Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rasa Darshana 13 (In the Gurudev's Company)

It was an unusual day of mine when I was accompanying few peoples who could be categorized in living legends but are not willing to do that perhaps they do not like to be legend but to prepare legendary characters is their only aim.

Shishyanad, The character with a dashing knowledge of the universal secrets, Baba swarnath singular accomplished in tantra yoga, Great yogi of the Kriya, kriyababa and few other people whom I met first time only as they were in the hidden part of the Himalayas trying to understand those facts of the occult which has always remained hidden from common people and Finally I, who is so blessed by gurudev that only mere wirh this opportunity to see these peoples were so much exiting that nothing much could be expected in the life.

This place was one of the favorite places where I had been previously even. Himachal. The great Himachal. Which is especially blessed by gurudev's foot prints and aroma of his kindness. This special get to gather was organized by gurudev for to introduce us to some sadhanas which were common for all of us. During the day time, He shared many facts about various sadhanas and herbs and in the night we get remained aback by performing sadhana in his presence. How come it becomes possible that Gurudev in his disciples' presence do not share anything about alchemy? Sooner Lord started implementing alchemical facts. He took some mercury and gave to one of us to triturate it with herb `Horki'. This herb is found deep in the Himalayas especially near to the himachal's Manali area and it is green in colour and whitish yellow dots are found on the leaf. The leafs are same like basil leaf but an oblong shape if found. It is only of 1 feet hardly but very much useful in tantra and alchemy.

The trituration took place for not more than one hour. In our hour only with our surprise that whole mercury was converted in the form of a whitish ash powder. Gurudev took some powder in his hand and said that this is one great powder in the Ras-shashtra. Even Nagarjuna prepared this powder to do kayakalpa of him. It is same way use full in metallic and inner alchemy. He asked us to prepare fire and place a copper piece in it. We did the same and as soon as the copper got a red color, by Master's order, the powder was sprinkled on that piece not more than 2 grams and in a moment that red converted into golden and piece of the 100gm Copper was now 100 gm Gold. But it was not just end. One gurubhai was with us which was seems to be aged at least 70. In the night time gurudev asked him to have only milk and given him this powder to have in a 5gms or less may be quantity. In the morning, when we all met, with our surprise he was no older monk. His white hairs became black. Wrinkles were no more existing on the skin. Face, with a glad bloom of new blood and a muscular but not heavy kind of body. Gurudev appreciated him by watching this. Aahh..what a smile…I forgot everything when I watched this at last the smile on his face and I get back my memory to the famous sankrit gadya..Adharam Madhuram… Nayanam Madhuram…Charitam Madhuram…Hridayam Madhuram…Madhuradhipataye…..NIKHILAM Madhuram… And I lost each time when I remember this incident into a typical world of alchemy where there is no Surprise and Impossiblities.

****Raghunath Nikhil****

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