Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Marriage life and Mars(Astrologicle Research)

There are many delusions regarding the planet Mars in subject of marriage.In horoscope of bride or groom,if the planet Mars is placed at first ,fourth ,Eighth and twelfth house then that horoscope is considered as born under the influence of the planet Mars.But if this situation occurs with any one of them, then there is fear of death for the second's life.The blame of Influence of the planet Mars can be seen from ecliptic i.e. First house ,Moon and Venus as it is mentioned in the ancient scriptures.Since at five places the blame of Mars influence considered as KUS blame ,therefore from all three houses (ecliptic,moon,Venus) if we see mars influence in multiple of 5 i.e. 5*3=15 houses are under Mars influence.

In horoscope there are twelve houses and the planet mars exist in 15 houses.It simply means that there would be no such horoscope in the world which is not covered under influence of planet Mars.Because of this reason the editor of (Astrological Magzine)Dr.V.V.Raman had written that the matter of Mars influence had spoiled so many married lives which could have been successful but unfortunately failed.

According to the saint Parashar the auspiciousness and in auspiciousness of any planet are based on two facts.First, naturally auspicious and inauspicious like Saturn, Mars, Pluto etc. are naturally inauspicious whereas Jupiter, Venus are naturally auspicious planets.Second base is depend upon who is the owner of the house i.e. dominant planet like the owner of centre and triangle is auspicious whereas the owner of sixth, eighth and twelfth is inauspicious.It clearly means that any one planet can become naturally auspicious or inauspicious as per the conditions where they are located in horoscope.Therefore merely studying the any horoscope i.e.knowing the first house,whether it is under influence of Mars is auspicious or inauspicious,forgetting all five places considering only one house of Mars and acknowledging such horoscope is blamed as under the influence of Mars would be considering as good as insulting the Astrological principles in Astrological Science.

Well it really does'nt mean that the influence of planet Mars is not harmful for married life.Along with this the Sun, Pluto, Neptune are also harmful as good as Mars.If the auspicious planets like Jupiter, Venus, Moon etc are the owner of inauspicious house then they also become destructive.Actually in the seventh and the eighth house, the contion of inauspicious planet is very harmful which is in favour of Astrological principle.This is only why the Southern India consider the seventh eighth house as virtuous.

In "Sadhan Paad" of Yog Darshan, the saint Patanjli had written “Tat Vipako jati ayurbhogaha†means according to previous birth the caste of any living creature has been decided (like reincarnation as human, animal, insect etc..) age and happiness and sorrow is allotted.It is determined from the womb.In astrology every spiritual preceptor instructed that before telling future one must properly think about the age factor.If this notion is correct then the Mars of husband or wife would spoil each other will raise the other problem.If any unmarried person wants to know his/her age,in that case do astrologer will say the for knowing your age please do marriage first and come up with your betterhalf horoscope then only I can answer your question....Doesn't it sound so stupid.hmmmm?

As per my knowledge this principle is very famous amongst the Astrologer,i.e. if the horo of any one is under the influence of planet Mars and the other one is also with the same situation, so the nullify effect will be there.I really dont understand may this principle is based on Ayurveda i.e. "Vishasya Vishamaodhanam".But following Ayurveda principles under Astrology is same as following engineering principle in Medical science.

Astrology is very vast Science.Every science consists of various facts and principle similarly Astrology do have their own principles.In-front of Astrological critical studies the negligence of principles and acting in arbitrary manner will judge Astrology as conservative rather than Science.And this is how Astrology had been stigmatized several times.Therefore I feel it is the duty of each n every intellectual astrologer to act logically not traditionally.Thus the horoscope matching is essential.Matching of Ashtakut is based on scientific reasons like Physical, Mental, Spiritual, conception related matters get inspected.Apart from this on basis of Planets we can know the female/male character and behavioural factor, Age factor, sibling factor, Kshetra Sfut and Beej Sfut factor, Health factor, wealth and luck factor.


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