Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rajola- Siddh Yogini Of Ras-Tantra

doesn't matter if you haven't met rajola before, its not require that you beaware of her language, because big eyes of her whole face , is only enough tocommunicate and rest all fill by her beautiful smile। fair face, long hands andgolden hair॥wearing a saari, made by locals like some foreigner came to indiain the search of peace. I felt same by meeting herhanging small bag and seems like social worker rather then yogini, should be ofsome mission and she made her mind spending life here by being impressed withbeauty of nature and simple villagersto manali from rohatang, ahead of vyas aashram, the way which go to right side,on that path, only a little ahead out of village, on the land laid due throughthe corner of mountain. there is a kind of local hut with a slet roof. nothingmore then very important things of living was there in room.while I was roaming here-there to collect incidents and happenings related togurudev, I met rajola. The address of rajola was given by bhoomanand when I methim near vyash aashram. he said " if you meet rajola, you willl get manyknown-unknwon facts related to gurudev. with that you will also come to knowabout few things which could be very new for your sadhana knowledge.easily I found rajola because she was well known for her behavior and differentlife-style in that area. and truly, there people were wondering her foreigneronly due with her bravery, beauty, alone life style. the people were devoted andfeared to her that they easily felt her outstanding and from far they used tobow down. and in reverse what rajola was not doing for them. clothes for theirchildren or money to anyone required. too many incidents and too many stories.but main thing remained secret that from where she used to arrange that all.
she might had remained common to me too , if I had not mentioned name ofbhoomanand। but after that her face changed and when she came to know that I amalso a desciple of gurudev nikhileshwaranad the she been franke. desciple ofshri gurudev and special knowledge gained sadhika in the field of ras vigyan.we were members of the one guru family so how the feelings dont increses . Noidea about her origional age but she was looking 25-30 years. she was simple butthe golden glow of her body was identification of that yogini. In a singlemoment I understood that she is ras siddh yogini. The clear grace of paaradeating , by no mean to a normal person such a beautiful fragnance do come. theactual angel frengnence more sweeter than ashgandh. ofcorse she was not lessthenany angel ॥so many memories, rememberence of each moment spent with gurudev, stories ofup-down of the sadhak's life, struggles, solution and biggest thing; blend ofall these is only gurudev's story.I came to know the relation of the guru family and my program changed to 1month from 1 week.devdar's trees and a little far sabunala fall, creating a horrible sound. inthis area only, rajola did sadhanas with gurudev and obtained secrets of metalchamging with local herbs from gurudev. and that was the secret of money to her.trully her bag has always remained filled with gold.... the most costly metal ofthe world was like stone for her. from where she was obtaining money andmaterial, i do not know and I did not even tried to know but I have remainedwitness of her gold preparations.till now, I have remembered that night out of her roo, when she made fire in theground and started heating a water with piharnag, jyotipravah, indrabahuti,mixture of 25 herbs which she heated with special mantras for whole night.shebeen blend of power and beauty and when early morning came, she spread thatliquid on the coppercoins with the spoon. strange! in a moment they became ofpure gold. so this was the secret with her and trully; the commom men how couldhave such a great knowledge. who do understands the power of herbs that they canprepare gold too. I still have a coin with me for my memory . of being vitnessof gold preparation.after that i travelled many time at that place but with her mysteriouspersonality, only some stories remained. some thought her godess and some fearby her powers, she was component in vayugaman and sunyasiddhi, ya nothingstrange...anyways,people there still remember her and some believe that for somemoments and night time ,she daily visits that place.....( mantra tantra yantra vigyan : jan.'94)

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