Friday, February 27, 2009


One cannot deny with the use of Money for financial and mental growth in a life; it is a saying also – "If you want to finish your enemy; kill the source of his financial growth, the enemy will himself gets finish off…"
Our Sadgurudev have not said anywhere that neither living with starvation and poverty is great or to be happy whatever there is with you to any of the students…
To convert Luck into Good Luck and to raise the Life style he conducted all the possible devotions related to the Happiness and Money to the students as well as the Devotees in his each camp…
Out of so many means "PARAD" which is the symbol of "SHREE" i.e. wealth and prosperity this use and establishment is very effective….The house where the Pardeshwari has been established poverty cannot live there; Wealth and Prosperity has to come there….All the things and success which I have achieved today is only because of the base & the great contribution of the "Bhagwati Pardeshwari Sadhna and her establishment"…
We should gain knowledge about the Pardeshwari and the Financial Growth related with her:-
The creation of the Parad Lakshmi should be perfect and undiluted with anything as the Mercury is very mobile and the Lakshmi is also mobile in nature; hence with the bonding of Parad the Goddess of Wealth gets automatically bonded…The creation of the Pardeshwari should be conducted in best and in the "DHAN PRADAYAK YOG"….
At the time of creating Pardeshwari and during "Parad Mardan" and at the time of making their organs ; "Rajas Mantra" should be enchanted 2000 times and in this;10000 Mantra as a routine enchanting while mortaring (KHARAL) the Parad and 10000 times in the form of "LOM – VILOM" establishment of each tint should be done in the organs…In the lack of the base mantra of "RAJAS MANTRA" or the "POORN VARNAATMAK MANTRA" the creation remains inactive and ineffective and acts just like the statue in the home which is not at all useful for anyone…This is the only reason when we purchase these items from the shop these remains ineffective and useless instead of worshipping the same n no.of times….
The establishment of Pardeshwari should be in the "AGNEYA" direction….
After this; use the Mantra after the blessings of Sadgurudev and if cannot be used due to any reason then also one can move ahead on the path of Prosperity and Happiness….
You all take care of all the things and see how Wealth and Prosperity put their hands together for a prosperous and fulfilled life….
Thanks & Rgds…


Parad Vigyan and Kaal Gyan

Dear Friends,
Warm Greetings to All

Today our discussion topic is – "Parad Vigyan aur Kaal Gyan" which means (Knowledge of Mercury Science in co-ordination with Time):-
From many years, people are practicing on Mercury for Gold transformation; exhausted the gold of Lacs Rupees but what's the result – NIL…People have made the "Bhasm (Ash)" after too many hard work in no.of years but the ash is not piercing and not working anyhow….Now whose fault is this???? To blame the practice is not right as if the purpose is wrong how the all divine "RAS – SIDDH" can got success in the same???
Full of overdued by the unsuccessful attempts; the devotee thinks that the process is wrong but this is not so…Because of these reasons only; it has been said to try this Science in the guidance of GURU because all the things are not written in the holy books.
Like the other systems of "TANTRA"; the selection of right time with the help of astrological calculations has been said important in the "PARAD – TANTRA" and the studies has been also done on it…The "RAS KRIYA" done in the "Best time" (Shreshth Mahurat) is successful. Process done in special moon and planetary positions(known as NAKSHATRA) and special time give results to "RAS – SIDDHI" like – HAST NAKSHATRA and SWARN SIDDHI MAHURAT,VEDH KRIYA SIDDH MAHURAT…These practices can be performed in such selected days in a week.
To be successful in "PARAD KARM" one should select the flexible and mild days and should avoid the harsh days.Similarly, through the Birth Horoscope and Palmistry readings it can be easily read that the stars and planets of the devotee are favourable or not? whether the devotee is having burnt or scorched hands or his horoscope is allowing success in "RAS KARYA" or not??
Apart from this; in each ceremony use of holy chants "MANTRA" are also used through which the PARAD gets accomplished with the Power and the energy of the various plants (VANASPATI) and Mantras and become "RASENDRA"….
To improve the PARAD from the impotency; following Mantra is used during the ceremony or process:-
Namaste Vishwa Rupayee Vaishwanarsu Murtye
Namaste Jal Rupayee Sutrant Vapushe Namah
Yasmin Sarve Ling Deha Oat Prout Vyavasthitha
Namah Parajay Swarupayee Namoh Vyakrat Murtye
Namah Paratv Swarupayee Namaste Brahm Murtye
Namaste Sarv Rupayee Sarv Lakshyatam Murtye
Similarly there are different Mantras for each Ceremony and Rituals and of the PARAD PAKSH CHHEDAN which gives the Devotee his Principles, Knowledge of Time and the Mantras through which the "RAS KRIYA"gets completed and the devotee gets the salvation and the accomplishment….
So, let's come and pray and request to our Guru and acquire these confidential ceremonies and move ahead into this world…।


