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parad sanskar workshop -ii {My experience with the science divine through kapalik vihangam marg paddhati}

Dear friends,
                         We just returned from the workshop , its our pleasure that with sadgurudevji ji blessing and all your positives  good wishes  comes to us as a success.
In this post I am just updating you regarding the workshop what I felt  and experienced  there.
Lets begun
                              Parad workshop through Kapalik paddhati- very attractive but strange word, we never take this kapalik word so easy many of us still have their own self reservations. But that word carries a divine meaning that helps us to guide  on a way that leads to divine with minimum efforts and great success. In previous workshop we spent 40 days to complete  this first 12 th sanskar, but how this is possible  to complete all the same  in only 17 days. answer is the Kapalik Marg Vihangam Paddhati. The name clearly represent the most aggressive, powerful and most vibrant and most compassionate form of lord shiva so is the paddhati name stand for.
                We all gathered  at Gurudham after taking blessing and divine diksha from poojyaniya mataji and poojya Gurudev ji that too in very  first day of the year (oh what a blessing. at the divine lotus feet of maa and having diksha from maa, really historic moment for all of us. words cannot express the feeling).next day ,we moved to our destination ,now we had to  go to workshop and total  new 18 person made up their mind and heart again ,ready to devote their valuable material time  to learn the divine science. now coming next 17 days we all had to spend time in learning  in small house (home in very remote area of Rajasthan) no out world touch, no Radio ,no TV, only sadgurudevji blessing and our love to each other, thanks to new guru brother who trust us and became our life long friend on this path divine.
Day one spend in arranging and in evening time not only we completed  the sadgurudevji  purna poojan, lord Rasheshewer ,ma Tara ,lord Swarnakarshan bhairav  Poojan and just after that(no time to wasteor wait) first sanskar swedan was started. most of  the person was totally new to this science/ Tantra and some had basic knowledge about this field. so its our responsibility to introduce  them, in this divine science Arif ji ,Raghunath ji and others supporting guru brothers did their best, not only that days but each coming days too(day and night , no restriction on that). in morning hours after completing daily prayer poojan and guru mantra jap .
again we all ready to go for the second Sanskar Mardan . But how can  we understand/assure  that in realty we had successfully completed the Sanskar .(is  their any measuring yardstick for that ) as we said through, Sadgurudev ji sanyasi shishyas swami Shishyanand ji once again came just help us.
        Now this time he clearly set aside himself from metal transmutation but  he asked us to sit in circular way  and in middle of that one pot filled with water was  placed .he asked us to chant a special mantra for to convert the ordinary water to Chandrodya jal (a holiest water ,only  through that all the 108 Sanskar successfully  can be completed ,Sadgurudev ji mentioned about that in many places in his writing) and when the participant himself successfully transmute the metal by application of that water,we all are amazed seeing through the power of the mantra and sadhana. can we do  that self in our home ? question raised in front of him ,he smiled and replied“no my brother you have to first achieve success or  siddhta  the kapalik  mantra related to each sanskar only than this can be done” .
        Do we have to follow the kapalik way of living ,to get siddhta in the mantras used in this Sanskar? ,”no”.
 he replied “the paddhati’s mantra can be achieved  siddhta through  following normal household life there is no such a  special things needed, this is Sadgurudev ji blessing that the kapalik paddhati can be now easily followed through following general sadhana rules and their jap counting is also very very less in comparinsion to shashtriy marg mantra.”
Swdan ,mardan, murchhan, and utthhapan sankar  ……..supporting team not only practically helping them but removing doubt with proper care and necessary precaution  that should be followed at the time of doing. Nearly all the participant off course our guru brother amazed to see the changes appearing in para and para journey to para to parad..
( for remaining journey one has to go much higher level Sanskar to ras ……ras to rasraj and from rasraj to rasendra)
so the next patan sankar comes where all the metallic impurity removes.
As Shisyanadaji mentioned us not only we do the sanskar but lord parad also understand our feeling for what purpose we did the Sanskar, if our aim to remove the illness and poverty of the world than (as maha ras siddh said” I am doing the Sanskar to remove illness and poverty from the world”) lord parad  too start sankarise us. Its very Difficult to understand but amazing fact  that our food habit also changes very often when these Sanskar continuously applied. Since every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
The divine metal ,why we said divine?,
as all of you already knew that the liquid metal named---- mercury has  having density 13 more than water ,we saw mercury to float on the surface on the water ,disappearing in the solution of kalk and also in the water. where mercury gone?, we all amazed. But doing the khral process again coming back,it is not a proof that he also play with us ,play hide and seek game with us to understand our feeling and motto ,aim  towards this science.
