Friday, April 10, 2009

siddh rasa

Today our point of discussion is “Mercury / Parad”….There is no one who is not aware this metal in today’s context….This metal is somewhat very amazing due to it’s mobility and radiance & splendour and because of these properties it attracts the human being towards it…and believe me the great feeling of this divine metallic shine and glamour gives so much of happiness that it is really unexplainable…and just imagine when this divine metal accepts you for the values you cannot imagine how much lucky you are in the whole universe!!!!! Even the angels also admire that this has happen because of the good work which you have performed somewhere that the GOD himself has chosen you for such devotion…..
This divine metal has many names like - ras, rasraj, paara, Rasendra, paarad,jeev, seemav,shivveery a,drutrupa….and the most amazing fact is that this metal is found very rare in India but the maximum facts of the Mercury has been updated in our books…Since the ancient times, many of the discussions have been held through our philosophical books and the journey has been reached from the “RAS” to “RASRAJ”and then finally to “RASENDRA”…..and after this journey, the Parad acquires that position which is known as “SIDDHRAS” and which is capable enough to give the human being a complete make over and long lasting life with the most amazing powers and a healthy life….
But, remember the journey of the “SIDDHRAS” is not an easy task…that whomsoever can do it because whenever you conduct the process of accepting the basic values of the Parad after the cleansing directly or indirectly your cleansing automatically gets into process which the devotee came to know only when the process of basic values gets completed….but the most regretful thing is that most of the devotees run away in between only after the process of 8th step only as they lack of patience…
But what are these Values / Samskaars???
In our sacred books, it has been mentioned that to remove the impurities of the Parad the process of conducting 8 basic Samskaars is essential and very much necessary….but don’t know why this fact was kept hidden by the Philosophers instead of knowing these facts…that the botanical herbs play an important role in cleansing of the Parad and when this Parad is treated with so many botanical herbs it absorbs all the positive energies within it and after the 8 Samskaars process also it remains in it’s basic nature with the same radiance and glow and provides the devotee success and happiness…
If you will give attention towards the name of the Parad 8 Samskaars you will come to know that the Ancient Saints have compared the Mercury with a small child and have named the steps according to the life stages of a man fully accomplished with the Powers which is ultimately named as the “SAMSKAARS”…We will also discussed the steps according to a small child activities:-
SWEDAN (Dousing) – A small child is doused by a water so as to make the scum / dirt wet.
MARDAN (Rubbing) – After this, the scum is being rubbed slowly so as to loose from the body.
MOORCHAN (Swooning) – The child gets started to roll here & there because of the massage.
UTTHAPAN (Rising) – You rise the child after this.
PAATAN (Cleansing) – You take the child and make him clean with the water and remove all the scum and dirt from his body.
NIYAMAN (Preparation) – You prepare the child by explaining good things.
BODHAN (Arousing) – You make child feel to become more mature and good and sensible so as to make him quiet.
DEEPAN (Hunger) – During all these steps, the hunger of the child get increases.
After this, you give the food and now he has learned to eat accordingly as per the age.
Now, the later values (Samskaars) and the botanical herbs helps in the growth of the amazing powers and after a stage the thing which remains as a part in front of you is known as “SIDDHRAS” or “DIVYA RASENDRA”…
But, the most important thing to keep in mind that this whole Journey requires “Patience” in any of the person and this is the stage where we lack….Remember this, the metal which you are processing for the values is an active metal and will give the results according to your process and the feelings…
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