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Sadgurudev and Alchemy Tantra…

In Indian Science Alchemy is also known as‘Ras’. In much criticized way its meaning has been clarified as…

“The only chemical which has the power of absorbing any metal absolute and which keeps you away from the disease like ageing andDeath is to be taken is known as Ras”…

Also said for deity that “raso ve saha”……

Actually from ancient times the Saint had been using Alchemy not only for the Loh Siddhi and medicines but also for the rejunevation, the special sadhnas and techniques and to attain the inborn trance stage (sahaj Samadhi awastha).

As the saying goes that without Ras siddha no one can freed.Apart from the method of gold creation Indian Alchemist did stupendous work in world of Sadhnas and achieved the Powers (Siddhies) like Wayu Gaman, Shunya Siddhi, Adrishya Siddhi, disappearing the body(Deh lupt Kriya )etc…And this got spread in the nearest countries in name of Kayagiri.The significance of Alchemy spread all over in such an amazing way, so that the disciples from each n every community applied this techniques and education in their own way & the tasted the success of power and flourished themselves.

Basically all were interested in creation of gold, but when they used the Alchemy as medicinal form by applying the prescribed sanskaar like Bhakshan it resulted in rejunevation.
This happens only when Alchemy’s (parad) Poison is nurtured by eight sanskaar and converted in divine Amrit.In instruction of correct identifier if any one takes extraordinary form of alchemy as a medicine, the rejunevation of whole body happens drastically.As mentioned in granthas that this process can be completed within few years but if it is accomplished in prescribed manner, in couple of weekd astonishing and wonderfuls results will be infront of us.

No one can forget the contribution of Sadgurudev Dr. Narayandutt Shrimali in vast fielt of Alchemy. In various shivirs & the magazines you will found uncredible knowledge regarding alchemy & you would definitely feel yourself bound to think about it…108 sanskaar of alchemy were introduced for the first time to India by shree Sadgurudev only…Not only introduced but also shown, proved their authencity and witness to all…

With marvelous smile Swami Nikhileshwaranand said“why only this much!!!” not only Alchemy is miraculous but also can authorize us the powers like flying, getting invisible, power of creating unlimited gold, incredible beauty and many more…Even by Yogic Power we can achieve the power of entering in another body (Parkaya pravesh siddhi).

After listening to me swamiji was bit serious, was thinking continuously, then he said by attempting some tantric technique (bhubhukshit) unlimited gold can be created. Infact city of gold were every thing is made up of gold can be formed…
Ravan was a great follower of Shiv (shiv bhakt).lchemy is the shivji’s cum…From this way Ravan got success in creating gold city called Lanka.

Nikhileshwaranandji told us if alchemy is processed in such medicinal form & be absorbed by us (known as siddh soot); our body would get the great power by which we can rove in the frozen valleys of Himalayas without dressing a single cloth nor any shoes on feet. No winter effect will bother you. While giving that Parad Gutika he was telling me the benefits of it, if you ll keep this Gutika in mouth impossible things would get possible like traveling long distance in couple of minutes, making yourself intangible, freed from tiredness, healthy, even you can get rid from the cycle of hunger and thirst(natural calls).By wearing it in neck if the activity of entering into another body is done (Parakaya pravesh) then the same body can survive for very very long period…And if any one swallows it and incase in forthcoming period just meet to death,in such circumstances also the body would remain as it is for long time.No change may occur.

Whether it is about the Siddha suut or it is about the secrets regarding alchemy, Sadgurudev had distributed and introduced to their disciple by his open hands…
No one went with empty hands, nothing was lacking.He told us the easiest way of making this formula…whether it was about the dangerous disease or changing the ugliness into magnificent beauty.

Rising moon water therepy was also told by Sadgurudev in 1989 from which alchemy can be bind easily and can keep away from any type disease.Via alchemy only the formation of Gaurangana can happen.The effect of this kalp is fairness like milk can get in just one day time.