Great Uses Of Parad Gutika

Dear Friends
JAI GURUDEV & Warm Greetings to all
Today we will learn about the experiments of "PARAD GUTIKA"….All Saints and the Divine Origins have termed GREAT the bonding of Parad; the only need is to understand the importance and to be successful in life…..
Here, why we fail to understand that there must be some reason for keeping the "PARAD TANTRA" as the last and the most secret science???? Because, with the help of this study one can learn the art of Creation and only that person can create who either knows the secret of this Universe or who is on the way to get the knowledge of this….
Few days back, I went to meet one of my intimate friend at the Hill Station as we are tied strong because of our early birth relations. My that friend was suffering of stomach illness and because of this his devotions growth was getting effected….
When I studied his Birth horoscope I came to know why he didn't reach at the stage which he should have reached by the time…Instead of taking birth in High traditional family and full of obedient nature he is very shy even I asked him several times for explaining any problem; But, anyways….I took one of the most rare "PARAD KALP" for him but it worked only when I fully cured him from the Stomach disorders as the "PARAD KALP" is must for the growth of both Spirituality and the Materialistic World….
Today, I am exploring the secret of "PARAD GUTIKA" in front of you which are very easy but also are Amazing and Astonishing….All you have to do is to accomplish the same and you yourself feel their results….These experiments are themselves are a complete system and do not need any experiment of the "MANTRA"(Holy chants)…..
The experiments of the rare, pure & the perfect "PARAD Baddh GUTIKA" are as follows:-
With the help of "KUNDALINI JAGRAN" and Concentration with determination to fulfil all your desires and wishes take this Gutika on your tongue and declare the purpose and pray for the fulfilment of the wish….The important point in this is the "PARAD" or the mercury is the most powerful and the active organism / material which gives the fastest speed as it is a part of Lord Shiva's vaginal system….Put the Gutika in the mouth with the help of the mediation an individual can get success in an easy manner….This practice needs to be followed at least for 5 minutes in the starting and remember not to swallow the GUTIKA else it will be harmful. The PARAD is warm character wise hence extend the practice timings slowly and gradually; once you acquire comfort in the same, you can extend the time accordingly….
To acquire Strength and Disease free body, take Parad Gutika and dip it into 200 Luke warm milk 4 times and drink the same…The practice of 40 days will make an individual free from all types of Diseases or illness….
If the "Gutika"touches the heart after wearing into the neck, it cures all the problems of the heart…
In case of body ach, if the Gutika is tied on the place of plaster, it will pull all the pain…
If this "Gutika" is kept in mouth at the time of intercourse, the time limit of the intercourse gets increased; but do remember not to swallow the Gutika….For the increase of the Vagina bonding and the cure of the Impotence (Unmanliness) it is very useful…
Any type of Stomach disorders, Malch, Constiaption & Acidity can be cured by this Gutika if this is kept on the hub of a stomach for 20 minutes…
If any one faces problem in eyes and having some eye disease, then to cure from the same tie the Gutika for 20 minutes on the eyes and keep eyes close…
If someone feels tired by walking then tie the Gutika on the waist and feel the relief while walking…But, creating of the Gutika by the help of Highly Botanicals is known as "BHUCHARI GUTIKA" and with the help of the same a person can walk about 100 Miles in a day and did not feel any tiredness…
If you want to know that the effect of which basic element is more out of the 5? Just tie this Gutika in your neck and the colour automatically changes into the same colour who is the master of the element while sweating…Like –
To prevent from the unidentified powers (like the Ghosts and various Tantra activities), tie the Gutika in black thread; all sorts of the problems will get demolish…
By holding this Gutika, the attraction powers increases….
So, my dear Friends….Here we end for today and I am waiting for all Your's valuable Suggestions and Opinions…..



