं का वर्णन करने के लिए कहा था , भविष्य में सदगुरुदेव की इच्छा से उन रहस्यों को अवश्य ही मैं आप सभी के समक्ष अवश्य ही उद्घाटित करूँगा . वास्तव में वे रहस्य ग्रंथों में हैं ही नहीं . और यदि किसी ग्रन्थ में हैं तो वे ग्रन्थ ही अप्रकाशित हैं. उन
सूत्रों का विवरण सिद्ध नागार्जुन प्रणीत "स्वर्ण प्रदीपिका" में है जो की अप्राप्य
ही है और सम्पूर्ण विश्व में उसग्रन्थ की मात्र तीन ही प्रतियाँ हैं.)
परन्तु मेरे बेटे क्या उस विषय से सम्बंधित सभी समस्याओं का समाधान हो गया है.... क्या कोई और जिज्ञासा नहीं है- मुझे देखते हुए सदगुरुदेव ने मुस्कुराकर पूछा.
हे मेरे प्राणाधार मैंअबोध बालकहूँ, आपकी कृपासेमुझेइस विषय काभान होता है. मुझे ये विषय समझ में तोआयापरन्तु कई जिज्ञासाऐसी भी हैंजिनकासमाधानआप ही कर सकते हैं.
वो क्या भला?????
विधि का अभ्यास तो मैंने उन महानुभावके निर्देशानुसार भी किया.और मुझे थोड़ी सफलता भी मिली, परन्तु कई बारमेरे मनमें काम भाव की प्रबलताभी हो जातीथी, और तामसिकभाव का प्रस्फुटन भी . जैसे ही ध्यानपथ पर सुषुम्नाआगे बढती थी तो अचानकऐसालगता थाकी जैसे किसीने उसकी गतिरोकदी हो ....... ऐसा क्यूँ
होता था.....?????
अच्छाये बताओ की चक्र भेदक सूत्र का संचरण पथ कहाँपर है???
जीमेरुदंड में .....
जब ये कुंडली भेदक नाडी मेरु दंड के मध्य से होकर गुजरती है तो इसका पथ बिलकुल स्पष्ट और सीधा होना चाहिए. इसी कारण साधक को या योग मार्ग के अभ्यासी को बिलकुल सीधा बैठने के लिए कहा जाता है .शास्त्रों का ये कथन अन्यथा नहीं है समझ गए.
जी बिलकुल.
हमारे मेरुदंड में ८४ मोती रूपी छिद्र युक्त अस्थियां होती हैं जिनके मध्य से ये चक्र भेदी नाडी होती है एक माला के समान ये सभी अस्थियों को जोड़ कर रखती है . जैसे हमारे शरीर की सभी ऐच्छिक क्रियाओं का नियंत्रण मस्तिष्क करता है वैसे ही ये नाडी सभी अनचाही पर शरीर रक्षक क्रियाओं का
नियंत्रण करती है .मूलाधार से निकलकर इसकी पूर्णता त्रिकुट से होते हुए अमृतछत्र पर होती है. सभी दिव्य शक्तियों को ये अपने आपमें समाहित किये हुए होती है.सप्त चक्र हमारे सप्त शरीरों के द्योतक होते हैं .प्रत्येक शरीर का अपना रंग होता है .और इसी आधार पर सप्त रंगों और उनके उपरंगों की कल्पना की गयी है. उस अद्विय्तीय महालिंग का समाहितिकरण इतना सहज है ही नहीं जितना की सुनने में
लगता है .पर ये उससे भी ज्यादा सहज है जितना की तुमने सुना है ...
हैं भला ये विरोधाभास कैसे ???????????
देखो तुम्हे ये तो पता है की वो मेरुदंड ८४ अस्थियों का संयुक्त रूप है ,पर क्या ये पता है की वो अस्थियां क्या बताती हैं या उनकी क्या विशेषता है. नहीं ना .... तो सुनो प्रत्येक अस्थि १-१ लाख योनियों का प्रतीक हैं उनके गुणों से युक्त हैं अर्थात भू तत्व के गुणों को लिए हुए या रेंगने वाले जीवों के गुणों से
उतरोत्तर बढते हुए आकाश तत्व के गुणों से युक्त या नभचर जीवों के गुणों युक्त योनियों की विशेषताओं को लिए हुए.प्रत्येक अस्थि एक दुसरे से संपृक्त होती है. जब हम साधना के लिए आसन लगते हैं तो मेरुदंड को सीधा रख कर मन्त्र करने पर उस कुंडलिनी शक्ति का स्फोट होता है और वो उर्ध्व गामी होती है तब चक्रों का भेदन करती हुयी त्रिकुटचक्र तक पहुचती है, पर ये तभी संभव हो पाता है जब कुंडलिनी