By blessing of revered Sadgurudev one of his disciples from Varansi did Teliya kand in which he converted alchemy into gold.
Sadgurudev told us that alchemy can be benifial in six ways i.e. Darshan, Sparsh, bhakshan, smaran, poojan and daan…Alchemy has been treated very pious and one who does bitching is considered as bad soul…

If Ashta Sanskarit alchemy’s gutika or mudrika is being wear in neck the body becomes too heavy and just like big rock.The same Gutika helps to get rid of from the mental and physical botherings and gives you a power of hypnotism. In alchemy’s Hypnotism and Enchantments are one of the greatest powers.

Various alchemist hesitate to share the ashta sanskarit parad to anybody but revered Sadgurudev never ever hesitate to delivered it among the discple.Even he arranged the Gutikas and Mudras for all us.He did understand all of us about the importance of alchemy and the various activities which can be done by it.

He told us why alchemy is so important.While discoursing he told us that money is very important part our life.To live a happy and phosphorous life one should have great wealth.Because Alchemy is only metal which is complete in each aspect. By its chanchalta its get the lakshmi’s chanchalta dissolved. In this way while bind alchemy, the money (lakshmi) get bind itself. Copper yantra effect gets slow down by time by time.But it is not like that with parad.It remains as powerful as it at the moment when created.

The alchemy sculpture of Lord Shivling (Paradh shivling sthapan) establishment can keeps all Vastudosh away. Previously also so many things were written on this. If established and blowing water on it and chanting this mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” (11 mala) for 11 times then you can have incredible beauty.
If specially worshipped on Monday and applied the Kuber Sadhna method,he would be blessed with infinite wealth and tratak if the sadhna of watching previous birth is attempted then definitely success have to appear.Vayu Gaman and Shunya Asan are the based on Alchemy only.

Many things have been told about Lakshmi Sculpture made up of Alchemy (Parad Lakshmi) if worshipped and chanted a special matra of Saundarya Lakshmi then in result you ll be blessed with unbelievable beauty.

While constructing house, if the Alchemy shriyantra is cover under ground and chanted with Bhugarbhiya mantra it became siddh and results in infinite cash and whole house is always filled up with different form of money.

Perhaps, you must be remember that before 12-15 years there was a huge problem of unemployment which was one of the major problem were spread like anything. But you must not be aware that when the Paradh shivling was established in Parliament House and the moment it was established results are infront of us and we are watching till the date. In age of this global inflation we are watching there so many other countries which are on lowest level of poverty but our country is still striving with great strength.

It is quite difficult to make the Sculptures of Parad Durga and Parad Kali. It could be possible only if it is estanlished with chanting of Lalita Sahastranaam and Navarna Mantras. After doing this procedure if it is worshipped and the special mantra “Durga dwatriratnanam mala” any type of disease will get off.

He has also disclosed the secret procedure of making of Parad Ganpati and Parad Annapurna in various shivirs by which everyone can get prosperity in his life…

Hmmmm you can not imagine there is nothing which Sadgurudev had not told to their discples…What else I can say about him… I am just speechless…Today we are associated with the legacy and tradition.I just wanted you to join us and step forward for new and adventurous life.And one more thing is that “ I pray full heartedly to my revered Sadgurudev”.



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Hello Nikhil Ji ,

I went through your article and found it good , i am a regular reader of siddh kunjika shrot but never understood the meaning behind the words and always use to wonder that why i am reading if i can not understand it . But your article was a great help for understanding the actual concept of the mantras .
I have a strong desire to know more about these and reality of life , I have searched for different books and bloggs on internet without great success as I am just a layman on these but i have many questions which i cannot find answers . I request you to guide you to guide me to some chain of books or websites were I can explore more and understand .

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hello nikhil ji jai gurudev, mujhe 'deh/kaya lupt' sadhna ki puri jaankari aur vidhi batane ki kripa karen.