Friday, January 22, 2010

Hidden Secrets -2

With instructions of revered Sadgurudev fortunately I got the opportunity to go to Tihri. Sadgurudev had given a lot of chances to their disciples for combine journeys with him, which has given useful knowledge in very simple and experimental form. For example during the Kanyakumari journey the Shrishcheta sadhna of Bhagwati Lakshmi took exactly on the same mountain where Devi Lakshmi was emerge from the womb of sea (samudra ke garbh se) at the Samudra Manthan time and has chosen the Narayan as her husband. Similarly thousands of examples are carefully secured in mind of various disciples. In the same manner Sadgurudev prepared the various discples as Ekanthik Brahmin. As I was inclined towards the Tantra, Ayurveda and Ras Vigyan, thus he advised me to visit different place for extracting information. Whether you trust or not but it’s all up to your wish because I can’t claim anything. Honestly speaking it is entirely my true experience which I am sharing with you. But agreeing or not agreeing, its up to you.
I was not informed nor told that why I have been doing Tihri journey. Once I reached there I came to know that I am here to meet one great soul (mahan sadhak). Nighttime was just started and I reached his residential place. His age was app. 35-40. When I reached, at that time he was stepping outside for his evening prayers at pujan sthali and also allowed me to come along with him. As that compartment was seems to be normal but I felt some thing vivacious and mysterious about that room. At one side there was a bookshelf in which various types of books regarding Ras-vigyan, Astrology, Ayurveda and Tantra was kept safely. And at opposite side I saw two dead white snakes (which were already brought up in dead stage from woods. They are also found abundantly in forest of Tihri , Garhwal and are said to be very venomous) they were kept back in reverse position for flaming by a oil lamp placed down at floor. While a drop in liquid form was coming out from it and was gathered in sfatik bowl.
He was sitting on Mrig Charma asan and in front of him a huge frame photgraph of Shree Sadgurudev (sanyast) was their on the table. On other side the parad and paatra was kept over there. In an hour puja was completed, all the rituals like decoration with flowers done beautifully. After that denoting towards yantra, he started telling about the yantra which he received in1985 shivir. This yantra is composite of four yantras i.e. Karna-Pishachini, Vashikaran aur Swarna Siddhi respectively… During the shivir shree Sadgurudev told us, in present time no one would be able to understand the importance this yantra.. But whenever the prescribed sandha stated on this yantra would be accomplished successfully the results will be unbelievable and wonderful. Only I can say is the disappeared secrets of tantra has been released and given to you.
After that he kept quiet and we came outside from that mysterious room. After having food in night, then we again went to the same room and found that the snake were totally burn and was turned into the water form drip in that sfatik bowl. As that container was transparent. Surprisingly, the fragment was not at all bad.
After completing the midnight sadhna from 11.30 se 1.30, he told me that whatever you are going to watch today would be very surprising and unbelievable for you. But tantra comes when impossible things are converted into possible way by the power of Sadhnas. At that time I was totally blank, did not understand what he was trying to say and show me etc….
Suddenly someone knocked the door; he got up and immediately he opened the door. We saw an old aged man close 75-80, bended waistline; shriveled face with greyish hairs etc….
With all respect he welcomed him and asked for taking place. He then took him into another compartment and makes him asleep on to bed. It was made up of Shwet Palash. There was no other source of light other than the oil lamp in that compartment. He brought that sfatik bowl and kept on the table. After placing it he lamped the paarad light and started a specific mantra chanting. During this he took sfatik spoon and dipped three times of parad and mixed into the sfatik bowl.The moment it got mixed its starts boiling and slowly converted into blood colored liquid. In 4-5 minutes that paarad dissolves into that liquid and turned into a transparent blood colored form. He took three spoon of it one by one and poured into that old man’s mouth. Suddenly that old man fainted. He told me that he would be in the same position next afternoon. Again same procedure will be continued till the one week. Till the time he told me many secrets of tantra and Ras Vigyan. After one week when I saw that awakened old man, I was very surprised and stunned….. He was not at all him, previous image was totally changed and was transformed into not more than 30 year old man. He was full of his adolescence, the skin was fully toned and was glowing like anything, full teeth with shining face, coal black hairs and fully stretched and fragmented new body…It was unbelievable….
When that person gone, the sadhak mahoday told me that this activity is known as Rakt-Bindu kriya. In which via sanskarit paarad is used and along with that the kankavati mantra is chanted who is the ruling goddess of transformation and Kayakalp. In the same way when paarad is mixed and intead of paarad the sanakarit swarna is taken the in same quantity, then the whole liquid will again convert in transparent form and while the chanting of kankavati mantra if one drop of it dropped on any copper or silver coin and burned it on.It will convert into 100 tanch pious gold.And this is known as shvet bindu process. But I never used this process as i don’t have any affection towards money. Yes with Guru’s permission and blessing one can sink in the sea of sadhnas and have divine powers, for that soul should have a healthy body with healty mind. Then only you can convert this body into divine body. Therefore I take some empathy for achievement of all this just by Devi Kankavati.(Rakt Bindu is the Raj Of Goddess Parvati and Shvet Bindu is The semen Of Lord Shiv) they used in many process of kimiya(inner and metallic).
In next article you will find more secrets on the process of Rakt bindu aur shvet bindu and the hidden secrets of Inner Alchimia.

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