Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swapn Evam Agyat Bhay nashak Hanuman Prayog

         If someone is getting a scary nightmares, bad dreams, if some unknown fear is rising in the mind, or if there is anyshort of dipression, there is very usefull process which can vanish all these effects.

Before sleeping, chant the following mantra on bad only, either sitting on bad or lying. Could be done facing any direction. There is no dresscode or No rosery is needed. Do chant following mantra 108 times. You can do fingure counting.

Before and after doing mantra do meditate lord hanumaan and pray in mind.


anjanigarbhshambhutay kapindrosarvottam
ram priy namastubhyam
hanumant raksh raksh sarvadaa

अँजनिगर्भशँभुताय कपिन्द्रोसर्वोतम
रामप्रियनमस्तुभ्यँ हनुमँत रक्ष रक्ष सर्वदा

by doing it 1 day only, the results could be gain. but if one wishes, process could be continue for as long days as they will


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