पथ में किसी प्रकार का अवरोध न हो और ये सूत्र मूलाधार से सीधे अन्य चक्रों का भेदन करता हुआ आज्ञा चक्र तक पहुचे. यदि इस यात्रा के मध्य हमारे आसन की स्थिति में या बैठने की स्थिति में कोई भी परिवर्तन आता है तो ये सूत्र जिस भी योनि के गुणों से भरे हुए अस्थि पिंड को स्पर्श करती है साधक में साधना काल के मध्य उन्ही गुणों का प्रस्फुटन होने लगता है और उसको वैसी ही अनुभूति होती है .
जैसे निम्न योनियों जो की पूर्णतः पृथ्वी तत्व से या भू-जल तत्व के गुणों से युक्त योनियों की उपस्थिति वाली अस्थि के अन्तः भाग से स्पर्श होने पर काम भाव का अधिक संचार होता है और ये काम भाव सम्बंधित शक्ति या देवी-देवता जिनकी आप साधना कर रहे हैं उनके लिए भी वासना युक्त विचारों के द्वारा दिखाई पड़ते हैं. इस लिए प्रत्येक साधना का अपना एक बैठने का तरीका होता है जो
उस तत्व विशेष के चक्रों को ही स्पर्श करता हुआ ऊपर अग्रसर करता है उस शक्ति को .
जैसे ही हम हिलते हैं या आसन बदलते हैं शक्ति का मार्ग भी उस सूत्र के हिलने से विकार युक्त हो जाता है.
मन्त्र जप के कारन आंतरिक उर्जा का निर्माण होता है जिससे निर्मित अग्नि उन चक्रों के नकारात्मक प्रभाव को समाप्त कर दिव्य गुणों को प्रस्फुटित करती है. और सभी तत्वों की शक्तियों से साधक अजेय ही हो जाता है .पूर्णता के पथ पर पहुच जाता है . यही ब्रह्माण्ड भेदन का मार्ग है जिसके द्वारा हम उस अमृतछत्र
से या त्रिकुट से हम वापस प्रत्यावर्तन कर मूलाधार तक आते हैं. और यही प्रत्यावर्तन साधक की कुंडलिनी यात्रा को पूर्ण करता है. जब आप कल्प्नायोग के माध्यम से उस उस महालिंग को परमाणु और विद्युत कणों में भी परिवर्तित कर आप श्वास पथ के द्वारा या ब्रह्माण्ड पथ के द्वारा आप महायोनि (त्रिकोण) या मूलाधार तक लाकर उस महालिंग का स्वशरीर में स्थित लिंग में स्थापन करते हैं तो इसी पथ के
द्वारा उसका पुनः पुनः बाह्य और अन्तः भौतिक प्राकट्य किया जा सकता है. समझ गए.
ह्म्म्म पर सदगुरुदेव यदि कोशिश करने पर भी वो कुंडलिनी प्राण सूत्र त्रिकुट तक बिना अवरोध के नहीं पहुच रहा हो तब क्या करना चाहिए???????
सिद्ध साधकों को बाह्य उपादानो की आवश्यकता नहीं होती है क्यूंकि वो अपने साधना जीवन का प्रारंभ ही आसन सिद्धि के बाद करते हैं. पर वे भी सुरक्षा के लिए पारद गुटिका को स्पर्श कराते रहते हैं अपने शरीर पर. जिससे उनका सूत्र उर्जा युक्त बना रहता है और बाह्य या आंतरिक परिवर्तन से वो मुक्त रहता है. साथ
ही सूक्ष्म शरीर की रक्षा भी करता है तथा अनंत शक्ति संपन्न भी बनाये रखता है ऐसा पारद मौक्तिक. पारद उर्ध्वगामी होता है अर्थात ऊष्मा पाकर ऊपर उठाना उसका स्वाभाव है . अतः वो उस सूत्र को भी उर्ध्वगामी बनाये रखता है.जब सन्यासियों के लिए ये इतना उपयोगी है तो भला सामान्य गृहस्थों के लिए तो ये वरदान ही है . अनेकानेक शक्तियों का
संयुक्त रूप ही होती है ये गुटिका. जो एक सामान्य साधक को भी अल्प प्रयास में आसन सिद्धि तथा सूक्ष्म शरीर सिद्धि तक पंहुचा देती है और अन्य कई भौतिक जीवन की उपलब्धियां भी भर देती है साधक की झोली में,

