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Sadhana main safalata : (mental attitude) how to control ourthought in sadhana


Dear friends,
i would like to share one thing, with you all , we were planning that this series will be included in the  e- magzine , but arif ji  told us this series should be in the blog so that majority of our brother though by any reason still not become the follower  but  they can also get benefit from that. So in this series   one by one  some of the  point we face , we will discuss between us.
Lets begun
Once again  I meet the  tantra sadhak  living in Varanasi  whom  provide me some important details about hanuman sadhana (already appeared in the prev, post, onward In this article I address  him  as Guruji)
i-                    Guruji   in your view what is more important regarding getting success in sadhana.
 Guruji -Mental attitude plays a lot.
Why not have you not listen the kabeer das ji famous doha, “ mala phire haath main, aur man phire jag maahi”. Til you have full control on your metal ability how can you get success .
 How we can get control or attitude should be?
 One should always   be in present tense specially in sadhana time.
Listen either you  live in past tense or in future tense , but when you try to be in present all your worry generally gone,
But  guruji that’s is very difficult.
If it is so easy ,why should I need to tell you. practice makes man perfect. slowly you cultivate that thought and one day you will find  you arrived.
Guruji I need to ask one more things, you were taking about your shamaya sadhana, but that’s very difficult,  how can us control  our thought.
Controlling is useless, tantra does not tech you to control but it teaches you how to understand the mechanism behind that, once you understand than you are free.
But it s very difficult, it’s the very  problems  in my generation the kaam bhav(literal sense ,physical relation thought) very difficult to get rid of that vasanatmak thought .situation be more  worse when we sit in any sadhana, all our energy  wasted in fighting that.
Why you told me like that, did you understand what is vasana?
 i think physical relation thought.
 No, no it just a part, even you want to meet me, it’s a vasana. you want to eat, its also a vasana. even you want to study, its also a vasana, how can you  run from that. Till you understand , all your  running from the situation  thought is useless. Understand.
Please some  more  wisdom  I needed.
 Listen  the thought , that makes you more trouble ,makes that a sadhana.
 I said- guruji I could not  understand.
You are Tantra sadhak, have courage, its not the solution, to just give up.
Have a patience. I am saying  that instead of running that, peacefully sit and see where it comes and what the changes it creates either in your mental attitude and  do not fight to that , do not blame this or that or blame yourself that, it’s a part , treat it holy then you will find, negativity will vanish, since  if god Is  in everywhere   then how this thing can be wrong. we need to take right direction of thinking. we need to realize that.
Guruji,it would not be better, forcibly we control that, or give the procedure by which  we can simply  control that.
that is the yoga way, tantra not advocate this way is because  What ever you try to suppress, comes in front of you with other form..
Guruji can we say this is maya.
Yes you can say that.
 I read  about Vama khepa (A legendary greatest  sadhak and devotee  of Ma  Tara) he also emphasized that, once someone asked him , how to remove this maya. he became very angry, replied that maya is Mahamaya, how can you remove her? .we all are maya, then who will remove to whomMa is shakti, you are worshipping shakti and wanted to remove her, is it possible ?whatever you call  maya, vasana, is lower form of kundalini power ,without  that you are  just backbone less creature. ,ma is maya so instead of removing pray and  understand the  matter, and who tried to remove  actually get in more trouble. Who have power to fight  with ma. if, only she allow then.. the way open
Yes that I am trying to say to you.
Guruji- I also read once occasion that about UDIYA BABAJI that  some told him., about a particular person “he has no rag,  he can raise a high in spiritual field” on listening this he  replied “if he  has  no rag than vairagya will not be possible for him.”
Very true, until you have something, how can you give to  other.
Guruji if you allowed me than I would like to say, it easy  in theory but in practice very difficult.
 Everything takes time, its not a one night show, til then change the direction of bhav,
Guruji its ok ,I change the direction but, within a few second it again returned, we are not like you, who can stand in one bhav.
He smiled,
He asked me , what do you understand the meaning of tantra?.
Guruji, what can I say in front of you,
 No no tell me.
I think it’s the science by which one can  understand once’s true self.
Oh,  In my view , through understand the kaam,( the third purushartha). go for fourth one. This science, shows how that will be possible.
Guruji how you do that sadhana means, how many round of mala   do you  usually did while you were in sadhana.
I am still in sadhana ,I was not doing as you people  are doing ,I did not need  to go long duration, within the 100 round of rosary I got the success in any sadhana I took.
That means success can be achieved within the  limit as mentioned in sadhana ritual.
Yes, when all your energy flows in a direction ,can success be far behind.
Guruji I read about swami ji maharaj of pitambeera peeth at Datiya  that he achieved success in ma balgamukhi sadhana, in only 25000 jap of mantra. but  it is so happened , because he was great sadhak.
No no, you miss the point, in this whole world , nothing comes as by chance, definitely he did the sadhana in his earlier life or his devotion ,shraddha, or faith in mantra was so great , that s why he  gets Siddhi  so quick, if  it happened, by chance than we think that  god or mother is partial. no no this is not the case,  onwards when ever you herd and meet him who got early success, always remember that he did it before ,ma and sadguru never partial.tantra science is applicable same for every one.
Why it takes so much time  for us.
Even if gardener  put hundreds of bucket filled with water on a plant but when the season comes only then fruits will come.
Guruji, one more question, I today visited navmundi asan, I found ma mahakali photo was there, in tara peeth I found the photo ,even in your room also have ma mahakaki photo, why al l of you and other great one  gave so much importance  to  ma mahakali ,when all the 10 forms of mother are one. any reason behind that..
How many question you will ask.. for today is enough.
While I was retuning , thinking that vastness of this field divine, how much still to learn..

Sagurudev ji  describe it, it just happened, do not get discouraged,prev many birth karam come out  because of sadhana, even during sadhana time something very bed thought also come out  even about own guru, do not get worry ,first  poison will come only then the way for amrit Is open. While starting any sadhana proper Sadgurudev ji poojan and guru mantra jap is must , to remove this weakness evil, and also after the sadhana of the day completed,  guru poojan again is also necessary.
So dear friends ,it’s a part of journey, do not  loose heart by your thought patterned do busy in sadhana, whole heartedly, our efforts definitely bring success, when Sadgurudev blessing is  with us.  

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Vinod S Sharma said...


Arif bhai I understand the view of the sadhaka that has instructed regarding the control of thought even Sadguruji also mentioned this in hi book

PLease can you more expain the procees of ben a thoughtless mind so that the concentration can be good and also please elabourate the process of been in present that the sadhaka has mentioned and also please tell how is it possible that he could complete the sadhana in just 100 rosery i.e he said that when all your energy flows in a direction ,can success be far behind.

Thank and regards