Monday, November 30, 2009



Just by having a name of Devadatta in the mind, we srart flotting in the ocean of the paarad vigyan. The devine presence of him start feeling us something special inside us.
He has remained author for 6 great scriptures on paarad vigyan…all are to be gems for alchemy scholar in which he had described the Samskara, Processes of metal casting, Paarasmani, Medicines and elixirs and much more. Most important scripture is Paarad Charitra of him..which is unique scripture just mere studying this one scripture completely, one can achieve a remarkable height in paarad vigyan.

I wonder my self a fortunate to meet him once. Medium body, appropriate height and long hairs. While looking at him he seems just to be age of 20. No one would rather like to believe his age is in centuries. He is among those yogis group which is authority for the paarad vigyan to save it from the wrong and inappropriates. Though he seems very simple and soft & less speaking, his silence is enough to make you understand what he lay in his own self, an ocean of knowledge.

He, most of the time, keeps roaming in Himalayas, No more information about him could be gain by anyone. He is no famous personality as he hides him self too much. May be he has disliking towards publicity or popularity.

The fragnance of his bosy was more affective than of aroma out of the Dhup made of various unidentified herbs from nearby.The glow of his face was dectecting his self realisation. The atmosphere became devine in his presence.

He talked with me for much enough time than I expected. He first time disclosed that the science of metals is very much complicated and its too much simple at the same time. The Accomplished alchemist is, who ; can convert anything from anthing..He explained it more specifically that while for example when you go through a particular process with some material, the chemical reaction takes place and a metal change occurs but the acomplishment in this field is belived when a yogi can convert anything from anything for exaple he said give me any articles from this earth and ask for any metals to produce from it, It seems impossible but it is the fact. I noodled but he understood my dis satisfaction ,In actual my non belief. He said to give him anything I Wish. I gave him some wood, mud and mercury. He asked me what I would like to see? I said if he can prepare metal gold from that mud given with wood and mercury. He smiled and noodled. It was night time, moonlight was visible from his cave outside. He took his morter and stared trituration mud and wood gradually in a specific manner and with mercury. Meanwhile he was using various techniques of trituration. He was looking in the mixure in between many time concentrately.

After half an hour, he placed that mixter on fire. And in some minutes it all became what I could never imagine. Gold, the precious metal. I was surprised and he smiled again.

He told that this is truth that change in atoms is responsible for the various form of one. If we change atoms appropriately we can create any material form any material as all material on the earth contains atoms. He explain me the theory of sage kanaad about atoms. And now it was time to leave him that he can go to his meeting place of sages who will discuss and work to help those who will make this science alive for next generations.

But before I leave, his words were " though I never said to our beloved master anything but He knows everything. His love only, can give you salvation." I think I was not much eligible to understood what he just spoke. I was just thinking about the field of paarad, its huge coverings, mysteries and Creator of the Devdatta..Paramhans h Nikhileshwaranandji ..beloved master of him and our.

Jai gurudev
Raghunath Nikhil

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