Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swar Vigyan Tantra :(Most easiest but highly rewarding science.. For enriching our life)

My Dearest one,
This great swar science tantra, contain in unlimited possibility of exploration, you can modified through this, all you bad luck to good, illness to health and off course all your personality can changes. No yantra no mantra is required. We are here just providing little bit more than introduction, but to have mastery , little work and patience are needed from your side.
have you ever noticed that why in daily local panchang / daily newspapers astro column, it is mentioned that,pratah kalin swarwhat does it stands for.. poojya sadgurudev ji mentioned this science (secreat in details appeared ,in mantra Tantra Yantra vigyan old issue). while taking some of the material from that and swarodya vigyan one of very famous book of param poojya swami ji maharaja of Datiya , a great saints from holy siddhashram ,(one of world famous ma Balgamukhi temple their), at first we shashtaag pranam to both of them, and start the post with some of our experience and the specific point of this greatest science mentioned by them.
Experience: Once my friends, younger brother asked me .. will I be pass in exam?, I had no panchang nor having any miraculous power. I answered… just not this time, you will get compartment in three subject . he stunned, but result came as I predicted, how I did that, very simple, I have little info of this Science on that time ,in the era of late eightees ,by that i answered. Many such incident we will share in future.
Importance of this science: Poojya Sadgurudev ji once mentioned in magazine that, by knowing this science and practicing it , can not only change person’s fate but he can raise upto a point not imaginable. Is also Possible.
Do you not want to do learn this.. yes yes.. we knew that.
Basic information: in normal person take 13/15 breath in a mints thus in 24 hours it amount to 21,600 .some times with one side of nose ,some time with other, and times comes ,when both side nostral breath running. this happens in fixed manner ,automatically changes, sudden changing in this pattern , leads to any danger or fear.
Type of swar : Three main swar continuously running in cycle through out our life.
  • Left nostril----chandra swar (moon).
  • Right nostral— surya swar (sun).
  • From both side –shushmna swar (where no work is adviced ,only poojan or yog dhanan is adviced.)
Primary preparation :So wake up in the morning (pleases be in bed )note down (if prior preparation, it would be better),which paksha? What is the tithi (a period less than day, normally, can be consider same as a day). oops I forget to mentioned what are paksha?
In general ,two paksha exists in a month
  • In Krishna paksha(moon decreasing period): first three thithi (not same as day.. but in primary way you can take that)…sun swar will be running, its good .(from sunrise to next 2.5 ghati i.e 1 hours then it will be changed to moon swar, like this , whole day a cycle will be running). and after the three day onwards , it will change means starting time swar will be the moon swar.
  • In Shukla paksha(moon increasing period) : Just opposite case to krishan paksha.(means moon swar will be running) for first three days.(from sunrise to next 2. 5 ghati, i.e 1 hours then it will be changed, whole day a cycle will be running).
To get success: wake up in bed (off course) , first try to know which swar is running(through placing your finger in front of your own nose). and place that side hand (which side swar is running) on your mouth, and also place that side of foot on the earth ( I means here ,first step). The day will be successful one for you. Good morning from us.
To know beforehand health problem : If continues three days the opposite swar is running in the day beginning time(sun rise time) in a paksha (either krishan or shukla) Oppositely .as it mentioned in locan panchang or in astro column in local newspaper, surely next 15 days we have to face this or that type of health related problem .
How to change the cycle : As, we desired.. very simple, if sun swar is running and you want to start moon swar then sleep with right side of your body, in a very small time the swar get changed. Easiest one process.
Changing swar by will only :Yes you change the swar by your will only ,but for that you have to practice it and knowledge of five maha bhoot) five great element is must.when they start and changes, work accordingly.(though will knowledge required little patience then everything is possible).
To maintain Youth fullness :Please try to do the practice to change the running swar , as many times possible. this kirya will be highly useful for mainlining youth in him.
To get relief from pain: if sudden pain rises , then change the swar , will give you relif.(though in serious case please try to consult any appropriate medical consultant).
