Friday, October 24, 2008

transmutation into gold

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... It is indeed very difficult to believe that mercury could be all be converted in to gold or tin can be converted in to silver.yet it is certain that alchemy is as true a science as any other branch.
What is alchemy????
“alchemy is an ancient science concerned with the transmutation of base metals, the more reactive metals into gold and with the discovery of both a single cure for all diseases and a way to prolong life in definity”
gurudev said “ when mercury and sulphur are perfectly pure and combine in the most appropriate natural equilibrium then the product is the most perfect of metals that is gold.
The transmutation of copper or iron into gold by siddhsuta”
In march 1942 the official organ of the all India ayurvedic congress that great alchemist pandit Krishna pal shastri of varanasi demonstrated before the late mahadev bhai desai (the secretary of mahatma Gandhi) by converting mercury to gold. For a second time he demostreted in December 1942 again he had converted 10 tolas of mercury into gold. This gold was sold there and then. In 1947 again in birla house in the presence of saith jugal kishore birla and a number of prominent other people by converting 36 pounds of metallic mercury into gold, the goldsmith tested this gold with acids and other methods and it was found quite pure. which was after all critical evalution autioned and sold away for Rupees 75,000/- and the amount was given over on the spot in charity. Thus the manufacture of gold from mercury is no longer a myth or fiction and that it is a solid fact was proved to this hilt.

For transmutation the mercury is not available in market. The alchemical mercury is prepaired in your on laboratory(if you are interested in our ancient science) ......
so we read the prepration of alchemical mercury in next article.....

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