Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tridoshon ka shaman aur saadhnaa me safalta

On Navratri or any Sadhnatmak occasion each Sadhak used to attempt any sadhna for sure.In our daily routine we are always faulty in many senses like verbal, mental, physical etc because of thought process, by means of watching, by conversation or by our food habbits our workpath becomes faulty.

Then seizing of such faults become important process for achieving success in sadhna.One more I want to say whether it is sufficient that we are the own child of Shree Sadgurudev, so we can be ever successful in every sadhna ? Is it sufficient? No I guess… because we don’t even take good care of our body which is consecrated with divine powers bestowed by our Guru.It is because our conscious is designed in that way… Thereafter whenever we got failure in sadhnas we used to blame either the way of doing sadhna or the mantras which we have used in such sadhna.

But do we ever imagined that we can attempt sadhna while living our daily life routine to fulfill our all dreams and wishes by attaining success in sadhnas.It is because we feel bogged up with dual responsibility.
1.By touching our body or by way of mantras, Gurudev had made up our body combined with mantra and power.
2.We also should try to attain that divine flow of powers which our gurudev had given us in past time.And we have to take good care of it in this life as many demons are continuously roming here and there for making us faulty in verbal, in actions or in intentions..

In Tibbet, lamas keep their consecrated bodies in caves with due care and attempt sadhnas by any other bodies and raise their energies and powers.Actually this is because they will never get back their consecrated contacted body back if it gets destructed.To prolong their body’s age that is why they follow such procedure which is very necessary.

May be this wont be possible for us.So we can also achieve success by following sadgurudev’s instruction and secret facts.
1.By enchanting Navarna Mantra three malas saves us from three faults.Hmm but it doesn’t means that you should indulge yourself deliberately.Enchant this divine mantra once before every other mantra.

Mantra : aim hreem kleem chamundayei vichche

2.Do Sarva Dosh Nivaran Mantra mala for 11 times per day.If attempted in navratri’s nine days then also all three types of faults get destroyed.

Mantra : om tatsviturvareniyam sarv dosh papan nivaraty dhiyo yonah prachodayat

3.Establish three Siddhifal on mount of black sesame and enchant three malas of ‘VAM’ Beej Mantra infront of it (whichever sadhna you are doing) after completion of sadhna if those siddhifals are also consigned in water then success is guaranteed.

4.Do ceremony and worship of unmarried (virgin) girls with full devotion then any type of dangerous faults and sins will get release.

Apart from all these solutions if you take “Poorna paap tap sanharini diksha” by Sadgurudev will be great fortune in our life.By which success will garland your neck and would hold you forever n ever…


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