Tuesday, June 1, 2010


DISHA DOSH NASHAK YANTRA: - This is the most powerful yantra for relieving Vastu dosh.This is very astonishing yantra.If any thing which has been made up in wrong direction and it becomes difficult to modify,in such situation establish this yantra with immediate effect.

SARVA MANGAL VASTU YANTRA: - This is very effective yantra.By establishing such yantra all vastu related blames get away for ever.

DURGA YANTRA: - Do consecration process for 108 times by the following mantra and fix it on the entrance of main door.You will notice amazing changes.


SHREE YANTRA: - If busuness is not prospering as per our expectation then establish this yantra by doing the complete ceremony of consecration of an idol.

BAGLAMUKHI YANTRA: - By establishing the consecrated yantra you can guard your house, shop, work places by evil eye, magical practice or any type of enemy.

RINMOCHAK MANGAL YANTRA: - On any auspiscous day just wash this yantra with pious water for purity then do a consecration ceremony and establish it.Thereafter place a coral (munga) stone on it and enchant twenty one names of mars infront of it.I must say keep it daily practice so that results will soon visible.You will find you are getting release from ur debts in very surprising way.


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amudhalakshmi said...

well said.just by following the basics of vaastu will led us better life.
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