Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hidden secrets of Ras-Tantra

During the discovering period of Ras-tantra and with blessings of beloved and revered Sadgurudev, I got introduced to such a surreal divine sources. Because of some genuine reasons it was kept secret and by the way of Gurumukhi parampara it got transferred time by time to all disciples. Well, along with this information I would like to tell u all that till the time all these was untouched from years n years. The reason behind this was the parameters which one should have for getting this precious knowledge was also unrevealed. Now it is possible to acquire benefit from this with blessings of Sadgurudev.

It is because Sadgurudev’s thinking is always exceptional from other erudite and savant persons. As per intellectual people the knowledge must be dispersed as per the deserving criteria set by themselves. But here our great Sadgurudev always used say that one who would be having a bit of fecundity (urvara shakti) there the litmus seed will turn into a budding, precocious fruitful tree. Therefore the judgment criteria should lie down there with the aspirant itself as he is the best judge of himself. Yes, only those can achieve the benefits who will imbibe and assimilate the experimental form of knowledge in desired manner.

•Commonly all the aspirant and disciple are curious to know more about the Art of flying (Khechratva ya akash Gaman ) and some of them who have little bit of knowledge also aware about the importance of Kumbhak which helps the body to uplift and fly in air. But do you know the fact that it is not possible by normal Kumbhak. Because due to kumbhak one can easily uplift the body in air but cannot be able to talk with anyone in this period. Even some of them loose their contact with outer knowledge. Apart from this there are chances of getting harm by the vertical atmosphere waves which results into downfall……By doing Kiraat Kumbhak the body becomes shunyamay. It enhance the power of Samagra body by miniature and transmit it in the better form.
By making the body in pure sanity and inserting air completely in any part of body termed as Kiraat kumbhak. By this kumbhak the body can be filled with impure air. And when we experience the hollowness (shunya) stage, in this process the outer senses also remain active and harmless. Even conversation is also possible. Along with reflection, appearance and sansparshan of tremendous potential and powerful tejorashi knowledge doesn’t get destroy.

But do you think is it that easy????

Hmmm answer is No…

But due to alchemy (parad) in Ras-Tantra (which already finished the journey from ras to rasendra – means sanskar of divyoshadhi is done sucessfully, Jaran of gold and stones ) This is how the formation of gutika takes place and during this phenomenon specially the Navarna mantra chanting is done. The Siddha kunjika stotra is also chanted for utkilan and siddhikaran. But don’t forget to pronounce the khaam kheem khoom khechari tatha.. matlab he devi khaam kheem…in the form of Khechartatva bestows the power of fling in air( she devi khaam kheem… ke roop me aap khecharatva shakti pradan karne vali ho)… .. aur ye kham beej hi ksham and it becomes the aakash beej which controls the gravity of body and gives u the divine power of khechratva. This is possible only by the Navarna Mantra. this must be done in sequential format under the instruction of revered Guru.

•The veryfirst atmosphere of Sunrise (suryoday) is know as Rik-Mandal. The sixteen rays of ruling power (adhishthatri shaktiyon) are known as Shodash matrakaon. And the complete form of Shodash matrakaon is called as Raaj Rajeshvari Shodashi Tripur Sundri. When utkilan is done and activity called abhishinchitikaran is going on, we get the knowledge of Surya Vigyan. It can also be done by the external equipment i.e. lens or can be successfully accomplished without help of any other external factors. For this the gutika is produced and siddha by the sampoorna varna mantra. Each varna contains individual power. Each of them consists of dhyan and mantra in individual form. Each one of them need to be excited till the time and by that varnatmak mantra we produce the gutika or Vigrah. In this way Gutika becomes the shunya siddha and after Padartha parivartan results into surya siddhi. Now the question is what is varnatmak mantra??? Now in short I would explain that there is no meaning of Varna ,but with that ‘Ka” if the addition of ‘pa+uu+ra’ is done then the word “Kapoor” is formed which have its own meaning and shape. In the same way when this gutika is inclusive of varnatmak mantra with the help of siddh shunya mantra, if you will ponder any thing in your mind right the moment you will find the identity of it and will appear in front of us.
In my next article you will find the information about Inner, Astral alchemy and Rakt-bindu, the secret of Shvet-bindu activities which would definitely introduce you all from the enigmatic and hidden secret dimensions of Ras-Tantra. May be then only all will understand the unrevealed aspect of Sadgurudev.


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