इस गुटिका का नाम क्या है गुरुदेव् और इसका निर्माण कैसे किया जाता है???????
इस गुटिका को सिद्ध समाज में सूक्ष्म जीवा पारद गुटिका के नाम से जाना जाता है. पारद से ही पूर्णता मिल सकती है समाज को ये हमें भली भांति समझ लेना चाहिए. सर्वप्रथम ११ संस्कार युक्त पारद लेकर उसका मर्दन सिद्ध मूलिकाओं तथा दिव्य औषधियों में करना चाहिए जिससे
की दिव्य गुणों से युक्त होकर वो हमारे सभी मनोरथ को पूर्ण कर सके . फिर विभिन्न रत्नों का ग्रास देना चाहिए. ये कोई प्रथा या ढकोसला नहीं है .बल्कि रत्न ग्रास के पीछे अत्यधिक सूक्ष्म रहस्य छुपा हुआ है रस तंत्र में . रत्न विभिन्न शक्तियों से युक्त होते हैं. जैसे माणिक्य शराब के नशे को समाप्त कर संक्रामक रोगों से भी मुक्त करता है और देता है भूख प्यास पर नियंत्रण की क्षमता तथा
हमेशा तरोताजगी . पन्ना नशे को बढ़ा देता और जहर के असर को दूर करता है.मोती और मूंगा लक्ष्मी के सहोदर हैं जो की सम्पन्नता युक्त कर नेत्र शक्ति में वृद्धि करते हैं,उर्जा को उर्ध्वगामी कर कुंडलिनी शक्ति के द्वारा चक्रों के भेदन में सहायक होते है. ये रत्न सौम्यता और विनम्रता के साथ मनोबल तथा साहस भी प्रदान करते हैं. यदि मात्र मूंगे को ही लक्ष्मी मन्त्र या यक्षिणी मन्त्रों से
सिद्ध कर धारण कर लिया जाये तो जीवन में भौतिक सुखों का आभाव रह ही नहीं सकता. नीलम शारीरिक बल में वृद्धि कर तंत्र बाधा से रक्षा करता है पुखराज रक्त विकार को दूर कर गुदा रोग तथा कुष्ट से भी मुक्त करता है साथ ही भाग्योदय भी करता है पन्ना वाक् सिद्धि में सहायक है.हीरा पूर्णता देता है और खेच्ररत्व में वातावरण के अनुकूल बनाकर कवचित भी करता है तो वैक्रान्त रस शास्त्र में पूर्णता
तथा प्रत्यावर्तन में सफलता भी चाहे वो धतुवाद हो या फिर हो देहवाद. इन रत्नों का ग्रास पारद तभी सहजता से ले पाता है जब गुरु अपने प्राणों का घर्षण कर शिष्य को बीज मन्त्र प्रदान करे तथा औषधियों के मर्दन से लेकर अंत तक इन बीज मन्त्रों का जप होना चाहिए तभी वो गुटिका फल प्रद होती है . यदि घाव के कारण खून बंद नहीं हो रहा हो या मवाद बन रहा हो तो ऐसी गुटिका को फेरने से
