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Prepration Of Alchemical Mercury

The two type of Alchemy:-
1.Inner Alchemy(Cosmic)
2.Outer Alchemy(Metalic)
Without Alchemical Mercury they all are only Dream.......
Very often the Sadgurudev has explained about the Parad and it’s analysis and the values in a very easy and understanding way in his books but this article of mine is for those devotees who are attached with this subject or wants to join for the same…In my previous article, I have explained about the alchemical mercury…now what does this mean????

The Alchemical Mercury means – The mercury which remains stable at least till 665 degrees on fire because remember one thing that the mercury which is stable at such temperature can become stable at any of the temperature….but to bring this mercury at this temperature, the melting point of the mercury should be bring to the 357 degree and which is not possible from the mercury purchased from the market…

What’s the reason behind this????

The natural mercury is free from the 1 covering / kanchuki (bodies) and this is the reason it can’t penetrate anywhere….it is a very simple thing that with the covering the generation / fertilisation is not possible…..hence, the Parad has been made powerful by removing all the impurities….The natural mercury is inactive it has no penetrating power…this is the reason that many devotees conduct alchemy process on the mercury purchased from the market and when becomes unsuccessful they blame on the process. The inactive Mercury is like an urban land which is not fertile and to make it fertile the valuation process is necessary….

Now what does this KANCHUKI is – Bhedi, Dravi, Malkari, Dhvankshi, Parpatika, Andhkari, Paatnika

Because of these Kanchuki or the impurities, by engulfing the parad many disorders can appears in our body…. Which are:–

VISHDOSH - Natural mercury contains Arsenic, Antimony, Lead, Sulphide, etc.many toxic elements which can result into the death of a human.

MALDOSH - Natural mercury has Tin, Zinc, and Lead other than the main element parad which can result into the anxiety in the human body.

VAHNI DOSH - Stones is accomplished by the Arsenic and the elements of the fire and the “Rudra Veerya” means the Aggression which is a form of a fire.

ASAHY AGNI - It also contains the mixture of other elements and because of this it cannot cope up with the natural temperature of its which is 357 degree and start evaporating before this temperature….Mixed elements like bronze will always melt very much below the melting point of the copper…

CHAPALYA - The point of mobility lies in the reason that it melts at 268 degree and because of this has a property of mobility.

GIRIDOSH - Because it’s existence from the mountains alloy has been mixed in it and because of the space gapping the effects in the mercury also gets differ.

MADVA DARP - This is biggest defect as because of this mixture as once taken inside – many spots can appear in the body and can result into leprosy also.

Apart from these reasons, the merchant also adds mixture in it so as to gain some profit to them.

Now the conclusion is that the various mixed elements in Parad are known as the “Kanchuki and this is the reason why alchemy is not possible with the natural alchemy…

At the time of “Kachhap Yantra” I have told that the upper part of it contains “Sumeru” i.e. form of fire triangle is present and because of this it becomes free from all the toxic results…The mercury can act as a nectar (Amrit) if it has been treated by the correct values by which the toxicity of the same becomes nil…The mercury obtained after this is known as the “Alchemical Mercury”….and this mercury gives the positive effect on both Metal and the Body….

Likewise, the most easy & experienced method of developing the alchemical mercury is treat it with the Hingul / Cinnabar and to conduct the value process on it…Take Hingul and use Lemon juice / Neem leaves juice and crush them for 6 hours. After this through the Damru Yantra or Vidhya Dhar Yantra rub the mercury (Parad Paatan)…The mercury obtained from this is total pure free from all types of impurities (Kanchuki) and is especially useful because the lemon juice contains citric acid and the neem juice contains the Organic sulphur which makes this mercury – Gandhak Jarit….The valuation process of such type of Parad multiplies its values…

But if you are not able to conduct this process, treat the market purchased mercury with 5% nitric acid water and crush the same OR take Salt, Turmeric, Aloe Vera and Brick powder and crush mercury for 6 hours and wash it with pure water and conduct the valuation process on it…

Before conducting the valuation process for above mentioned both of the mercury it should be crushed with Aloe Vera Juice, Chitrak, Red Mustard, Kantkaari, and Triphala Kvath for 3 days and then wash the same with the pure water…now the mercury which you have is appropriate for the valuation process and by making it the Alchemical mercury you can get the success because this mercury contains the quality for which it is known for -

“Mercury is a silver-white liquid metal, with a slight bluish colour and in thin films it transmits violet light.”...............

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