To get relief in dma ( illness related to breath): when its attack start , try to change the swar ,running at that time ,when other swar running within 15/20 minite a person get relief.
To get relief from fever: when the fever start, change the swar currently running ,. Will get relief.
To get relief from any illness :When any illness comes they start running opposite. So changing that will not remove the illness completely lessen it affect.Like that any illness because of heat comes then .. moon(cold) swar will be benefitted. Same is the case with health problem as a result of moon.
For Childless couple :One most important aspect is that if any one is not having any child or want to have child as desired. Can follow the direction mentioned in the great book. where person affected with that, spend thousand rupees and some loose their respect, but could not get the success as desired. This science shows you the way.(though for that you need to have advice from a competent expert in this science. Since knowledge of pancha taav, their running period, thithi, ruler etc things need to be understand, they are little hard to know in the beginning but believe us, not difficult.
For journey (direction ) :Suppose you want to travel ,start the jouney when swar running is.
· For north and east direction—right swar.
· For west and south---- left side swar.
if not follow the instruction, many untold misery a person can face.I have read so many example of that.
For starting the journey : if breath coming from right side, then first three step should be start with right lag, but in case of left side is running then take first four step start with left side.
A word of caution :If breath coming from both side of nose, then should not start any journey/work till that change.(not good result expected).
To get favor from Any body (even in interview /from Boss/ from your friends) :(I should write.. anukool babana)- always talk to person with the side in which your own swar is running, not understand it , ok I will try.again…. suppose at the interviewing time , your left swar is running , then turn your face in such a way that the person(who is going to take interview ) will be in the same side of your swar. Follow that it will help you much,, I will not say this will always comes out positive but if proper maha tavta (panch bhoota, ththi and time kept in mind person can do wonder.I tried some occasion even meeting with friend , result was more than satisfactory. want to try..
How to answer any query :in simply yes or no..if person asking question is same side of your swar running,,answer in yes if opposite then answer in negative.
What type of work is advised:
  • For yagya ,marriage ,for shantikarm --- left swar – days be monday ,wed, Thursday or Friday.
  • For hard and difficult work, exercise, for Vishay / bhog etc. – right swar – days be Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday. Etc.
On the bases of element , period running inside a swar.
here I am just mentioning element running cycle in row.(basic five) like
  • Earth tatavdo work that required hard work and stability
  • Water element(tatav)---- do the work which needs early to finish.
  • Fire elementvery difficult and very hard work
  • Vayu and aakash (tatav )all work get failed
  • In aakash tatav--- yog sadhana be good.
If you want to anything more we will try, many book are available in the market try for that, surely your knowledge base will be increase.
As you are waiting for updation so we are waiting for your response in more than two words. If have time.

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Vinod S Sharma said...


I am thankful to you all for providing such knowledge. Could you please elaborate more as to how to get spiritual gain and material gain out of it?.

Thank you

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Bhaiyon muje to bas E-magazine ka badi besabri se intejaar hai..

Guru said...

Wonderful article, I wonder how to guess and be perfect in those 5 tatva, tithi etc.

By the way i am eagerly waiting for TANTRA KAUMUDI magazine, checking site every 1 hour as this is 1st week of December :)
Thank You.

Jai Gurudev

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thanks for the detail. i had heard of it but was not clear of it. so thanks for giving details. and please register me olso for the tantra kaumadi magazine.

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Bhavesh said...

Haro OM,

I have read this post on last Sunday, 27/03/2011 and start exercise from Monday morning.

I will update about my experience later but I can not understand about the five elements you have explained, how they related with our Swar (Right, Left, and Sushumna)

try to replay if possible

Thanking you

Travel and tour said...

what is the name of the book and its writer?
thank you

Raahull Patidar said...

Please provide details about coordination between swar, tithi and 5 elements.

How to know which of the 5 Element is running right now.

Thank You