तत्काल लाभ होता है (प्रत्यक्षम किम प्रमाणं) ,तत्पश्चात गजपुट में पकाकर उस गुटिका को पूर्णता दी जाती है तथा रसेश्वरी मन्त्र का जप कर उसे सिद्ध कर दिया जाता है .अत्यंत सौभाग शाली व्यक्ति को ही ऐसी गुटिका प्राप्त होती है जिसके आगे सम्पूर्ण वैभव भी फीके पड़ जाते हैं. ऐसी गुटिका का स्पर्श ही आपको श्वेत बिंदु रक्त बिंदु और कई दिव्य क्रियाओं में सफलता देता है और
देता है धातुवाद में सफलता भी. जो किसी भी कीमियागर का लक्ष्य होत्ती है. सदगुरुदेव के निर्देशानुसार इस गुटिका का सफलतापूर्वक निर्माण कर मैंने उस सफलता को भी प्राप्त किया जो शायद बगैर उनके आशीर्वाद के संभव ही नहीं थी और ये तो नितांत सत्य है की बहुत से सूत्र ग्रंथों में हैं ही नहीं , यदि कही वे सुरक्षित हैं तो मात्र हमारे प्राणाधार सदगुरुदेव के कंठ में . ये हमारी जिम्मेदारी
है की उन सूत्रों को प्राप्त कर हम उनका संरक्षण करे आगे आने वाली पीढ़ियों के लिए भी.यही हमारा शिष्य धर्म भी है.
मुझे याद है की ब्रह्मत्व साधना शिविर में सदगुरुदेव ने १९८७ में इस गुटिका पर करुना के वशीभूत होकर सूक्ष्म शरीर सिद्धि क्रिया तथा चक्र जागरण क्रिया करवाई थी . इस गुटिका की प्राप्ति ही सौभाग्य दायक है . तथा निश्चिन्तता भी पूर्णता पाने की . और तभी तो श्वेत
बिंदु रक्त बिंदु की क्रिया सहजता से पूरी हो पाती है.
इस गुटिका को धारण कर हम अपने अभीष्ट को प्राप्त कर सकते हैं. यदि सच में जीवन को हीरे की कलम से संवारना है ,लिखना है अपने ललाट पर सौभाग्य तो आइये आगे बढे और ऐसी दिव्य गुटिका को प्राप्त कर दुर्भाग्य मिटा कर सफलता लिखें और इन सूत्रों को सदगुरुदेव से प्राप्त कर
अपने जीवन को पूर्णता दे.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Sadgurudev & Destiny

