Monday, June 21, 2010

Tantra vijay-7 SELF DEFENCE MANTRA(an easy process)

In present time we have an very important question i.e.SELF SAFETY.And if we are not strong enough to handle it then it hardly matter how rich we are.Actually reality is we cannot save our money nor our goodwill in such circumstances.Only physical strength is not enough rather we should know such sadhnas which is selfaccomplished and can give long live.

Shree Sadgurudev had conducted so many small but very effective experiments which don’t require accomplishing as they are self accomplished.Whenever we are in trouble we can attempt such experiment and can take benifits from it.

Among that I am giving you an explanation of an important one…which is based on ‘KLEEM’ mantra.Well this mantra is already accomplished in itself but still for its fast effect one must do regular enchanting of gurumantra.

And do you know why it is important? Big reason behind this is the harmony of BEEJ Mantras among them.This subdues enemy and its enemity and expand your positive energy in such an amazing way which compels an opposite mentality person or any enemy to lean down infront of us.Basicaly this positiveness increases by daily enchantment of Gurumantra.Therefore gurumantra mala should be done atleast for four times per day.

Well this one is that mantra which is united.I mean to say whenever you find yourself in bad circumstances then just start gurumantra and enchant it mentally for 108 times and thereafter do atleast for five minutes this following mantra.You urself would notice how the next person may feel helpless and would get away from you...Then again do 108 times gurumantra in form of thanking great lord.

Mantra : om kleem sakal shatru stambhitay kleem om phat

Even if it seems so small and easy process, but my dear ones, there is a rule in Sadhna world that without investigating one should not blame any sadhna and it really does not suit any sadhak. This experiment had been published couple of years back in Patrika(Mantra Tantra Yantra magazine).Along with me so many other sadhaks and guru brothers have investigated and nothing is required in this sadhna.So come and lets bow down infront of Shree Sadgurudev for giving such a nice experiment to us.



wgamerxxx said...


Could you please give the gurumantra.

Guru said...

Can you pls write the mantra in HINDI too, as i got confusion weather its


You are doing real guru seva by spreading such knowledge.

Anonymous said...

What is the guru mantra. Kindly share.

soniquespark2000 said...


Can you please tell us a sadhna which a beginner can also do..

soniquespark2000 said...


Can you please tell us a sadhna which a beginner can also do.