Friday, June 25, 2010

Sadgurudev & Destiny

As per the modern system management working point of view, any formation to work in a regular order needs 5 basic points which are – Scheme Layout, Scheme Manager, Essential Tools, Woking Strategy and the most important factor – LUCK…..The success or failure of any scheme depends on the Luck; which means that the combination of a right work and the Luck gives Success to a person….

In the Birth Chart of an individual's horoscope-The "Astham Sthaan (8th Planetary position)" is known for the Business and the Early Birth matches.

How a person has entered into a World and under which conditions can be judged with the base of a "Surya or Chandra Dreshkan" in the Birth Chart….In this "GURU" (Jupiter) represents the heavenly bodies or the highest positions and the "CHANDRA" (Moon) represents the "PITRALOK" or "CHANDRALOK"…. Similarly the "SUN" and the "MARS" represents the indefinite World processes and the "MEARCURY" and the "SATURN" represents the Origins / Bodies of the lower categories…

Similarly, if the positions of the Jupiter (GURU) lies in the 6,7,8 & 10 positions-it indicates a person on the higher positions after the death…If there is no planetary positions are present in 6,7 & 8 then one should observe their Masters (Swami) in the "Dreshkan"….

Because of all these facts, in the present Era also the analysis for the Astrology is in process….For instance, for the study of the early birth curses (known as Shaap in hindi) with the help of these epics – experiment with "MAANDI" with the "5th Position" is done….For eg.-In such curses if the unity is of the SUN then the curse is of Father, if the unity is of MOON the curse if of mother and if the unity is of RAHU (one of the important planetary position) the curse is known as "SARP DOSH"….

Every child can face serious results of his sins – in the first 4 years of his childhood because of the sins done by mother; other 4 years because of his father's sin and the rest 4 years because of his own sins… The form of a death depends on the work done in their "POORVJANAM" or early carnations…and the death can come in any form….

Now the Question arises how to prevent ourselves from this??????

The easiest way to get rid away from all this is just to dedicate ourselves in Guru's foot with our full dedication….But, is this possible???? Perhaps not, because here also our sins will not let our to go anywhere and although we have reached into the shell of Sadgurudev, we just deceived from the shower of the blessings….In the present also although having the divine devotional powers and the capabilities of destroying all the sins, we still are full of doubts on that divine Sadgurudev…. You might disagree on my point but I just like to know one simple reason that if this is not so…then what is the reason of having so many problems instead of having the convocation or the initiations (DEEKSHA – in Hindi) from the Sadgurudev????? And are we living a simple life after this convocation???

The fact is only that we are the people who have taken the convocation because of 2 different reasons –

In search of shelter of peace after getting scorched from the difficulties of Life &
In search of solutions to get rid of any sort of problems
In both these, 2nd reason is more trouble prone as the people thought all will be well if they have taken the convocation and they forget the simple thing that the "Convocations only is a path of our Aim fulfilment…", to reach the destination you should reach through Devotion; which means the more you devote with the concentration and lean; the chances of getting the success will be more and their will be no doubts left in the same….

The people with the 1st reason will not face any problem as they reach the destination under the guidance of the Sadgurudev with the proper instructions and there is no reason to fail in the same as after all the final destination is Sadgurudev only and the Sadgurudev helps in completion of the aims of their students….

When we complete our convocation with the complete dedication and concentration then no matter whatever is the Tantra Experiment, or any kind of Lac or any kind of Sin cannot invade ourselves as we are having the defence of the "GURUMANTRA" and having the sharpness of the devotions….and the problem has to be finished because of this….

So, my dear friends, it is our Good Luck that today also the Tradition is alive between all of us….but pls.take care that it should not happen the mind of Sadgurudev gets divert and we just regret on getting anything from him…..if at this stage also we are not alert then we will be forced to live as per our destiny and will scold ourselves and the misfortune….So,friends come ahead for the "CONVOCATION" because if you will be full of doubts then the Chance and the Luck both will run away……

The Choice is Your's after all it's Your Life……


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