Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Miracles of Ayurveda

Ras Vigyan,Jyotish (Astrology) & Ayurved Tantra are the branches of the Tantra Vigyan only...During my devotional and meditational life in search of Tantra & Rasayan Vigyan with the blessings of the Sadgurudev I have got an opportunity to meet the most expert Devotional Saints and Monks and they explained all the subjects in a detailed manner with their blessings...During this I got privilege to meet a very divine and amazing Ayurvedagya - Tantragya (Tantra Expert Person)...He not only explained about the cure and the resolutions of many diseases and other problems through the botanical items and herbs with the help of "Tantra Madhyam"but also explained the most hidden aspects of the botanical herbs....Basically,by keeping our body neat and clean and healthy we prosper our way for the more beauty and health and cure both our inner and outer souls...Pls.remember to ignore beauty and health is also a part of violence act towards our body which we are indirectly hurting ourselves....Here,I am presenting some of the important points which not only I have gained but also have experienced the authenticity of those are giving to you all...

Treatment of baldness- boil 250 gm of mustard oil in a tinned basin and continue putting in, by and by, a little quantity of henna leaves. When 90 gm of the afore- said leaves are thus burnt in the oil the same should be filtered through a cloth and stored well in bottle. Regular massage of the head with this oil for few months produces abundant hair on the bald head.

Herbs that prevents conjunctivitis- take any number of Gorakhmundi flowers and swallow them without the help of water and without chewing them. Thus taking one flower the user from troublesome conjunctivitis for one year, two for two yearand so on; that is my personal experience.

Herb for curing piles in a day – put 8 kg of fruit of Indrayan in the cauldron and ask the patient to stand on it and tread till be feels bitterness in his mouth . then ask the patient to lie down. After half an hour the patient will have a bad smelling motion and will get rid of this nasty disease for all time of come.

Herb of tighten the Breasts of women- The following recipe is quite simple and can be tried practically. Warm the leaves of the Dhatura plant moderately and tie them tightly on the breast. If this practice is continued for a few days the flagged breast become hard and protuberant and the woman looks as young without much trouble and expense.



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