Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rasa Darshana 11

A great day's starting could never be imagined on yesterdays night as we do not know what is hidden in the mysterious universal timesquare. dark night was just about to go and morning was about to start. one process but two form. everything was strange giving a signal of being something strange. Today, it was a day when I was about to see what I could wish, if I have seen before but everything happens on the appropriate time only

yes . I think it was just a time which has been fixed for me to be involved in the one of the mysterious incident of the universe. A great paarad sadhak and a secret trick. Previously I have heard about paarad bhakshan in which component scholar accomplishes maaran process on the ast sanskarit paarad and then they do the bhakshan processs but this time it was some other part.

when I went to him, He was all set to shaw me the process of inner alchemy. in his hand there was a small earther pot shaped vessel in which he was having a Asht Samskarit Paarad. he was just waiting for me. and as soon as I set down he took about 20 gram of mercury and placed it in a palm. He slowly slowly moved his thumb in a specific manner for half and hour and with a surprise that mercury gradually disappeared. and after half an hour there was no mercury at all in his palm. I asked him rather where the paarad went ? He smiled and said that this is the paarad sharir pravesh prayog in which sadhak prepared Asht Samskarit Paarad and with a specific procees he let this paarad enter in his body, direcly into veins. This paara is sidhh so it saves you from any diseases, provides success in meditation and through this kaya kalp also becomes possible. So inquired rather is it not harmful ? he explained that a mercury if not properly samskarised and process is done then one may die even but when the samskars are properly accomplished then mercury is no more wish and it becomes medicine.

he took this paara in his body for 1 full year. he asked me visit him again when it was nearly one year since i visited him. this time he was going to show me the same parad to be out from his body. He placed a big cauldron and placed some grated herbs and roots in it. then he placed his feet in thast couldron and slowly slowly the paarad was coming out from the point near to his thumb of feet. And in an hour the paarad was oozed out by the body. It was so much surprising that no one can even believe rather they watch it from their eyes even. He asked me to weight that paarad and it was complete 20 grams.

This type of process has been mentioned in some scriptures only and its very very rare to accomplish. I was fortunate to watch this complete process and the alchemy of the bosy through paarad.

****Raghunath Nikhil****

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