As per the modern system management working point of view, any formation to work in a regular order needs 5 basic points which are – Scheme Layout, Scheme Manager, Essential Tools, Woking Strategy and the most important factor – LUCK…..The success or failure of any scheme depends on the Luck; which means that the combination of a right work and the Luck gives Success to a person….

In the Birth Chart of an individual's horoscope-The "Astham Sthaan (8th Planetary position)" is known for the Business and the Early Birth matches.

How a person has entered into a World and under which conditions can be judged with the base of a "Surya or Chandra Dreshkan" in the Birth Chart….In this "GURU" (Jupiter) represents the heavenly bodies or the highest positions and the "CHANDRA" (Moon) represents the "PITRALOK" or "CHANDRALOK"…. Similarly the "SUN" and the "MARS" represents the indefinite World processes and the "MEARCURY" and the "SATURN" represents the Origins / Bodies of the lower categories…

Similarly, if the positions of the Jupiter (GURU) lies in the 6,7,8 & 10 positions-it indicates a person on the higher positions after the death…If there is no planetary positions are present in 6,7 & 8 then one should observe their Masters (Swami) in the "Dreshkan"….

Because of all these facts, in the present Era also the analysis for the Astrology is in process….For instance, for the study of the early birth curses (known as Shaap in hindi) with the help of these epics – experiment with "MAANDI" with the "5th Position" is done….For eg.-In such curses if the unity is of the SUN then the curse is of Father, if the unity is of MOON the curse if of mother and if the unity is of RAHU (one of the important planetary position) the curse is known as "SARP DOSH"….

Every child can face serious results of his sins – in the first 4 years of his childhood because of the sins done by mother; other 4 years because of his father's sin and the rest 4 years because of his own sins… The form of a death depends on the work done in their "POORVJANAM" or early carnations…and the death can come in any form….

Now the Question arises how to prevent ourselves from this??????

The easiest way to get rid away from all this is just to dedicate ourselves in Guru's foot with our full dedication….But, is this possible???? Perhaps not, because here also our sins will not let our to go anywhere and although we have reached into the shell of Sadgurudev, we just deceived from the shower of the blessings….In the present also although having the divine devotional powers and the capabilities of destroying all the sins, we still are full of doubts on that divine Sadgurudev…. You might disagree on my point but I just like to know one simple reason that if this is not so…then what is the reason of having so many problems instead of having the convocation or the initiations (DEEKSHA – in Hindi) from the Sadgurudev????? And are we living a simple life after this convocation???

The fact is only that we are the people who have taken the convocation because of 2 different reasons –

In search of shelter of peace after getting scorched from the difficulties of Life &
In search of solutions to get rid of any sort of problems
In both these, 2nd reason is more trouble prone as the people thought all will be well if they have taken the convocation and they forget the simple thing that the "Convocations only is a path of our Aim fulfilment…", to reach the destination you should reach through Devotion; which means the more you devote with the concentration and lean; the chances of getting the success will be more and their will be no doubts left in the same….

The people with the 1st reason will not face any problem as they reach the destination under the guidance of the Sadgurudev with the proper instructions and there is no reason to fail in the same as after all the final destination is Sadgurudev only and the Sadgurudev helps in completion of the aims of their students….

When we complete our convocation with the complete dedication and concentration then no matter whatever is the Tantra Experiment, or any kind of Lac or any kind of Sin cannot invade ourselves as we are having the defence of the "GURUMANTRA" and having the sharpness of the devotions….and the problem has to be finished because of this….

So, my dear friends, it is our Good Luck that today also the Tradition is alive between all of us….but pls.take care that it should not happen the mind of Sadgurudev gets divert and we just regret on getting anything from him…..if at this stage also we are not alert then we will be forced to live as per our destiny and will scold ourselves and the misfortune….So,friends come ahead for the "CONVOCATION" because if you will be full of doubts then the Chance and the Luck both will run away……

The Choice is Your's after all it's Your Life……


Monday, June 21, 2010

Tantra vijay-7 SELF DEFENCE MANTRA(an easy process)

In present time we have an very important question i.e.SELF SAFETY.And if we are not strong enough to handle it then it hardly matter how rich we are.Actually reality is we cannot save our money nor our goodwill in such circumstances.Only physical strength is not enough rather we should know such sadhnas which is selfaccomplished and can give long live.

Shree Sadgurudev had conducted so many small but very effective experiments which don’t require accomplishing as they are self accomplished.Whenever we are in trouble we can attempt such experiment and can take benifits from it.

Among that I am giving you an explanation of an important one…which is based on ‘KLEEM’ mantra.Well this mantra is already accomplished in itself but still for its fast effect one must do regular enchanting of gurumantra.

And do you know why it is important? Big reason behind this is the harmony of BEEJ Mantras among them.This subdues enemy and its enemity and expand your positive energy in such an amazing way which compels an opposite mentality person or any enemy to lean down infront of us.Basicaly this positiveness increases by daily enchantment of Gurumantra.Therefore gurumantra mala should be done atleast for four times per day.

