Monday, November 17, 2008

Alchemy and Precious stones

  • ...It is indeed very difficult to believe the Mercury could at all be converted in to Gold or Tin be converted in to silver.
    This science of Dhatuvad has not been lost even to-day. The fact is that the sadhus and siddhs ,well versed in it, do not come forword in the public.
    The success of siddhi also depends upon religion and Mantra-shastras along with Prayogas. It has been so ordained by the sciptures and the guiding preceptor that a person endowed with this Swarna –siddhi should not use its wealth in the least of himself. It has been prescribed to be used for the protection and nourishment of Siddhas knowing Vedas, cows, religion, scriptures,religiou s places etc.
    Dhatuvad is also embodied in many mss. Of Tantra such as Dattatreya tantra,Rudrayamal tantra, Uddish tantra , Harmekhla tantra etc.
    ... A very intresting part of Alchemy is called Ratna shastra. Ratna shastra is ourunrivalled wonderful science. To give an instance if 5 to 10 tolas of any of the pure Diamonds, Rubies , Emralds or Pearl taken in a powdered form and rendered in to Dravan with Mercury Ash are heated by a special process . they will constitute one large unit of stone of about equal weight. After crystallizing it, single Jewel will bring 25 to 70 lakhs of rupees, wheras in powdered form,it would have fetched aboud very diffrencive marjin. Means very very low but after crystallizing very very high cost.

    So that's only miracle of Alchemy tantra.
    If sadhak like all of you evincing intrest in our ancient lore come forword to encourage us. We can be very help ful to our country by carring on research in this secret science....



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