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Parad sanskar workshop part २(concluding part)

Dear friend,
I am trying my best effort, but each time I found, I slip so many important point, so I have no option but to write down separate post for each sanskar in details so that many such a highly important point I can share with you in length ,which will be definitely benefitted for you .(I corrected three times, mine second part post, but either I managed mine way of writing or justify the subject and off course your valuable time so I valued your time highest compare to mine way … I am serious.
As the some of the helping staff and person gathered there ,having some disbelief on the authenticity of this parad tantra and some line of doubt appearing on their faces, swami shishyaanadji, made his mind to metal transformation, later he told me Sadgurudev always used to say that in this era of highly disbelief, if his shisyas come forward to show then it out be much proud things for him, and chamatkar ko naskar hain hi. he demonstrated the procedure with herbs only(and total times with different ways to us ) told clearly without the power of sadhan , this cannot be possible, though it seems miracles but based on higher science.,
every doubted one bow down to the sadgurudevji ‘s name. so that is still be possible it is ,for doubted heart.. now where is the faith lies in our generation, having doubt on every things is in our blood, how long sadgurudevji, purified our blood. At last he will sure success.
Approx 5oo hundred people, requested to be part of this workshop, only 15 gets selected by properly going through their horoscope, and their interest in the science and upper most the faith in sadgurudevji , no class or religion, age was the pre condition ,personally they contacted by phone . only than the green signal was given. if the success in this field is the fruit of previous karma, only than they selected, who else other than Sadgurudev, can change the fate.
One complete full day spend, in the visiting mountain of Goram ghat, almost 30 km we walked by on own feet, the day we never forgot, what we faced , while returning ,when we missed our way and travelled in the deep forest in the dark night with no torch and no water even no mobile signal ,and the forest animal sound all around , no fire, only plastic bottle sound help, almost we travelled 4/5 hours to reach the our destination where our jeep waited., what happened their, no one want to forgot, if you insist me then I will write in detail. And the divyashoddhi and siddhoushidi, what we saw their, will be covered in any coming article. With sadgurudevji blessing everyone safely come out . as Arif ji promised for that trip for introduction of divine herbs. the promised fulfilled.
Though daily sadhana process and in night time also a regular feature, every day 5 sholaka of Nikheleshwer stavan path is also a must part of days beginning.
So many mails we received, many of congrates but some with threats too, why such workshop was organized, we could not believe that, even when all the work was done under the divine shelter of sadgurudevji, and pooya gurutrimurti ji already informed about that with their consent this work started, even after that so many negative mails, we already had some impression about that, but the some of our bhai, made negative remarks and some made us cautious, now we understood the problems .but where sadgurudevji ‘s blessing then success will automatically comes, his blessing is not a things for us but all of our life totally and only depends upon it.
Who would believe except the person present there, Three serious accidents in a rows, such a serious one, in last accident, next two days glass particle coming out from his(Aarif) eyes, sometime furnace not reaching the temp as it should be, sometimes mercury filled earthen pot blast, that was not the things that should happen, is it just normal phenomena, we all are very upset over that.
Was there any reason beyond our logic, yes. …But who could do that, when Sadgurudev divine blessing shelter was there, even daily gurumantra, Nikhil stavan was going on. “Every shakti whether dark or pure had its own power” he replied. But sadgurudevji…. He again told me..had I forgot famous incident in that kapali baba used highest deadly tantra shakti on sadgurudevji in tantric sammelen. Even Sadgurudev had to back two step to bear such an enormous amount powered dark forces of 52 bhairav proyog.
But who was doing,.. I asked ? do not think over that.. he replied with very serious tone. I could understand that pain behind the voice, small important work under Sadgurudev blessing faced such a criticality, so much how much pain, struggle Sadgurudev himself faced, when he alone stand up again all the dark forces and still he is .next 4/5 days all the wound healed. No sign of that. The workshop Place was informed to participant just three days before. even after taking such a precaution this things happened.
Were you all right ,I asked Arifji, with smile he replied, only bunch of flower are not expected many times brick stone also a part of life. is the teaching of sadgurudevji for all of us. So its ok. Not to worry..
Your love ,response, good wishes are our torch. Uppermost our divine father Sadgurudev ji..surely all the event taught us a lot if,we were ready to learn from that. Loin never teaches his young club in bed made of roses.
The 11 th sanskar and 12 th sanskar are very secretive and very difficult even ras granth kept a silence over that . Three way we did that. parad and (the virya of bhagvaan shiv and gandhak/sulpher is the raj of ma parvati) their sanyog, how much difficult you can understand. Very tedious process, time consuming .