Well this one is that mantra which is united.I mean to say whenever you find yourself in bad circumstances then just start gurumantra and enchant it mentally for 108 times and thereafter do atleast for five minutes this following mantra.You urself would notice how the next person may feel helpless and would get away from you...Then again do 108 times gurumantra in form of thanking great lord.

Mantra : om kleem sakal shatru stambhitay kleem om phat

Even if it seems so small and easy process, but my dear ones, there is a rule in Sadhna world that without investigating one should not blame any sadhna and it really does not suit any sadhak. This experiment had been published couple of years back in Patrika(Mantra Tantra Yantra magazine).Along with me so many other sadhaks and guru brothers have investigated and nothing is required in this sadhna.So come and lets bow down infront of Shree Sadgurudev for giving such a nice experiment to us.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ayurveda,Mahamrityunjay Mantra & Cancer

Whomsoever have read the MTY’s 200th edition must be remember how aids can be cure by Mantras was published by Sadgurudev.It is specification of Shree Sadgurudev who had made difficult to difficult subject presented in very easy and userfriendly form.Even I have not found any other difficult field which is untouched by Sadgurudev.

Its very true that nature had given solution of every problems.Well Aayurved and Mantra Shastra are two such ways which can cure any type of disease.Any disease which takes birth in body are of three types…They consit of tridosh.
Tridosh means-
3. KUF

By imbalance of such tatvas diseases takes place.Then it is about stomach disease or about breath.

Cancer is also a dangerous disease which is not impossible but very difficult to cure.But if it is enchanted by a special mantra along with that if some special Vanaspatis are intaken then I am sure it can be vanish.For vanishing such disease the Aloe vera is used as medicine.Aloevera contains so many chemical which boost the immune system and kill the insects by themselves.Given below Kalp is investigated many times.Then also you must consult with Ayurvedacharya and then take in use.

Take two thick leaves of Aloevera and clear their thorn or else you can grind it as it is and mix 500gm pure honey and 4 spoon of brandy and then stir it continuously.Brandy is used as equal protection or preservative form.If there is problem in using it then use Pottesium meta Sulphide instead of brandy. Start taking this kalp in early morning with empty stomach three times a day.This dose contains a quantity of 1big spoon.Shake as well.For sure you would see benefit of it.Aloevera or Gwarphata are divine medicines.I will write experiments of such medicines in next any article.Along with this Kalp if the below given mantra is enchanted then for 108 times daily then the result will be in multiples and destroy the Tridoshs also.

Mantra: "om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushthivardhanam urvarukmiv stuta varda prachodyantaam aayuh praanam prajaam pashuh brahm varchasv mahyam datvaa vrajat brahm lokam"

Whether it is about an inopportune time death, any accident case, blow on relations and only one way to destroy it from route we have to worship and persue the sadhna of Lord MAHAMRITYUNJAYA as only he is the one god who can protect us from all such things.But there are various aspects which have been kept secret due to some valid reasons.

"trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushthivardhanam,urvarukmiv bandhnaan mrityormukshiy mamrtaat"

If this mantra is enchanted for 108 times by sacrificial fire then we can have Ishtasiddhi and supremacy.Whoever sadhak wants to attempted Yasksh, Yakshini, Yogini or Bhairav and Bhairavi Sadhna would find this sadhna as in different and in amazing form.Tthis mantra contains which ever energies are in form of Varna and explanation is as follow : -

tra – Its in trayambak,trishakti,trinetra and tridev form.
ya - yam and yagya
ma - mangal
ba - balark tej(glow)
kam – kali’s kalyanmay kakaar beej
ya - yam,yagya
ja - jalandharesh
ma - maha shakti
he - hakini
su – Aromatic,Goodlight,Sound
ga - ganpati,riddhi-siddhi data
dha - dhoomavati beej (For removing poverty)
ma - mahesh
pu - pundarikaksha
shthi - shatchakra and indicating breath flow
va - vakini
ardh – religion
nan - nandi
u - uma
rva – shiv’s vaam shakti
ru - tears
ka - kalyani
va - varun
ban - bandi devi
dha - dhanda devi
nan - bhagaditya
mri - mrityunjay
tyo - nityesh
mu - mukti
kshi - kshemkari
ya - yam
maa - mantresh and vardaan
mri - mrityunjaya
taat – devoted in foots

According to“devo bhutva devam yajet” this complete explanation is very much authentic.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tridoshon ka shaman aur saadhnaa me safalta

On Navratri or any Sadhnatmak occasion each Sadhak used to attempt any sadhna for sure.In our daily routine we are always faulty in many senses like verbal, mental, physical etc because of thought process, by means of watching, by conversation or by our food habbits our workpath becomes faulty.

