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Shamshan sadhana :Deepest hidden truth unrevealed yet

My Dearest friend,

lets begun the journey with me for the unlocking the closed door of this great section of Shamshan sadhana..when I listened it first time.. my heart full of love and gratitude towards Sadgurudevji, though I am not eligible for this knowledge , but his love knows no boundary…

I was sitting back seat of car (usually I have to sit there) ,Arif ji and shri Patel bhaiyya ji in front seat. In month of sept 2010, we were moving from Ahmadabad to Pali (Rajasthan) .Talk moving towards shamshan sadhana….usually Arifji have awake me , since I usually absorbed /felt in grip of mine thought. I tried to controlled it ,but it happens.

Am I not interested in shamshan sadhana, and wanted to do that…… he asked me,

yes I am …. I answered.

now my friends, in his words in coming lines, I am reproducing it (just for you)…

Small graveyard known as marghat and bigger one is as shamshan, the lord of marght is called as margheteshwer and for shamshan ..shamshan bhairav.., and one more power is there Dhoomralochan.. the sadhana and completed knowledge is must about them…

Why..? I asked.

Its must , unless ,I understand the difference between the doing sadhana in shamshan and doing sadhana in complete awake shamshan, till then no use. like doing some ritual in shamshan is ok, but doing sadhana in awake shamshan sadhana is very ,very difficult procedure , and should not be attempted in any circumstances, this is not the place for just tamasha. Who says if effect not happened than side effect would not be the result. if you are rubbing figure over a sharp knife, what will be the out come..

Ok ,

These marghatshwar.. some are with no hand , some totally blind, some deaf, some have no feet, the deaf one is most dangerous, since digbandhan will not get effected by him, you will be killed as he did not listen your mantra..but how do I know that who is.. blind who is not…

Have patience now.. he smiled.

Like the same name “Marghateshwar” sadhana is also famous (do not get confused by that ) successfully completed by any one ,has such an enormous power, lifting biggest rock is, just a play for him, but restriction is that he has to follow complete 1 month bramhacharya. And allowed to have physical relation with his own wife only two times in a month. But here, we are discussing Margheteshwer… those who attempted without his guru permission often get mad or died. So it’s the field gurugamya. Do I know is there sadhana named like rakkshas, Daitya sadhana, Pishach sadhana, Lankadhipati sadhana.

I kept silence..

Till I know fully sadhana of “aasan khilne ki”, complete digbandhan… I(Anu) should be keep a distance of that.

I knew digbandhan and suraksha chakra. And how to create it, I told him.

my dear brother is not so easy as it seems, suppose you circled the surakha chakra, and start the process, the dark forces out side that will not harm you its true, but what about the field inside the circle, definitely the forces already exists in that area will awake and what you would do..

I stunned.. is it true.?.

Why I should tell lie to you.

Have you know, there is kapaal sadhana, in that human head skull is fixed below the sadhak aasan, but its not true, not one but five such a kapaal is needed, and at the completion of that sadhana they would start talking.. one by one, any one who successfully complete the sadhana , will rule the world, but where are such a sadhak.

Similar case with pisach Siddhi and maili vidya Siddhi, you have to do lower type of bad karama, if you want to keep the power with you, what type of that karma.. I asked. like gambling and sexual impurity..but people who practiced the sadhana and use for the harming other often get punished highly, not only they, but their children also get affected,

But why ,any one practiced that.. I questioned.

Just to check sadhak courage.. not any other cause…

But sadgurudevji, also published a sadhana named Pisach sadhana.. I told, that will not be the case he mentioned, the sadhana coming from Sadgurudev not having any such negativity ,if he clearly instructed. He assured me.

Fot Daitya sadhana, one should be the devotee of shiva, since understand the difference between that Daitya and rakkshas are two different category.

But you yourself completed the Dhoomavati sadhana but you did not mentioned any such things. I asked, Anu bhaiyya.. that sadhana of mahavidya stage and completed under Sadgurudev direction, and in front of ma Dhoomavati where even the bhramharakkshasa stands.

Oops now I knew.. but Why all such dangerous sadhana needed.?

Plz go through the old issue of mantra tantra yantra, in that Sadgurudev himself instructed An Guru brother( a shishya of sadgurudevji) to go for that, whole one complete article published , sadgurudevji mentioned in length ,why such sadhana is needed.

Yes I read that article .i remembered that such one experience of our gurubhai regarding shamshan sadhana appeared in “sadhak sakkshi hain” column.

I read the article but could not get pre information of such things happened . I sadly said.

Not one ,but many such sadhana organized by sadgurudevji. He told me, Anu bhaiyya.. this is not the things for that people are being called opening, kindly understand. Was it not sadgurudevji mentioned many times , comes to have direct contact with him, and in person contact with him leads to such a direct interaction with his wisdom.

Now I can understand what I(Anu) lost.. its true that now ,when I knew that what the activity happened under his divine blessing, where I just fulfill mine duty, that today 4 round of rosary completed, mine task completed… I sadly told.

To get diksha is very easy but to become his shishya.. is like walking on a sharp knife… you have to be the shishyas of great Paramhansa Swami Nikheleshwaraanand ji is not so easy, you have to devote whole life……

So I request you all without having proper diksha and completed knowledge of this sadhana and under the guidance of Sadgurudev or expert please do not tried for this. This could be deadly.

I (Anu) am remembering one incident one of our senior gurubhai told me in person , sharing with you that

Now in his own words……..

Once, some one told him to do shamshan sadhana, he refused it but later he became ready. Just for providing assistance to his friend, who ,no not , where he get the mantra. he was standing near his friend in shamshan in dark night ,within 15 minutes , whole shamshan was having great wind flown ,every where, shouting sound came, remember they even not made any circled ghera (surakksha chakra or performed any other ritual).

He told me. Anu bhaiyya, it seems like 20/30 people standing near to us but not visible to us, my friend is in grip of his fear , his teeth get sounds, and it seems like anu max happened to him, even I, knew not any procedure to save him .in mid of puzzle, I cried with folded hand to sadgurudevji, hame bachao.. (pls protect us). Suddenly the big blast happened like thousand sun rays appeared. And within in minutes, everything again calm like nothing happened. I personally sent my un cautious friend to his home, next three years he did not comes out from his home, on seeing me, he always cried bhaiya roco roco,(brother please stop, stop). People of mine village understood that I did the things to mine friend.

When he (guru bhai) personally meet sadgurudevji, narrated whole story to him, sadgurudevji was very angry asked him… why he was there in shamshan.. he replied , just with the friend. Sadgurudev ji (very angry )slept him. Tu tamasha dekhne ke liye gaya tha. Kya wo tamasha ki jagah hain.(you went there for any show, is that is place for that). Now you saved because of mine diksha , but your friends ….

With 3 years his friend died.”

Anu bhaiyya kahan ho.. aarif bhai asking me.

I do not know… I smiled. i opened the door of car. We both stand taking each other hands. he smiled.

I am really lucky to have friend like you……..


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jai Gurudev


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