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Friday, February 27, 2009


One cannot deny with the use of Money for financial and mental growth in a life; it is a saying also – "If you want to finish your enemy; kill the source of his financial growth, the enemy will himself gets finish off…"
Our Sadgurudev have not said anywhere that neither living with starvation and poverty is great or to be happy whatever there is with you to any of the students…
To convert Luck into Good Luck and to raise the Life style he conducted all the possible devotions related to the Happiness and Money to the students as well as the Devotees in his each camp…
Out of so many means "PARAD" which is the symbol of "SHREE" i.e. wealth and prosperity this use and establishment is very effective….The house where the Pardeshwari has been established poverty cannot live there; Wealth and Prosperity has to come there….All the things and success which I have achieved today is only because of the base & the great contribution of the "Bhagwati Pardeshwari Sadhna and her establishment"…
We should gain knowledge about the Pardeshwari and the Financial Growth related with her:-
The creation of the Parad Lakshmi should be perfect and undiluted with anything as the Mercury is very mobile and the Lakshmi is also mobile in nature; hence with the bonding of Parad the Goddess of Wealth gets automatically bonded…The creation of the Pardeshwari should be conducted in best and in the "DHAN PRADAYAK YOG"….
At the time of creating Pardeshwari and during "Parad Mardan" and at the time of making their organs ; "Rajas Mantra" should be enchanted 2000 times and in this;10000 Mantra as a routine enchanting while mortaring (KHARAL) the Parad and 10000 times in the form of "LOM – VILOM" establishment of each tint should be done in the organs…In the lack of the base mantra of "RAJAS MANTRA" or the "POORN VARNAATMAK MANTRA" the creation remains inactive and ineffective and acts just like the statue in the home which is not at all useful for anyone…This is the only reason when we purchase these items from the shop these remains ineffective and useless instead of worshipping the same n no.of times….
The establishment of Pardeshwari should be in the "AGNEYA" direction….
After this; use the Mantra after the blessings of Sadgurudev and if cannot be used due to any reason then also one can move ahead on the path of Prosperity and Happiness….
You all take care of all the things and see how Wealth and Prosperity put their hands together for a prosperous and fulfilled life….
Thanks & Rgds…


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