Every process has many hidden secret and meaning, till that we understand the hidden truth it appears us miracle, nothing is  a miracle expect everything is a miracle.
Bodhan ,Niyaman,Deepan Sanskar also completed through mantra jap and with  very less herbs used.
As the 8th jan evening came, we completed 8 Sanskar,(very amazing that in previous workshop we were able to complete only first Sanskar in first 4 days now here ……),so in just 4 days the first greatest dream of everyone who engaged in this science ,we achieved.
Gandhak purification was also started side by side ,  since days remaining were very less, we all to do/work and behave  very energetically and cleverly, all the world and time suppose stopped there for us, no news from outside only parad and parad and parad and sadhana were the objectives of our talk and thinking. ,
            What is the importance of Gandhak purification and Gandhak jaran Sanskar, ask any one who engaged in the science ? ( Raghunath Nikhil ji posted a separate post so its needless to mention again here .)
    so the Abhrak related thing like  making of Dhayan Abhrak ,getting Dhayan Abhrak satv (essence of that ), purification of that satav,and  shodhan of  satav and how to prepare para for that. is really  a  very secretive process, just consider parad samhita even writer of that great book passed through this material world ,with  having a dream that how this can be possible or could any one showed him about the practicality of the Abhrak process?. Through Shishyanand ji ,Arif ji we were able to see that in complete.
 Sadgurudev ji shishyas visited,very often there, their blessing and guidance also available to us, jaber singh bhiyya not only taught us about  hypnotism and cleared many of our doubt and provide us  practical tips what he got from  poojya sadgurudevji  .really its amazing that we all surprise that not only through hypnotism only human being but stone  too can be hypnotized.
 can parad also be hypnotized?, he and Arif ji replied us yes that too can be possible ., Sadgurudev ji  mentioned that  not only parad can be Agni esthaiye (ability to stand in high tempo) but metal transmutation also this Science can help us reaching/getting success in the sadhana field.
Evening time we all gathered in a circle fire place,as too much cold and mercury dipping to almost zero degree Celsius.  Each minute passed, providing us various insight in the divine science with joy. i was thinking ,surely all ours fate written by sadgurudevji with diamond pen ,and too much hidden secretive process revealing its  secret through Arif ji and Shishyanand ji.
Shishyanand ji nearly provide various checking measurement and detail that how we can recognize that particular Sanskar effectively done or not.
Some one raise what is RAS SIDDHA  PRATAKSHYA DARSHAN DARPAN and  its secrets  and detailtoo?, can we are so lucky to know about that ?  Arif ji asked me to provide the detail about that I willfully did that ,and its all complete detail coming to you all as a great divine gift of sadgurudevji knowledge in the coming issue of Tantra kaumudi.(so just wait)
As every sanskar need to have siddhta in related mantra, how we could get  success in that in less time all the process if not have sufficient time. Arif ji provide us a short cut which he himself able to get after passing through various test .that process clearly not only reaches  para to 15 th snaksr level, means no need of going through Abhrak satv grass sanskar..
 he replied not only this, but how this (sanskarit para) can be used to get all round success in life and reaching aims ,he explained in details  regarding very hidden secreat about how to get parad hungry(bubhukshit ), though many books indicate that but its real hidden secreat  what Sadgurudev ji provide  to his sanyasi shishyas revealed to us first time .
Again every one asked to complete the recently demonstrated Sanskars  their own with less supervision every participant smilingly willing to do that, and that they successfully  did too.
Arif ji instructed us that we are not a scholar in the science but just a new aspirant ,expertise and mastery still far far ahead, without Sadgurudev blessing, that can not be achieved. And we just understood the Sanskar not learnt .workshop is place to understand the science.
As the 19 th jan comes to end ,we all go through mentioned 12th Sanskar, hoping positively that we will meet again for higher level Sanskar….
We areseperating to each other but our heart sing a song that is continuously play  by our beloved Sadgurudev ji.
A new era and new sun rises in our heart..
(in short I mentioned all the main, main points to all of you who want to know what I was happened their..).

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