Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hidden Secrets-5(Vaam Ras –Tantra)

By including Rakt bindu and shwet bindu in the Waam Tantra so many wonderful powers can be achieved.But this is also true that these Sadhnas are very secretful and Gurugamya (under guru’s guidence)

So I asked… Why is it like that??

Because rightfully people are not eligible to know about it as they don’t know the exact definition of Waam Tantra.By mere pronouncing the name or instigating it they wring their nose like anything as they have touched something bad thing. As long as I know it is considered as the exact way of achieving power.

Yaa but on this path the servitude is completely banned i.e. prohibittted. Is also has been known as the Path of Lion (Sinha marg) in tantra. Respect, Wealth, indistinguishable body & infinite power is easily availble on this Path..

Did I said that this path is not for common sadhaks????

Yes of course not…because one who cannot control his consious & lack the maniless in him cant step forward on this path.

A common person assumes the ultimate happiness in stumbling(bindu skhalan). But on sinha marg sadhak feels n realize the ultimate happiness in reinvigoration i.e. raising up(Bindu Utthan). It is a paramanand for him.Well on this path only one utterence has to be followed i.e. “Do whatever with full consiousness” ( Jo bhi karo purna vivek ke saath karo) just think in this way, that the action of intercourse is happening but my aim is not to stumble rather I could awaken my whole seven bodies inside me via this urja yog.

Does it is possible for a normal sadhak???

He asked…What do u think? Is it kimiya???
After saying this, he only started answering that by understanding us Sadgurudev told me "that ‘kimiya’ doesn’t mean only to converting the metal into valuable metal nor keeping away our body from diseases.Actually all these defination are basically wrong. “Converting Negativity into Positivity” I mean to say converting negative energy into positive energy is known as KIMIYA…"
When negative is converted in to positive,whatever remained is always considered as so valuable..

Seriously I have seen people spend years n years for gold making or just converting copper,zinc,silver,alchemy into gold…but do they actually know which the secret is behind of all of this… answer is No, no my dear they really don’t know…
And if Yes, then they may also recognised and included into such famous list which has been considered as the master or siddha who have achieved the param prapti in alchemy.

While winding my all curiosity regarding the various dimensions of the untouched secret of kimiya, was revealing infront of me I asked “what is the secret behind the internal kimiya by which the process of srajan can be accomplished”.

With minute observation when inspect the padarth and the atmik power and recognised the positivity of it and embibe the art of taking advantage and progressing ourself is the real secret of kimiya.And when we achieve the caliber of recognising it,then it becomes very easy for us to know or how to place,when to place and in which way it has to be use. As I alreay said that the work which is accomplished with full of consiousness may succed always n forever.
Therefore it is said that the siddhi is the follower of such persons only who follow their insticts..

Without the guidence of revered Guru and the shastra one who walk down on this path would face failures. Under guidence the continous practice leads us to the unlimited success.
Especially I would like to tell some thing for the alchemist…

(It is really tough to denote or specify everything in one article, and publishing that incomplete sootra or in part would be great unjustice with them. So in next arcticle I would disclosed the formulaes of conversion of metal via Rakt Bindu shwet bindu which I learned under that mahanubhav’s guidence and soon u ll find the explanation regarding it. You personaly would feel that sadgurudev had blessed us under the family line of siddhashram .How gracefully and kindly he had expressed everything infront of us… if we wouldn’t take benefit of it then who would be responsible for it???? Hnnna tell me)

So think about it…


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Raghunath Nikhil said...

Vastav me hi me swet or rakt bindu ke rahasya ki khoj me salo se tha. aap ka bahot bahot sukriya