Tuesday, June 2, 2009

parad shriyantra rahasya

Our Sadgurudev has disclosed the secrets of the divine “SHRIYANTRA” and told that this Shri Yantra represents the whole universe….The Shri Yantra is the symbol of the Prosperity & the Knowledge and is full of Divine Powers…For a routine and normal devotee this Shri Yantra is mean / path for the Prosperity, Wealth, Knowledge & Happiness….whereas for the High level Devotees the secret of “Kundalini Jagran” & Sarv Tantra Siddhi” lies in between the devotees group…If the devotion is done by whole concentration & determination – the devotee’s “TRIKUT & AGYA CHAKRA” gets active and the 6th sense of a devotee starts functioning…
The Shri Yantra is a home place and chariot (Rath) of the Most Divine & Beautiful Goddess of the Universe – Devi Bhagwati…This is the only capable Yantra through which the worship of all the Gods is possible…This Yantra acts as a whole & sole for all the religions…
How this divine Yantra does looks like???
This Yantra is made up from 9 Chakra in which it contains “4 SHIV CHAKRA” & “5 SHAKTI CHAKRA”…Similarly, this Yantra contains “43 TRIKON”, “28 MARAN STHAAN” & “24 SANDHIYAAN”…The meeting point of 3 Lines (Rekha) is known as “MARM” & the meeting point of 2 Lines (Rekha) is known as “SANDHI”…
Basically, the “PRAN PRATISHTHA” of this Yantra is of 3 types…Let us first understand what “PRAN PRATISHTHA” is????
Pran Pratishtha means infusing
life into an idol. Without breath- Pran - a human body is nothing. Similarly, an idol is a piece of metal, wood or stone until life is infused into it. This is done through a detailed ceremony by chanting mantras requesting God to reside in the idol. Once this is done the idol becomes deity. Thereafter, it must be bathed, clothed, given ornaments, food, incense sticks and articles of prayer, followed by arti in the morning and evening.

Now, let’s again come to the point….
1. CHAR - From this process, The Pran Pratishthit Yantra is transferred by the means of pure processes.
2. ACHAR - In this process, the Yantra cannot be replaced from one place to another, it remains fixed.
3. DHARNIYA - This type of Yantra is wearable and can be removed only for the Poojan.

Similarly, as per their making these are of 3 types…Yes, but there is also a different fact – that many sub forms are also available but in this article these are not explained just to avoid any fear & the confusions…

1. Bhuprashtiya - The Yantra carved on the plain sheet
2. Kachhap Prasth - The Yantra carved on the back of a Tortoise
3. Sumeru - The Yantra carved like the Sumeru Mountain

This Yantra can be made from several Elements & Metals – like
Tamra Patra Yantra - Yantra made from Copper is considered as “LOW”
Rajat Patra Yantra - Yantra made from Silver is considered as “MEDIUM”
Swarn Patra Yantra - Yantra made from Gold is considered as “GOOD”
Sphatik Yantra - Yantra made from Crystal is considered as “BEST”
Parad Yantra - Yantra made from Mercury is considered as “EXCELLENT”
It is also a saying, that if only the Parad gets touched, the individual can get rid from the sin of a “BRAHMIN ASSASINATION” what we called as “Brahmhatya”….and when the Parad Shri Yantra gets established through “VAM TANTRA”…it gives immense happiness & wealth and the amazing results and remains active and effective till infinite time and is also workable for the Wealth in life and all types of “Vastu Dosh Nivaran” ….
The “Devotional Chant” (Sadhnatmak Mantra) for the “Parad Shri Yantra” is kept hidden and the routine devotion of this Yantra can also give amazing results…Only the Sadgurudev can unfold the process of making and the shape of the “Shri Yantra” because he has kept all the divine secrets & the knowledge of creating such a divine Yantra within him & this will be our good luck if we all establish this Yantra through the whole right & correct process and can make ourselves universal with the Shri Yantra beneath under us & let us try to gain the unfold secrets from the Sadgurudev….


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