Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tarun Kand

Almost every Indians must have had a chance in his own life when he might have himself experienced or heard from his near and dear ones about miraculous effects of herbs. The article series contains very rare recipes of Sadgurudev , monks, saints and siddha sadhus that have mostly percolated through oral dictation from Guru to disciples traditionally.

Tarun kand For Ever Younger Body – it is mentioned as one of the vegetables. It is commonly found in Garhwal and Nepal . It is to be dug out from the sandy banks of the rivers. It is a sort of a tuber and grows deep under the earth. It is of the size of about 3 to 6 inches in size.

It is eaten after being boiled and is considered to be a good invigorator. Nepalies eat with great fondness and value it as a sexual tonic. The use of this tuber keeps men young for long. Nepali men marry so many times possibly b’coz of the use of this tuber.

This tuber is sold in the Dehradun market on shivratri Festival day and the people of mountainous regions purchase it with great fondness। I wish my countrymen to test the vitalizing power of this tuber and make use of it.



soudeep said...

sudeep here
can u please give me more details of this herb?

soudeep said...

hi sudeep here
please tell me more on this herb .
any picture ,i want to buy