Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hidden Key’s of Yakshini & Apsara Sadhna

What is beauty?? Hmmmm answer is pretty tough…Because it depends on us that how we define beauty? When we talk about beauty where our mind runs??? Instead of a common man’s thought, one sadhak thinks completeliness is known as Beauty, so it is said that -


Means truth is god (shiv) (lifes most difficult situation is when u digest the key animosity of your life and still experience the ultimate peace in your mind) and such experience becomes your life long experience which is unforgettable.That beauty takes u towards the completeness

Here Beauty does not relate to thought excitement or sex provocation. Sadgurudev always used to say that if you want to re-establish full happiness in your in your life, one must attempt the Saundarya Sadhna.Whenever we have discussion or talk about beauty, we always quote woman as best example. A woman is an immense and complete powerful creation of god with shaking energy. And besides Yakshini and Apsara who else can define the completeness of beauty.

There must be many sadhaks among us who have been attempted Yakshini and Apsara sadhna, but the count of unsuccess must be more than the successful ones... correct me if I am wrong???

Does that given method is wrong?? No not at all… Actually the reality is some thing different, as the particular method is accurate but for attempting that sadhna the exact background notion is missing…Infact we could not imbibe it properly.Do you know the reason behind the detailed explaination given in Patrika (magazine) regarding any sadhna or activity? It is because to understand and comprehend the significance of that sadhnas and to get ready by mentally and spiritually for cracking it. (Where the importance of that sadhna indicate us)

I am rightfully and confidently speaking because I got success in first attempt of the sadhna called Holika Yakshini.My family members and friend circle are the live evident of this incident.Till three years I relished and enjoyed the fruits of this sadhna. Look I am not saying this for my self satisfaction, rather I feel responsible and liable to embody my experience before you. May be Thousands of my disciple brothers are better than me.But why don’t know they hesitate to share such experiences with others (maybe there perspective is that all such benefits are for their purpose only)

Leave it… every one have there own point of view…. From shivratri to Holi is the appropriate period for this sadhna.Places like Guru Dham, Kamroop Kamakhya, any riverbank, Hrishikesh, kullu Manali, Pachmari or any hilly places but silent and peaceful are best...Because such Natural places leave their soothing effect and acclimatize us... such places attract the vital vibrations quickly than other places.

The Sadhnas of Shiv, Kuber and Bhairav helps us in these activities…And one more thing need to be understand i.e. for getting entrance in High stage of Tantra Sadhnas and for attaining the desired success such type of sadhnas plays very significant role… Now the question is why is it like that???

Apart from our world, there is other known world were nothing is impossible.But for entering their sadhak has to cross five peeths i.e. …

Aranya peeth
Shunya peeth
Shamshaan peeth
Shav peeth
Shyama peeth

After attempting the sadhnas of these peeths then only you become eligible for getting entrance in high stage of tantra sadhna. Now you would be feeling curious to know about meaning of the Yakshini, Apsara and Yogini sadhnaon… So I must tell you there are four Manliness (purusharth) of life i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kaam, Moksha. Among all of the four only those would be eligible to get the secret of Moksha who have crossed and followed the rest three of Manliness in complete sense. When you honestly and heartly experience the divineness of sex (kaam) then only you can achieve the last level Moksha. Before shyama peeth the first four peeths if you cross all seven fenal (pash) from the eight of it and sets you free… Bhay, Jugupsa, Moh, Ghrina etc...But Fenal like sex and rest also in same must be attempted in desired manner. Still you can’t set yourself free if the Shyama Sadhna success is missing. Because loneliness makes you realize the imtimate feel of woman along with the feel of the fear, attraction, infamy and flesh. And we know that not only we can convert the concupiscence form of marsh into love and affection but also can blossom and excel like lotus.

This test of magnificence is so terrible ordeal. During this sadhna period, the sadhak inspect sex provocation from inside and result in ejection of deadly lethal comes out. If sadhak stops at that point he can’t be successful, but traverse ahead he not only grow to be administrator for the universal power of majesty which swallow the magnificence in his life but also the opens the path of celestial sadhnas. It happens only when we attempt the sadhna with full of courage (veer bhav) via Vaam Marg. Warm marg doesn’t mean the itinerary of opposite behaviour against the nature rather means to achieve the ultimate power and happiness in life. Veer bhav does not means to read the eyes but also challenging all the difiiculties whatever comes into and fighting with fearless, glorious spirit. You should become the silent watcher (drishta) and should act like a lion that defeats his victim and won the game. That is called as Veer bhav. You don’t have to cross the four peeths if you stab this wonderful sadhna of magnificence and directly attain the completion of Shyama Sadhna.

In each sadhna there is a process of realization. Taking benefit from that sadhna or realizing that power in visble form are two different things. Therefore before accepting the challenge of Realization, you must have the Yantra or Gutika and the mantra related to them properly.
In this way each Apsara aur Yakshini sadhna has its own Keelan testament…In which via kernelword (Beejakshara) the Yantra is established and keelit, so they become bound to bow you success.
You should also follow& practice instigation. In that way you can enjoy the life with full of beauty and must success the human life as Sadhak…That’s all I pray to Sadgurudev for each one of you.



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