Monday, July 13, 2009

Rasa-darshana 4

Which type of process in Swarnatanram (Bhagwan Parshuram)???

Many wonderful process in Swarnatantram. In the Swarnatantram………….

Bhagwan Shiva said: Listen ! I shall now reveal to you the most wonderful mysteries of Swarnatantram.

I. A kind of oil is exuded from the bulbous root of a plant; all around it within a radius of ten cubits oily water is exuded and a venomous snake lives under it.,If you want to test the properties of the bulb, you should thrust a needle into it, and the needle at once dissolves. Having procured this bulb, rub it with mercury in a mortar and add the oil and subject the mixture to heat in a crucible. The mercury is at once killed and acquires the property of converting one hundred thousand times its own weight of the base metal into Gold .

II. Pure orpiment is to be rubbed with this oil for 20 days, and former is killed thereby and losses its volatility. The eight metals in the molten state being treated with this prepared orpiment acquire the power of transmutation. When the above oil is thrown into molten copper, it is turned into Gold of beautiful lustre . Tin and bell metal similarly treated are turned into Silver; and copper ,iron,brass and silver similarly turn into Gold .

What is Samkhadravaka???????

This is spoken of as universal solvent…। The solvent with Mercury is to be placed an a glazed crucible and subjected to heat; the Mercury thus killed ,can convert the eight metals into Gold. By partaking of this Mercury one becomes immortal; even his urine and faeces can convert copper into Gold.


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