Friday, March 5, 2010

Rasa Darshana 14 (The Secret of siddh ras)

Few people hardly believe that alchemy is just all about preparation of precious metals. it start with it and end with it but Its not a matter of fact. If we go through ,our ancient scriptures on alchemy; We would be able to find that the actual fact is Metal Casting is just a preparational Stage for alchemy learners. Rasayana is far far far more beyond then our imaginations. It seems flat like ocean water from out side under which un accountable mysteries are being hidden. One of such secret is Siddh Ras

When I was roaming across badrinath, I came in contact with Swami Haridas ji which is now not in his actual form. In material world's language he is dead but he is still alive with his sukshma sharir and could be even found by many people till now a date. He was having a big knowledge of herbal science and alchemy. He showed me some rare plants of the himalayas which were basically alchemical herbs.

Through his grace I was able to understand a few aspects of the Siddh Ras. when we settled down to his place, He asked if rather I would like to watch preparation of praan ras...

He took some Mercury on which 8 samskars had been alredy brought and went through the various jaaran processes and even Maaran samskar. Then he took a root of herb Chandrbanoo, Which is also called as chandra. The root is off white in colour and texture is soft and juicy. He took juice of this herb and triturated mercury in the juice gradually. with in some minutes mercury placed was canging its formation to paste and slowly the juice disappear and mercury formed in short of a thick liquid. then this liquid was washed with Kanji by him and juice of ginger was again mixed with it in little quantity. Now the completed thing was siddh ras which was lightish yellow in colour.

He said that if this ras is consumed by alchemy scholar gradually with some specific rules. He directly attains comfort in generating his knowledge,His body becomes robustic and gain external and internal beauty. Needless to tell that no diseases can roam around him or her. Even if this herb is able to change metals into gold. He shawed me a copper plate, Appled rasa all over it and he started heating the plate. With in nearly one hour that plate was no more a copper but a gold. he took a ras with him, we went outside in mountain now. He broke a branch of some plant which I was unable to identify and he applied paste on the broken part. He dumped that part in land and when I watched it in next morning, It had became a plant it self. It was so much of powerful that can not be described by words. In morning when I was about to leave, He said that if Siddh ras can make a plant out of a branch which is dead, You can even understand what could haapen with humans with this. I smiled and left.

****Raghunath Nikhil****

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