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Ayurveda,Mahamrityunjay Mantra & Cancer

Whomsoever have read the MTY’s 200th edition must be remember how aids can be cure by Mantras was published by Sadgurudev.It is specification of Shree Sadgurudev who had made difficult to difficult subject presented in very easy and userfriendly form.Even I have not found any other difficult field which is untouched by Sadgurudev.

Its very true that nature had given solution of every problems.Well Aayurved and Mantra Shastra are two such ways which can cure any type of disease.Any disease which takes birth in body are of three types…They consit of tridosh.
Tridosh means-
3. KUF

By imbalance of such tatvas diseases takes place.Then it is about stomach disease or about breath.

Cancer is also a dangerous disease which is not impossible but very difficult to cure.But if it is enchanted by a special mantra along with that if some special Vanaspatis are intaken then I am sure it can be vanish.For vanishing such disease the Aloe vera is used as medicine.Aloevera contains so many chemical which boost the immune system and kill the insects by themselves.Given below Kalp is investigated many times.Then also you must consult with Ayurvedacharya and then take in use.

Take two thick leaves of Aloevera and clear their thorn or else you can grind it as it is and mix 500gm pure honey and 4 spoon of brandy and then stir it continuously.Brandy is used as equal protection or preservative form.If there is problem in using it then use Pottesium meta Sulphide instead of brandy. Start taking this kalp in early morning with empty stomach three times a day.This dose contains a quantity of 1big spoon.Shake as well.For sure you would see benefit of it.Aloevera or Gwarphata are divine medicines.I will write experiments of such medicines in next any article.Along with this Kalp if the below given mantra is enchanted then for 108 times daily then the result will be in multiples and destroy the Tridoshs also.

Mantra: "om trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushthivardhanam urvarukmiv stuta varda prachodyantaam aayuh praanam prajaam pashuh brahm varchasv mahyam datvaa vrajat brahm lokam"

Whether it is about an inopportune time death, any accident case, blow on relations and only one way to destroy it from route we have to worship and persue the sadhna of Lord MAHAMRITYUNJAYA as only he is the one god who can protect us from all such things.But there are various aspects which have been kept secret due to some valid reasons.

"trayambakam yajamahe sugandhim pushthivardhanam,urvarukmiv bandhnaan mrityormukshiy mamrtaat"

If this mantra is enchanted for 108 times by sacrificial fire then we can have Ishtasiddhi and supremacy.Whoever sadhak wants to attempted Yasksh, Yakshini, Yogini or Bhairav and Bhairavi Sadhna would find this sadhna as in different and in amazing form.Tthis mantra contains which ever energies are in form of Varna and explanation is as follow : -

tra – Its in trayambak,trishakti,trinetra and tridev form.
ya - yam and yagya
ma - mangal
ba - balark tej(glow)
kam – kali’s kalyanmay kakaar beej
ya - yam,yagya
ja - jalandharesh
ma - maha shakti
he - hakini
su – Aromatic,Goodlight,Sound
ga - ganpati,riddhi-siddhi data
dha - dhoomavati beej (For removing poverty)
ma - mahesh
pu - pundarikaksha
shthi - shatchakra and indicating breath flow
va - vakini
ardh – religion
nan - nandi
u - uma
rva – shiv’s vaam shakti
ru - tears
ka - kalyani
va - varun
ban - bandi devi
dha - dhanda devi
nan - bhagaditya
mri - mrityunjay
tyo - nityesh
mu - mukti
kshi - kshemkari
ya - yam
maa - mantresh and vardaan
mri - mrityunjaya
taat – devoted in foots

According to“devo bhutva devam yajet” this complete explanation is very much authentic.


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