Tuesday, February 3, 2009

पारद गुटिका के दिव्य प्रयोग

जय गुरुदेव,
आज हम पारद गुटिका के कुछ प्रयोग के विषय में बात करेंगे.पारद के बंधन को ही सिद्धों और सभी दिव्या योनियों ने धन्य कहा है. बस जरूरत इतनी है की इसके महत्व को हम समझे और अपने जीवन को सफल बनायें.
आख़िर हम क्यूँ नही समझते हैं की कोई तो वजह होगी जो पारद तंत्र को तंत्र की अन्तिम और गोपनीय विद्या मन जाता है.क्यूंकि इस विद्या के द्वारा सर्जन किया जा सकता है और सर्जन वही कर सकता है जो की इस ब्रह्मंडा के गोपनीय रहस्य को या तो जान चुका हो या फिर जानने की और पूर्ण रूप से अग्रसर हो .अभी पिछले दिनों मैं मेरे एक अतिप्रिय आत्मीय मित्र से मिलने के लिए पहाड़ी प्रदेश गया था .पिछले जीवन के सूत्र इतनी मजबूती से जुड़े हुए हैं की मुझे जाना ही पड़ा .मेरे वो आत्मीय पेट के रोग से ग्रस्त हैं और यही वजह उनकी साधनात्मक प्रक्रिया के विकास में बाधक भी है.जब मैंने उनकी जन्मपत्रिका का अध्धयन किया तो मुझे वो बात समझ भी आ गयी की क्यूँ वो अभी तक वह नही पहुच पाए जहा उन्हें पहुच जन था.उच्च संस्कृत परिवार में जन्म लेने के बाद और आत्मीय स्वाभाव के होने बाद भी वे अत्यन्त संकोची हैं और मैंने कई बार उनसे कहा भी की आप मुझे बताएं.पर ..... खैर. मैं उनके लिए अत्यन्त दुर्लभ पारद कल्प भी ले गया था पर उनको इस कल्प का फल भी तभी मिल पाटा (क्यूंकि यह कल्प आध्यात्मिक और शारीरिक प्रगति के लिए अत्यन्त आवश्यक है).पहले मुझे उन्हें पेट के विकार का निवारण भी करना था बस इसी कारण मैं आज वे रहस्य आप लोगो के सामने प्रकट कर रहा हूँ जो की सरल लेकिन अत्यन्त चमत्कारी हैं.आप इन प्रयोगों को संपन्न करें और ख़ुद इनके प्रभाव को देखें.
ये प्रयोग स्वयं ही तंत्र हैं इनमे किसी मंत्र का कोई प्रयोग नही है.
सुद्ध और संस्कृत पारद से बद्ध गुटिका के दुर्लभ प्रयोग इस प्रकार हैं:-
१.कुंडलिनी जागरण और ध्यान व संकल्प शक्ति के द्वारा अपने मनोरथ पूरे करने के लिए इस गुटिका को यदि अपनी जीभ के ऊपर रख कर अपना संकल्प लें और उसकी पूर्णता के लिए प्रे करें.एक इम्प बात यह है की पारद इस उनिवेर्स का सर्वाधिक चैतन्य जीव है जो शिव वीर्य होने के कारण आपके कार्यों को तीव्र गति देता है.गुटिका को मुख में रख कर योग करने से सफलता शीघ्र मिलती है.इस अभ्यास को कम से कम ५ मिनट करना चाहिए और गुटिका को निगलना नही है अन्यथा नुक्सान होगा ही.पारद उष्ण प्रकृति का है इसीलिए समय धीरे-२ बाधाएं.और ध्यान का अभ्यास हो जाने पर लंबे समय तक ध्यान किया जा सकता है.
२.बल प्राप्ति और रोग मुक्ति हेतु-सोते समय रात मे२०० मिली दूध को गुनगुन आकार के पारद गुटिका को उसमे ४ बार दुबयें और निकल लें और उसे पी लें.कम से कम ४० दिन तक प्रयोग करे रोगों से मुक्ति होती है.
३.गले में धारण करने से यदि गुटिका का स्पर्श हार्ट पर होता है तो हार्ट के रोगों का निवारण होता है.
४.शरीर के किसी भी भाग में दर्द हो तो गुटिका को प्लास्टर से उस स्थान पर चिपका लें.गुटिका दर्द को खीच लेती है.
५.सम्भोग के समय मुह में रखने से स्तम्भन का समय बढ़ते जाता है .ध्यान रखिये गुटिका को निगलना नही है.वीर्य स्तम्भन और नापुन्शाकता के लिए भी ये बेहद उपयोगी है.
६.पेट के विकार,लगातार डकार,अजीर्ण,गैस आदि के लिए इस गुटिका को रात में अपनी नाभि के ऊपर २० मिनुत तक रखने से कैसी भी बीमारी जड़ से समाप्त होती ही है.
७.आँखों में यदि कोई बीमारी हो और देखने में परेशानी हो रही हो तोरात में सोते समय इस गुटिका को आँखों को बंद करके २० मिनट तक बंधने से बीमारी ठीक होती है.
८.यदि पैदल चलने से थकान होती हो तो आप पारद गुटिका को कमर पर बाँध कर देखे थकान बहुत कम हो जाती है चलने पर.अति उच् वनस्पतियों के द्वारा संस्कृत की गयी ऐसी गुटिका भूचरी गुटिका कहलाती है जिसके प्रयोग द्वारा व्यक्ति एक दिन में १०० मील भी चल लेता है और थकान नही होती है.
९.यदि आपको यह पहचानना है तो आपके शरीर पर पंचभूतों के किस तत्त्व का प्रभाव ज्यादा है तो गुटिका को गले में धारण करें से जब आपको पसीना आता है तो गुटिका भी उसी रंग में बदल जाती है जिस रंग का स्वामी तत्त्व है.
१०.तंत्र बढ़ा और भूत प्रेत के निवारण के लिए काले धागे में बाँध कर के गुटिका पहनने से शमन होता है.
११.गुटिका के धारण करने से अत्रक्शन पॉवर बढ़ता ही है.
मुझे आप सभी के विचारों का इन्तजार है