Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maharshi Devdatt sadhana 2

Jai gurudev everyone

 [ In september, one sadhana was posted in regards of Maharshi devdatt. I have given details of Maharshi devdatt in various post. Many people completed the sadhana and went through various divine experiences. but there are so many people, who were not able to do the sadhana at the said time. So here comes that opportunity again.

That sadhana could be done on 24-25-26 of this month. For other details please go through post Kind attention everyone Important notein the month of September. ]

The divine mother Raseshwari is the godess of the rasayana. The sadhana of divine mother is really a boon of life. it is really found to be amazed that whom so ever I met from Shishyanand to Hari baba everyone is quite assured of their success and gives it major credit to the goddess Raseshwari.

The one who have been through the sadhana path, will always be ready to do Raseshwari sadhana, because this sadhana light up the fortune and fill whole life with Ras. Here the ras not only means the paarad,  Ras here means totality, completeness rather mentally and physically.

Those who had been through the devi raseshwari’s blessing can understand this easily. every time they feel Divine presence of her, guiding every moment to lead the life on a direction where you will be filled with “ Purntah”.

With Sadgurudev’s blessing I met with a great paarad Yogi Maharshi Devdatt, Who is Purn siddh in Raseshwari sadhana. He is in regular touch with divine mother and when I see his love towards the divine mother and when he spoke of her, his eyes fills with tears of love and joy of her divine presence. One again I requested him to do something for us all, to experience the love of divine mother, I know I was asking something really big first time, because how come something like this will be possible.

He asked me to pray to divine mother and I did so. Sometime after he said...Bandhu, Mother has listened to you. She will be present to provide a great love to those who will be doing a sadhana. and needless to say Where there is mother, I will also remain there.

As he told, I am hereby giving the detail of sadhana.

The sadhana can only be done by those who have previously completed “ Maharshi Devdatt sadhana in september” as this is second stage of that sadhana. Those who have not done that sadhana, should proceed with that sadhana in this time period.

Rosary could be Paarad/ sfatik/ rudraksha...
Direction could be north/ east
white cloth should be worn if possible
lamp and incense sticks could be light
After 9 Pm in night pray Mother raseshwari and Maharshi Devdatt in your own words...( in this sadhana your faith, love, dedication plays major role)

then chant 11 rosary of the following mantra. continue for next two days. total 3 days. THIS SADHANA CAN ONLY DONE ON DATE 24-25-26 OF THIS MONTH.

Aum Aashwini, Sarv-roop-dhaarini rasaankushaay Mohini Tribhuvan Bhuvini Ras karm Sarvaarini ras siddhi pradata raseshwari Ras rakho Laaj meri sarv ras Baandhini Krupa karo raseshwari Namo aum raseshwari 

(ॐ आश्विनी सर्वरूपधारिणी रसाकुंशाय मोहिनी त्रिभुवन भुविनी रस कर्म सर्वारिणी रस सिद्धि प्रदाता रसेश्वरी रस रखो लाज मेरी सर्व रस बांधिनी कृपा करो रसेश्वरी नमो ॐ रसेश्वरी)

This is real fortune of us that such big sadhana and such rare coincidence is in between us. Mother is waiting to deliver her Divine love on us, Now we will be definitely unfortunate if we do not proceed towards her feet.

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