Then seizing of such faults become important process for achieving success in sadhna.One more I want to say whether it is sufficient that we are the own child of Shree Sadgurudev, so we can be ever successful in every sadhna ? Is it sufficient? No I guess… because we don’t even take good care of our body which is consecrated with divine powers bestowed by our Guru.It is because our conscious is designed in that way… Thereafter whenever we got failure in sadhnas we used to blame either the way of doing sadhna or the mantras which we have used in such sadhna.

But do we ever imagined that we can attempt sadhna while living our daily life routine to fulfill our all dreams and wishes by attaining success in sadhnas.It is because we feel bogged up with dual responsibility.
1.By touching our body or by way of mantras, Gurudev had made up our body combined with mantra and power.
2.We also should try to attain that divine flow of powers which our gurudev had given us in past time.And we have to take good care of it in this life as many demons are continuously roming here and there for making us faulty in verbal, in actions or in intentions..

In Tibbet, lamas keep their consecrated bodies in caves with due care and attempt sadhnas by any other bodies and raise their energies and powers.Actually this is because they will never get back their consecrated contacted body back if it gets destructed.To prolong their body’s age that is why they follow such procedure which is very necessary.

May be this wont be possible for us.So we can also achieve success by following sadgurudev’s instruction and secret facts.
1.By enchanting Navarna Mantra three malas saves us from three faults.Hmm but it doesn’t means that you should indulge yourself deliberately.Enchant this divine mantra once before every other mantra.

Mantra : aim hreem kleem chamundayei vichche

2.Do Sarva Dosh Nivaran Mantra mala for 11 times per day.If attempted in navratri’s nine days then also all three types of faults get destroyed.

Mantra : om tatsviturvareniyam sarv dosh papan nivaraty dhiyo yonah prachodayat

3.Establish three Siddhifal on mount of black sesame and enchant three malas of ‘VAM’ Beej Mantra infront of it (whichever sadhna you are doing) after completion of sadhna if those siddhifals are also consigned in water then success is guaranteed.

4.Do ceremony and worship of unmarried (virgin) girls with full devotion then any type of dangerous faults and sins will get release.

Apart from all these solutions if you take “Poorna paap tap sanharini diksha” by Sadgurudev will be great fortune in our life.By which success will garland your neck and would hold you forever n ever…


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


DISHA DOSH NASHAK YANTRA: - This is the most powerful yantra for relieving Vastu dosh.This is very astonishing yantra.If any thing which has been made up in wrong direction and it becomes difficult to modify,in such situation establish this yantra with immediate effect.

SARVA MANGAL VASTU YANTRA: - This is very effective yantra.By establishing such yantra all vastu related blames get away for ever.

DURGA YANTRA: - Do consecration process for 108 times by the following mantra and fix it on the entrance of main door.You will notice amazing changes.


SHREE YANTRA: - If busuness is not prospering as per our expectation then establish this yantra by doing the complete ceremony of consecration of an idol.

BAGLAMUKHI YANTRA: - By establishing the consecrated yantra you can guard your house, shop, work places by evil eye, magical practice or any type of enemy.

RINMOCHAK MANGAL YANTRA: - On any auspiscous day just wash this yantra with pious water for purity then do a consecration ceremony and establish it.Thereafter place a coral (munga) stone on it and enchant twenty one names of mars infront of it.I must say keep it daily practice so that results will soon visible.You will find you are getting release from ur debts in very surprising way.