Monday, November 8, 2010


the days were running with too much problems. it was too hard to pass each
moment. the enough was a though for the stuffed mind that it was order of
gurudev to stay in material.

and at that time only, i got a message from shishyanand. he had given me two
days time to meet him.

when i reached to his house after a long journey, he was not present in his
house. his wife served me a meal and let me had a food like mother love.

after a little time only shishyanad came from outside. long height of 6 feet 4
inches and a unique body was something like imagenary angel.

the shining glow on the face, which can only obtain by tantra and paarad
sadhanas power.he seems like a simple house holder in his dress.

when i met shishyanand last time when he used to be in shanyash life. after
giving me nath tantra diksha, gurudev given me name raghunath and with his order
only i was doing sadhana in himachal.
at that time only i met him which is of a last birth

who can understand what gurudev think! he given birth to me and him both in
material life to understand it properly but due with his grace i have remembered

shishyanad. the name, the character. gurudev's almost each publish and non
publish books are owned by him. each thing related to gurudev remains with him.
the only goal of his life is to obey gurudev's order.

he made me understand too many secret which were related to paarad vigyan or
mercurial science. there he demonstrated preparation of silver from mercury too.

after triturating mercury into salt and juice of lemon, when it is triturated
with juice of one more herb , it is given a little silver to consume after which
it was subjected to some mantra process, it been a silver completely which is
still safe with me
and whenever i have saw it to my many relatives. after watching it they
surpisingly say that it is more brighter then a acideproof silver also.

i stayed there for three days and meanwhile i have gone through with many
scriptures about which i had heared only.
who was willing to return from there but i had to. kindness of him, i received
some rare sadhanas and a uthhapan gutika ( a pill of mercury).
what can i say about utthapan gutika. the people intrested in rasayana are aware
what it stand for.

the feeling of satisfaction by meeting a true desciple of gurudev is beyond
explanation and i can not express it at present also.
because heart do not have words and words do not have feelings.

but after all the thing which have took deep roots in my mind is the
authenticity of this science. a faith which had went deep in the heart in such a
way, that it may not be destroyed.

paarad is as holy as shiva and when we will be able to understand it completely
; we would not be longer sick or poor.

jai gurudev


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Please reply my mail and could you tell me ho to get parad sansakrit as i am totally unknown to this alchemy field


Please reply my mail and could you tell me ho to get parad sansakrit as i am totally unknown to this alchemy field

piyush said...

jai gurudev !!!!!!
bahiyo itne dino se aapke blog ka intzaar kar raha tha ki kuch toh likho. plzz likha karo bahiya jaldi.


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