Saturday, May 29, 2010


As I have seen so many houses,institutions and premises which undergoes from various types of problem like wrong facing direction, Living area, direction related issues, things positioning, Pooja Ghar, Kitchen area, even about latbaths and importantly Bedroom.Once the house is constructed it is really difficult to make any desired changes which slips off from mind while construction.And afterwards it become problematic to do any concrete changes.Several times I have seen that people are really not aware about such issues also.They are not even worried until any bad incident happened and someone reminds - hey do u ever consulted any Vastushastri before construction of house? suddenly it clicks our mind and we start searching a right person to resolve vastu problems. Well all these vastu related issues can be solved without making any destruction.If there is fault in any constructed house it can be remove with the help of some amazing“Yantras”.Among some of them I am giving explaination of such an amazing yantras which I have personally experienced truly in my life with the blessings of revered Sadgurudev.

SIDDHA BEESA YANTRA: It is very powerful yantra.It includes the powers of Goddess Jagdamba Navarna Yantra.well keep it at upperside of the porchway so that it can be guard from the evil eye.Even it saves from the curse or evil.It should be made up of pure metal and must be established only after doing consecration of an idol(pranpratishtha).

MANGAL YANTRA: This is very powerful yantra.In case of robbery at Shop or office this can be established east facing angle or it should entrench two feet underground with due form.It also saves from fire.

YAM KEELAK YANTRA: If the official area is affected by Sunrays or at the time of establishment if the sun is of down then it definitely gives pain and troubles in life.Well such pains and troubles are in intangible form.And if the officer or shopkeeper’s horo is affected from the low Sun then also it trouble and problems even gain period going on.Apart from it if the face of premises is improper or nonsocial creatures creates loots n all.In that case also this yantra should be establish.It also saves from arson.

SARV VIGHNA NIVARAN SURYA YANTRA: If there is too much botheration from government directly or indirectly, it can be resolved by this wonderful yantra.If desired gain is not obtained in such condition also this yantra do wonder.

MARUTI YANTRA: This is the yantra of Maruti Nandan Shree Hanumanji.If we talk about real estate issues, if any land is not been sell off as per our wish, so one must follow such instructions – on any tuesday afternoon exactly at 12.00 o’clock entrench this yantra atleast plus a quarter hand underground in east facing.Then roll up milk and pure ganga water on that area.This process must be done by owner himself.It will result in instant selling else would relieve from controversies.This consist of dual energy in it.It safeguard vehicle and all.

KALI YANTRA: Establish this yantra at factory, Industry,furnace, Boiler, Transformer and Generator.By which circulation of fire would get balnce.No mishappening will occur.

VARUN YANTRA: This yantra keeps all water related problems away.If water place, tapchannel has been located at fiery place or constructed in wrong direction then this yantra is really helpful.

(As i have already mentioned before at Tantra Vijay Series i would really appreciate if i may get opportunity to read articles which my guru brother have personally experienced in their lives.So friends what are you waiting for?? I am eagerly waiting for your articles...)



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