Even kachhap yantra most highly recommended and inter dhroom jaran not producing the result, same sulpher comes out after the process complete thrice . Reason in previous paragraph I already mentioned. Later arif ji asked us to do the process by the very different process mentioned highly practiced in kapalik marg .where in the beginning we started with 6.5 kg of mercury now only 100 gram of mercury is used. 6 gun jharan, 32 guna jharan, and 64 gun jharan we did that. same process demonstrated many time so that each one of us very clearly understand the process. why not with 1 kg of mercury this process can be completed. That’s not possible since this sanskar gandhak jharan is very time consuming and success of it totally depend upon the blessing of Sadgurudev and bhagvaan shiva. The sulpher used for that is beyond our capability within the time limit.
Now the ultimate 12 th sanskar Abhrak satav grasan comes. even 4 month is very less for preparing the essential item used in this sanskar, it great luck of us that all the required material is already made available to us. But even though how to prepare oil from human hair only. Such a bad smell was spreading all around that no one could sleeps in that hall or even the roof of the structure. slowly after the 5 hours some drop of oil comes from the distillation apparatus. But getting abhrak stav from raw abhrak.. total 100 kg wooden coal and 30 kg of stone coal is used furnace temp rising more than 1600 degree, colored famles comes out, we all instructed the monitor the flame.. each color change practically be described by arif ji, whole night the process running.
Ooops the small ball made from cow dung (80 kg) and dhnyaa abhrak, gud and ghree, guggle and many more, we made from our own hand after mixing hand. How to make dhanya abhrak. From abhrak.. ooops such a complex subject even my self needed 6/7 times in details even to understand it what was going there. now I can understand why people even of high level in parad field can only say ar described the process in words but if asked them to show that in practical hardly a few get successful though a lot can self claim.
It fills my heart the joy unspeakable when, the night comes when he is going to give the ultimate gift from his side to all of us as he mentioned in importance of workshop. the famous miraculous mirror making process in that we can directly contact any ras siddh and and able to talk them in person. This is the most hidden secreat til now ,since sadgurudevji himself given him the process, very few people only listened about it, no where I mean it, no where ,how that can be possible ,is mentioned, in any shashtra.
Such a tedious and time consuming process for preparing the ultimate article of mirror, cannot be so easy, please remember that for each things you have to pay in this world, nothings comes free. higher the knowledge the higher you have to pay, even your own life. Is the pre condition, very famous
saint kabeer das ji told.. sadho this is not our mausi home………….
At first uphass(overlooked ) then opposition and lastly the acceptance are the three teps in that everyone has to go, who are things from the time ahead…. Famous words from Greatest swami Vivekanandji.
Lastly the day arrived. When arifji, finally reveled the more confidential mantra used in sanskar to us and clearly described them fully two three times. though people can claim that they achieved success upto a level but beyond that theses mantra will unlock the secreat. Now rest upon us how we take the things.
We all are moving to jodhpur to celebrate deepawali function in the Sadgurudev home, taken bless from the poojniya mataji and off course from guru dev trimurti ji too, we spend whole night in sadhana bhavan . along with other guru brother, we just like a small wave in big ocean of sadgrudev millions of childrens.
On the 6 th nov , see off each other with smile…..we will again meet ….we are friend for life… now the journey is started ….. again each one again busy in his daily business.
Thanks a lot for reading up to here. i will surely provide in length ,various details, discussion regarding sadhana and parad tantra held there. But that will covered in one sanskar in one post. I understand that ,such a technical subject, how can I summarize in just few lines.
I am just praying for your success to sadgurudevji ,in every possible good field. sampoorna guru parivaar blessing falls upon us.
Who know one day again, I will be talking and sitting next to you in person, regarding parad sanskar.. so even though ,till now, I knew ,this will not be easy to digest, but its all yours..
I am waiting for the day….are you not waiting for me..
I know , you toooooo..
Anurag singh
Important information :(Regarding free e magazine)
now the number of follower of our blog , just reaching our first magic figure 100. or till this post publish, more than that. on this happiest moment , i inform you that Arif ji planning a Free e magazine for all the follower register (off course that is free too) in this blog. this 20 to 30 pages mag will cover astrology, tantra, mantra, yantra and sun science, ayurved and off course parad science. and this will not be a magazine for discussing the topic but will contain the sadhana what he get directly from sadgurudev ji and our sansayasi guru brothers. Not only this but, as the follower number increases , the free e magazine pages will be increases , like on reaching next 25 follower , 4 page will be added .. this will be the rule. again i would like to make it very clear to all of you mine fellow guru brother and sister is that, we are just your guru brother nothing more than that and we all ,always be the shishya. What more luck and blessing can be of us .what we got with the blessing of sadgurudevji and his sanyasi shishyas and our own little experience in this great divine field, just providing in your kind heart and hand, keeping in mind that sadgurudevji divine knowledge is not just our property, sadgurudevji is for every one,
and if you find it a single percent benefit for your life. this will be our offering to the divine holy feet of our sadgurudevji. depending on your response, that e magazine will be bi monthly or quarterly be decided .
jai Gurudev


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