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Hidden Secrets -4(vyom kriya)

With the help of the Parad shivling so many high level of sadhaks got command over the the Bhumi Tatva (Earth essence). And from this they get the power of disappearing themselves into Shunya and would be able to fly in air.

Well but simple sadhaks will give more significance to existence in world rather the extinction from outer space. And I think it should be like that only as existence can lead you towards the happiness which can brought by money only.

Hmmm so I must tell you this feeling of completeness also gets from the Raseshwar sadhna. Daily worshipping by the Belpatra, Kum kum and reddish (the rice colored with red kum kum) delivered for 108 times with mantra chanting also can enjoy the materialistic affluence...

Do you think is it that easy? I asked

What… Materialistic Prosperity!

Hmmm...Ohh no no…that I also know the follower of Raseshwar sadhna could never be entreaty by own accord form of power i.e. Goddess Laxmi and this influence is eyewitness by me and experienced in my own life.Therefore I am not talking materialistic rather its about the divinity.Dont you think so that another secret is separated from this?

Yes of course it is there and why not!!!

Again I asked do you really think is it that easy???

No we are really mistaken then…but when we control the embodied essence then what else it is which cannot be achieve by our definite intention…

Is it so?

The answer is Yes…

Sadhak can utilize various types of powers like Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Vashitva, prakamya of para and non para world. It is because Sadhak becomes Siddha (accomplished) and reached at the ultimate stage of accomplishment. Well this could happen only when the sadhak become familiar to that truth or secret which has been kept always unclosed in the Siddh sadhaks Community not even disclosed infront of the common man.

Let understand first two targets of body – outer and internal. The one who don’t know his or her own capabilities, will how he survive in this sadhana world.
For having accomplished body one should know the complete & pure knowledge of six chakras, shodash adhar, trilakshya, Vyom Panchak, Nav Dwar, panchadhidaivat which is very necessary.

When sadhak starts worshipping Pardeshwar and do the mantra chanting infront of it, then gradually he gets the power of knowing eventual fate.Now it totally depend up on the sadhak whether he completes this sadhana mere from the outer level or else he connects himself with the rare world conqueror Raseshwar’s Mahaling and achieves the highest level of Mahasiddha and paramsiddha stages. Ultimately nothing is unattainable for him.

I asked…How is it possible?

Hmmm have patience my dear…while narrating he said there is the triangle exactly located between the Muladhar and Swadishthan which is known as ‘Womb’ and this womb is also known as Kamroop(taking any shape at will)
This has been named in Tantra by great yog siddhas as ‘Kamakhya shakti kendra’. In the mid of this altar (peeth) western facing mahaling is established. One pearl is situated at the uppermost point which is illuminated with the gold
When the infinite universal face (nondefined) connects with the outer established Raseshwar the illuminated luster and gets united, then in results that prime lustre not only opens all the seven bodies but also awakens the power of those chakras from the origin. Lot of patience is required in this process. While doing Tratak when the reflection of Pardeshwar is appeared at the higher chakra situated at the level of the eyebrow (trikuti) then each breath has been taken to the lowest level Muladhar chakra.It seems to be tough but it is not fact.Just by mere practice this activity becomes easier.And Once the Raseshwar completely dissolved in the internal mahaling then the illuminated lustre is multiplied.After this the sadhak doesn’t require the external help.Infact he can connect himself at any point of time just by concentrating on that internal Rakt Bindu and the shwet bindu of mahaling can see the diety original form, got the power of achieving any thing in this world.After this he can place this illuminated luster on each chakra and can get the connection with the respective worlds.In this way he does not need to travel the universal journey and can roam in whole universe whenever he wish too.
As it is said that “Yat pinde tat brahmande” then only this thought can be proved when we will accomplish this sadhna.
As you know infinite power is locacted in our each chakra s so nothing would be impossible for sadhak.
This kriya has been defined as “Vyom Kriya” among the sadhak community.Therefore it has been said that if the whole sanskarit pardeshwar would be there with each sadhak then nothing would be impossible for him,only on such condition if the curiocity is endless, as if curiocity derived then only new dimension of secrets can be seen……hmmm isn’t it……
By spiritual achievements from the Rakt Bindu and Shwet Bindu in the Vaam- Tantra you will see the next process in upcoming article…
Keep watching…………


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