Friday, August 6, 2010

Apsara & Yakshini -Secrets of Success

So many gurubrothers mailed me and insisted me to put some light on Apsara and Yakshini Sadhna.And wanted information on how to perform it and basically whats the difference.

Any Sadhna which is saumya and ugra depends upon how and in what way you want to perform the sadhna.There are three ways of performing and the god and goddess related to that are make visible (pratyakshikaran) in those ways only..

Satvik dhyan

Rajsi dhyan

Tamsik dhyan

Among this the Tamsik Dhyan is mostly used for Shamshan Sadhnas.Due to which the shakti promptly fulfil the ugra wishes but it is not every one’s cup of Tea.

And then also Sadgurudev had given information in Patrika and Shivirs regarding on only those sadhnas which can be easly done at home that means Satvik and Rajsi.

At very few occasion these types of sadhna are used.

From this one thing is very much clear that if any type of apsara ya yakshini sadhnas are given then, these are not harmful in any way.If any important points need to be remember are definitely been told.Were Apsara is of Dev varg and gour varniya shakti there the Yakshini is of Yaksha and somewhat down complexion shakti.

In common way Apsara’s Pratyakshikaran is quite difficult if some representation of mudras is not done.Were the Kuber Sadhna and Mahamrityunjay sadhna performers would experience easy while doing Yakshini Sadhna.Whether it is about Apsara or Yakshini the Kaam Bhav use is very harmful.

In Apsara Sadhna and Yakshini Sadhna there are mudras are practiced for ultimate success.You can find thier explanation in Mantra Rahasya or you can request to Sadgurudev for it.Along with this sadhna the Mantra are as follow :( these are for sake of knowledge so detailed explanation can be found from Sadgurudev.Anyways if u take Apsara or Yakshini Nishchit Siddhi Diksha then there is no need of doing above activities.)

By combining both and with the Kamalavart Yog along with the use of aavahan mudra the vashikaran of Apasara is possible.

Tatkshanaat sarvapsara agachchha gachchh hu yah yah

Via Abhimuktikaran mudra – Om kaampriyaye swaha

Via abhimuktikaran mudra - Om hreem akattah kattah hroom vah phat

Vesthit - om sabandh sabandh stanu hum phat

Via Apsara vasikaran mudra – om chal chal vashmanay hum phat

Well you can take due permission and required details from Sadgurudev, can attempt and siddh the Apsara Yakshini Sadhna by the Mudras and Mantras.Sadgurudev is always ready to give from his both opened arms but if we do not take then whose mistake it would be?




Anonymous said...

nicely explained. thanks

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these mudra books?

Shashank said...

dear arif ji muje gold alchemy ke bare me aur adhik jankari den.