Monday, July 13, 2009

Rasa-Darshana 3

What is the use of Varahi Kand?

Many uses of Varahi In Alchemy,
Exaple:- Juice of Varahi mixed with Rasaka, Converts the Suta(Samskarit Mercury) in dark colour that is eradicative of wrinkles and white hairs (in the premature age), when we used this medicine by Kalp Patra.

What is the Easy procedure of making Siddha Suta ???

The Samskarit Paarad is eradicative of the poverty and misery to all human being.
and red Vaikranta is also arrests old age(the aging proces) and the poverty.

red Vaikranta like wise is to be sudated for ninety minuts in VyaghriPadi Kanda (roots of Vyagripadi)। Then it is to be stretched out for seven times as rasa and so is pala(50 g.) under this process.out of that one pala of Paarad and 2 pala of perspired Vaikranta are two be mixed .It will Become as Bhasma.It is to be added in to 100th part Hema( melted Gold). This will Be a Bhasma.Which Is to be added with half of the quantity of Rasendra. this becomes resistant to fire,Called Siddha Suta. Through THis all Types Of metals are Being Penetrated for Conversion into a Gold.


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