Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shiva sadhana to generate a complete confidence

The world of the tantra is very wide and mysterious.  The big hidden surprises are the parts like drops of this ocean. In day to day life whatever we do and what ever we plan to do, the basic succession element is confidence. Without confidence a work seems to be ruin well in that case few people may even not like to go ahead for the work. On the other side, in the sadhana and spirituality world this plays a wide role in achieving results. The lack of faith and confidence often leads to not a proper success in the sadhana. This way the confidence within is a big necessity in the day to day life rather it is spiritual or the material one.

It has been observed that one of the sadhak succeeded in some sadhana and later on it was seen that the mantra he chanted was wrong but with the help of his faith and confidence in the mantra he was able to make it to the success completely. From the leave application to the highest sadhana, the role of the confidence is considerable and can not be avoided in any term. It generates a particular energy which later on results into the faith towards your goal which ultimately leads to the devotion of your work and where there we find this base; we see the results and outcomes

The sadhana to generate confidence is useful for everyone as it is one of the basic elements which lay a success for any task, For example for students in study, for to face interviews or anyone, to deal better way in business or to generate attraction and for sure in sadhana too.  The lack of the proper confidence is also a cause of many mental disorders like stress and depression. This way it works for your physical and mental status even.

There is a very special sadhana which is small in nature but for sure it gives miraculous results. The sadhana is in relation to lord shiva and completing this sadhana means getting the bliss of full confidence in every field. The sadhana process is this way
On the Monday night take bath and establish a paarad shivalinga in front of you or in case if it is not available prepare shivlinga with smashan Bhasm if this is even not possible one should place a photograph of lord shiva, but to generate maximum benefit of the sadhana, the sadhak should establish paarad shivalinga. Pray lord shiva and sadgurudev for the success in the sadhana.The sadhana can be done after 9 Pm. The direction is north. Rudraksha rosary should be brought into use. One should chant 21 rounds of the following mantra looking at the ras linga with rudraksha rosary. 

Mantra: om jhoom shivaay phat
            ॐ झूं शिवाय फट 

Keep the process continue for next 10 days, total 11 days. The result of the sadhana is a rise of the confidence level and it would be seen increasing day to day.



KRISHAN said...

Dear Arifji,

Tnks for such a simple and useful sadhna of lord Shiva.


maulikravisaheb94 said...


mera name maulik rajkot,gujarat se hoon.

nikhilji maine ye sadhna ees somvar se sooroo kee hai means shivratri se.lekin jab se maine ye sadhna sooroo kee hai tabse mere poore body par chikenpox (MEANING IN GUJARATI"ACHABDA")neekalne sooroo ho gaye hai.toh kya ye sab ees sadhna k karan hooa hai???????

aur agar aapka jawab ha hai toh muje kya karna chaheeye??????

plz give me answer immedietly.i am in trouble.