Friday, February 27, 2009

Parad Vigyan and Kaal Gyan

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Today our discussion topic is – "Parad Vigyan aur Kaal Gyan" which means (Knowledge of Mercury Science in co-ordination with Time):-
From many years, people are practicing on Mercury for Gold transformation; exhausted the gold of Lacs Rupees but what's the result – NIL…People have made the "Bhasm (Ash)" after too many hard work in no.of years but the ash is not piercing and not working anyhow….Now whose fault is this???? To blame the practice is not right as if the purpose is wrong how the all divine "RAS – SIDDH" can got success in the same???
Full of overdued by the unsuccessful attempts; the devotee thinks that the process is wrong but this is not so…Because of these reasons only; it has been said to try this Science in the guidance of GURU because all the things are not written in the holy books.
Like the other systems of "TANTRA"; the selection of right time with the help of astrological calculations has been said important in the "PARAD – TANTRA" and the studies has been also done on it…The "RAS KRIYA" done in the "Best time" (Shreshth Mahurat) is successful. Process done in special moon and planetary positions(known as NAKSHATRA) and special time give results to "RAS – SIDDHI" like – HAST NAKSHATRA and SWARN SIDDHI MAHURAT,VEDH KRIYA SIDDH MAHURAT…These practices can be performed in such selected days in a week.
To be successful in "PARAD KARM" one should select the flexible and mild days and should avoid the harsh days.Similarly, through the Birth Horoscope and Palmistry readings it can be easily read that the stars and planets of the devotee are favourable or not? whether the devotee is having burnt or scorched hands or his horoscope is allowing success in "RAS KARYA" or not??
Apart from this; in each ceremony use of holy chants "MANTRA" are also used through which the PARAD gets accomplished with the Power and the energy of the various plants (VANASPATI) and Mantras and become "RASENDRA"….
To improve the PARAD from the impotency; following Mantra is used during the ceremony or process:-
Namaste Vishwa Rupayee Vaishwanarsu Murtye
Namaste Jal Rupayee Sutrant Vapushe Namah
Yasmin Sarve Ling Deha Oat Prout Vyavasthitha
Namah Parajay Swarupayee Namoh Vyakrat Murtye
Namah Paratv Swarupayee Namaste Brahm Murtye
Namaste Sarv Rupayee Sarv Lakshyatam Murtye
Similarly there are different Mantras for each Ceremony and Rituals and of the PARAD PAKSH CHHEDAN which gives the Devotee his Principles, Knowledge of Time and the Mantras through which the "RAS KRIYA"gets completed and the devotee gets the salvation and the accomplishment….
So, let's come and pray and request to our Guru and acquire these confidential ceremonies and move ahead into this world…।


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bharatchanchal said...

Humara nam bharat sharma hain. Parad vidhya jo lohvedi or dehavedhi dono hai. ishme hum aapki madat chate hain. ek guru nikhileshwarji paramatma hain. Hum apse baat karna chate hain. aap krupakarke muje ish num pe call kare.9595740430

Aapka gurubhai
Bharat sharma