Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sammohan Tantra

Who do not will to gain success in the life, but is it possible to gain success so easily? Probably no. why so..???? What is the payment for the success!! Could success be gained with money, prosperity, beautiful face? No! Never like that.

You just watch few peoples name like Mahatma Gandhi, Sukrat, Arastu etc. All these people are famous for their fame, success and achievements in whole world. Hence now it has been proved through this that only good faces can not make you achieve success. Dear all, to achieve success, the basic requisition is self determination, the will of achieving, and all these could be gain through sammohan power। If your sammohan power is awaken, then success can not stay far from you anymore, rather it may be boss of your office, your spouse, your love, your customer, any leader, actor may be, or may be a normal human being, before this power no one is able to horn. You can complete all your desires which you are willing to make with this power. Perhaps many might not be aware that Ruso Rasputin ruled on Roos with the help of this power only. A normal cowboy made the whole kingdom in his hand. It is only your misconception if you think that you can only hypnotize someone through this power, because this power has various steps, like health, wealth and totality are some of the following powers with sammohan. Meanwhile this is only a form of a Vashitva Siddhi which is among 18 siddhis. This is a base of apara shakti. Many sadhak who try to accomplish apsara or yakshini sadhana they do not get apsara or yakshini before them rather they do not even experience anything during sadhana. Have you ever thought that the sadhak, who gained success in that sadhana; how they differ? May be you haven’t ever marked this thing. Then people blame on authenticity of the sadhanas and be thorugh with their belongings of routine life, but this is to just avoiding of our faults. In the higher stage of this sammohan power, such things are very much normal to accomplish after all it may be yakshini, apsara, lakshmi or any other shakti , they just be with holded hand to you bowing down to your power. Leave the normal beings, they will feel all these things over through heads, with the blessing of our beloved Sadgurudev , I have applied this in my life and achieved success. That’s why I am negotiating the Inner alchemy to you today because after pursuing Inner alchemy, our alchemy is too much easy to do.

Sammohan tantra is different from normal tantra study. Because to achieve success with practice of normal tantra takes a little more time and it requires having continuity in the process but this thing may happen to you in small span of time. Yes. For this, you need to go through a special schedule and this is a limitation of sadhak’s life3.

That’s why your desired power blesses you by placing its hand on your head to achieve success and totality and get you prosperity. These facts are not written in scriptures and these can be obtained by sages of Siddhashram and has remained among them only. We again and again forget that we too are attached to that sacred land because of our Gurudev and he only has placed a seed in our heart for Siddhashram but it is our fault if we don’t make tree out of it.

Daily 50 times bhastrika will vanish your laziness. This process is required to perform daily.

With that, the Shareer sidhhi mantra should be recited as suggested by guru. First day these processes are to be carried out.

On second day Aatm siddhi mantra should be recited to awake the Sushumnaa naadi. It is also require to chant the mantra of yesterday. First process of 1st day and then only move to second day’s process. Because after sushumnaa is awaken, then the sammohan power is also becomes awake in the body and your face will be glazed with aura. The achievement of the divya drastic starts.

On 3rd day , we need to accomplish Chakra jaagaran Mantra through which the sammohan power is spread in whole your body instead of being only on the face. In this condition, by your touching someone , the person get hypnotized. The process includes previous days repetition of all processes.

On 4th day the after doing all 1st 2nd and 3rd days processes, we need to do Antar sadhana mantra ,being accomplished in this, he can make any shakti before him by the generating his power.

On 5th day after repeting processes till 4th day , we should chant Svasammohan siddhi mantra. This whole process is of 24 days. If anything is tuff in this world, it is always to make our self according to the desire of us and when you accomplish this sadhana, you become magnetic and all other people come attractively to you like iron. You can improve your self by guiding you and you can polish your powers. If the process is continued for long, then vashitva siddhi is gained. Remember, sammohan means hypnotizing our self meaning to connect our power into the universal power.

If we remain with the sammohan energy for 24 hours, then who so ever may be meet us, they never refuses what we say। And the shaktis of higher stages becomes accomplished in our power area। After that if we has photograph of anyone or we have image in our mind then with that thing only we can make him or her according to our willing। Or we can treat the patient from miles. In Tibbet this process is called as Bodh- sanvahan- vidhi. The mantra is rare but not been vanished. By praying into the sadgurudev’s feet we should ask for Poorna sammohan prapti diksha and through these mantras we can make things possible which are said to be impossible. Whne we can achieve totality then why should we make our self respect under footed. That’s why it is said that jid karo aur duniya badlo…i.e. change the world by willingness power.


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