Saturday, March 13, 2010

Future And Miracles

'could you please let me tell my future ?' I asked him
' Yes but not here. let we into another room'
'all right.'

at that time tantrik patra was famous in the tantra world.Those who belongs to tantra field, would be able to imagine his power by these lines. He was siddh in 4 veers, 28 jinns, some ghosts, 7 gaun shaktis, shtkarm bheirav and mahakali. Where ever he goes, his these follower accompanies. When I went to meet my friend, He was in the same room, speaking of future about a visitor infron of him. A rapid body and power of tantra was clealy visible on his face. when I watched, Kal bheirav akshunn rosary around his neck, I understood everything. I asked him about this rosary and he understood that I belongs to tantra. We went to a kind of room where no one was there, apart from one visitor, in whose body before 15 minutes, He established a gaun devi and shaw to all present.

When this shakti entered in that visitor's body, his voice became lady voice but he was gent. his eyes became red and body language became like a women with anger. patra suddenly made the scene over as to chat with me. The visitor was especially worried about the ghosts nearby according to him and was advicing me frequent ' Darna nahi bacche, Darna nahi' .

patra took a cigrret in his hand and suddenly converted it into Ganja. He offered me the same and at that time I asked him to tell me about my future as he was telling everyone.

He started from my past till the present day and spoke most of exact things. but he suddenly stopped. I said what he was about to say, but he remained silent and seems to be worried and confused. I asked him again and again but he was not speaking anything about my future. Later on when I told him that I am disciple of Dr. Narayan dutt shrimali, He suddenly bowed down on floor, and said that now i understood.

what you understood? I asked,
"Those who are desciple of Nikhileshwaranand, They do not have future, They create the future, Only the great master of Sidhhashram, Shrimali ji only knows what their future is. I fisrt asked veer to tell ur future but he wasnt able, Then I asked bheirav, He faid, Finally, I asked your future to Mahakali but even thogh no answer came so I was confused but I got answer now " Shrimali ji". Perhaps, I would have been fortunate like you, if he was my guru but I was unable to reach at his heart.

Now this was something which I had never gone through. At that night I was unable to sleep and was wondering about the fortune, I and other my guru bhai got...Fortune of being desciple of Nikhileshwaranand.

Later on patra gave me respect like anything. as I was very new to tantra and was nothing in comparision to his siddhis, But he was willing more and more to learn from me!

One year later, He had been so much popular in Aasam, and Orrisa states. He shawed many miracles in public to obtain popularity
and wealth. He was doing something wrong, something which is out of the track of tantra.

In a village near pavagadh shakti peeth, He used some tantra and liven 4 deads. old people of that place may still have remebered that incident.

But it was not something a tantrik does. He fall into fame, Money and miracles.

One day he suddenly given me a call, He was calling me to his place. It was not possible for me to go. He was too much worried.

He told me that he lost his money and assets and some one steal it. his wife had been burned badly and she is in ICU. His all siddhis are not working at all.
He was aware about my bheirav siddhi. So he asked me that I should asked his and my 'Isht' Mahakal Bheirav that what exacly happening.
We both became connected with Manas tantra and Bheirava was infront of me and him. He asked if what had happned and Mahakal Replied to that miracle shawer
' Son, This is My MIRACLE' and the lord disappeared. ..

Today No one knows that what happned with such a big tantrik, But Patra and I both knew what happned
Today no one knows where he is or is he alive or dead.

That what the miracle causes future and future causes miracles.

****Raghunath Nikhil****

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