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Hidden Secrets-6( Importent Key’s Of Metallic Alchemy)

I was listening that eminent person’s talk very attentively…well significance of Alchemy(Dhatuwaad) was quite secondary for me. But ist is a wonderful part of alchemy and attractive too.So I thought it was revered Sadgurudev’s wish and its knowledge worthy too.Therefore I started imbibing it.

In such a delighted way he started telling and asked - do you know the importance of alchemy for an alchemist?

I said not in complete sense…

Hmmm... Alchemy and loh siddhi is an ultimate and wonderful activity of a Ras Tantra via the crude metals like tin,led,copper,zinc,bronze are converted into silver and gold.In fact alchemy can be converted into Gold.As far as siddh ras is produced and any disease type of whole universe can be cured by it…In fact the long live age and absolutely fine health can be achieved.From this siddh ras only the gold can be formed.Here I would like to tell you if you would produce siddhh ras just for sake of gold formation so you may not succed.As alchemy is the extreme soulful fact of our environment. By reading sadhaks mind n soul,by inspecting the worthiness then only he can taste the success.When his target is to produce gold,then it is confirmed that he wished to have money from it. Means he is pursuing whole act for sake of money not for the achievment of Param Tatva..Now you think are you hold right to achieve Ras Siddhi?
Then how can you ask for the success?

Because it is not necessary to keep the body fit n fine just for enjoying the materialistic happiness in life but also bestowing the glorious and irradiating body to that immortal soul via he can reach upto the the ultimate truth i.e. Param Tatva. See I m not saying the consumption of all materialistic amenities is wrong.what is wrong is to live life for such a materialistic thing… Sharir Yog or devouring (bhakshan) is the 18th sanskar of Ras and before that penetrating(Vedhan) is there. Isnt it??

I said Yes… yes of course..

It is because this human body and life is very important… as only humankind have the sense to take decision regarding his lih life path which will take him to divinity or demonity…Even that almighty has to take the dependency of this human body to show different plays..It is not like that he cannot make realises us by bodyless should but then how we will be able to get the realization of one nature.

Here I would like to tell you all that actually the Sharir Yog or bhakshan and Vedhan sanskar are the two activities which comes later the Kraman.. via which is inspected whether the produced ras is proper or not.Before experimenting it on our body or before bhakshan we need to experiment it on that metal and have see the results whether it has been changed(utkranti) or not. If that ras converts and keeps away all the deficiencies and transformed into gold then only it is certified and used for body transformation and to deliver divinity. Why gold has been considered the divine metal than others because there would be no difference in wieght if you put gold into fire for long time,for melting..though it will become more pure,glitter and beautiful.In the same way if you put any other metal in fire it will be give reduced wieght afterwards.hence they are faulty.
Fire is the examined touchstone of all metals likewise conditions are the touchtone of human life.And till the time you are full of faults you cannot become pure.cannot earn the exact form. Metal is converted into gold only when it inner and outer part became faultless.

Hmmmm but these activiteies are not that easy to learn.dont know how much preparation has to be done for this… So I asked which type of preparation has to be done??

He said….To reaching at the stage of Swarna Siddhi and Deh Siddhi Parad ownself has to attempt five journeys..

I asked…Which journey you are talking about?

Para to Parad,Parad to ras, ras ro rasraj and rasraj to rasendra’s journey..

What happens from it? And how it has to be done?

The alchemy which is found from the natural source is full of layers…means it is full of posionous layers.For vanishing these layers it has to go from the process of purification.By for three continous days with the Kumari ras, rakt chitrak mool ras,rajni churna,swarna gairik and lehsun ras becames pure.It is known as Parad which is slightly in blueish color.And on this parad only all sanskar has been done.And for making it into Ras the asthasanskar has to be works like gundhan and makes it courageous and vigorious.All this must be attempted under the Guru’s guidence and with religiously. If it completes in extra time,its ok but not to be attemted in hurry.Therefore one has to keep patience while proceeding all this.

See,if you have selected Parad with full of awareness and attempted all sanskar as mentioned so you have won the half battle.One more thing should be keep in mind while doing i.e. along with the Parad it is quite important to purify all other upras, metals, submetals also.Because if you use it without purifying state with the Parad then again Parad becomes faulty and all the hardwork would nullify...
Infact the gold which is come up in market is also in the fault state.So this also we should know how to tackle.
Without swarna gras if you use Parad for raskhot and bhasma and even without the beejjagran then how it will convert into gold? But it would be altogether different if divine medicinal gold is used.

Therefore I would really like to tell u all while going through such process one must keep all these point in mind and attempt so the success percentage would definitely increase.Rest all depends on the blessings of Shreesadgurudev.

However the ras karya is scientific as much as it is Sadhna karya too.Daily worshipping of Raseshwar and Rasankushdevi is very necessary.While keepinh in mind about the ras sidhhs and meditating way and worshipping the pardeshwar with sprinkling water various secrets forms comes infront of us by their own.

For achieving ultimate comforts in life atleast one must attempt any one of this i.e.Kankawati Sadhna,Wat-Yakshini Sadhna,Kanak-Prabha Sadhna,Kanak Dhara Sadhna,Swarnakarshan Bhairav Sadhna,Mahakaal Bhairav Sadhna, Swarnasiddhi Sadhna.If you get the secrets of Tara Mahavidya from Sadgurudev then success will follow you..Yess without raseshwari diksha you cannot step forward…

Knowledge of each fact must be known by sadhak.As each have their own importance on the path of Ras siddhi.Like understanding salt as a common element is totally wrong.If normel salt has been prepared in right way in ras shala then it enhance the strenghth of parad along with that it really vanish all the faults of other metals and glittered them.Do you know why this many hardworks are attempted on the Parad because to attempt the Paksha Shkedhan i.e. to be melt and get gel up with any other dissolve stated melt metal.It has been called as soul and when it is involve with any metal then it becomes soulfull body i.e. converted gold.Here metal is used in such context which melting level is too high as compared to Parad for e.g. copper, silver,iron etc..

And this is possible only when it is flamed properly..For this Garbhdruti of loh,vajra and Abhrak has to be mix with the Parad.these are very secrets and difficult process of ras for which the guidance of Sadgurudev is required and essential. Well apart from this way there is another small way which I can only indicate you i.e. if you prepared the salt especially in such way so it only can do parad agnisahya and rest udansheel facts also with the another metals too..
In the same way from different Herbs,elements and activities you can achieve and completes your all wishes…
(In next article I will disclose rest of the keys in front you as early as possible)


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Dinesh Paliwal said...

Jai Sadgurudev,
arif ji bhaisaheb, namashkar
jisa aapne bataya hai ki salt ke sath.
parad agnisaha ho jata hai.
maine ye kiya aur agnisaha parad prapt kiya hai.
maine isko 6 houre full flame per steel ke chammach mai dall kar agni de hai yah jal kar halke kahi kahi halki pili rakh mai or kahi kahi pura chamakdar sawroop me dikh raha hai.
And what i do next i dont know.
Jai Sadgurudev,Jai Sadshishydev