Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Alchemical stages

rasa vada or metallic alchemy is never the end by itself,nor was it ever meant for the economic prosperity of any individual।on the other hand,it was only a means and a step preparatory for the higher processing of mercury into "rasa linga" which is said to possess extraordinary cosmogenic and biogenic energies required for the highest human aspirations comprising of 1.longvity 2.perpetual good health 3.happiness and wealth energy 4.freedom and liberation from bondagerasa linga is fused and cristalized ,mercury cone with other minerals technically caled"odes" and sarcastically called 'philosphers stone'. quite a number of these odes are described in printed manuals like 'ras kamdhenu' and 'rasarnava tantra' and classified in to khechari,bhuchari and other miscellaneous groups according to their nature and properties. the method of the therapeutic action on the human bodies of the odes is styled'deha vada' and that property will be prossessed only by the odes made with mercury,which was well possessed for 'loha vedha' or prossessing the property of converting itself into golds, as well as converting baser metals like copper and lead in to gold,therefore ,lohavedha or convertibility of mercury in to gold is only a test for the perfection of the prossessing for fitness for employment in the clinical procedure of deha vedha, through the further process vof rasa bandhana.again ,as each ode is valued many hundred times more than its weight in gold,it will be terribly uneconomic and the aspirant is forbidden from entertaining ideas of commercialisation of the knowledge of the art of utilizing the gold for his personal and domestic economy. being a branch of artharva veda ,there are quite a number of printed books and cartloads af palmleaf manuscripts in private and public libraries ,each containing scores of yogas for making gold and rasa lingas.but need more practice in this field under master.if u want success.

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