Sunday, December 5, 2010

PARAD SANSKAR WORKSHOP –II (Disclosing some of the very imp details ( undisclosed til date) of it )

Dear all,
Some of the important specifications regarding paarad samskar workshop were not been disclosed first. I thik it’s the good time to share some of the very, very important aspect/facts of this workshop which we were unknown yet.
Last time when we organized workshop, the Samskars of the paarad were been carried out with most of the specific methods which are termed as Veidik or Shastriy Marg, The processes are a little lengthy in nature, so the workshop time went for 40 days. But then we realized through mails we received that actually there were so many people interested to join workshop but they couldn’t as they were facing a problem of long time duration.
So when we planned for workshop again, our main mottow had remained to complete the samskars in very shorter span of time, But Paarad vigyan has its own limitation that when a person learns all the aspects of science then only they receive some special methods which are quick and same affective.
Such methods are classified under Kapalik and Kaul marg. Do not get confused by the name, The Name Kapalik and Kaul marg here, indicate the great affection of the short special processes. When we spoke in this regards with Arif ji, he told that ‘I learned all these processes of kaul and Kapalika marg from sadgurudev after spending my eight years, but I am ready to disclose all that processes which I gone through after long time so the workshop could be completed in shorter span of time. I would like to disclose everything for which I let eight years to learn.’
Well, one can clearly see that how much important this processes could be. 1 to 12 samskar in just 22 days…and some special processes of Gandhak Jaaran (a separate post had already been given of this process detail) and abrak satv Grassan.
For every samskar, it is just a matter of fact that there are people who did spent their lives.
And yes, this couldn’t be end at all…this is just a starting…there are lots of work to be done which were actual dream of Sadgurudev and we are willingly waiting for appropriate hands to adjoin us.
I wrote this as I feel,15 people could be made in just a day…but 15 right and appropriate people we are willing to make a part of workshop, who can really lead towards sadgurudev’s dreams. We are still willing to hear from right people to make a part of us but there is shorter period and yes very limited seats, so think do you have that in you? Then we will be really pleased to have you with us.

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Anonymous said...

Anu bhaiya, hum guru behno ko aise bahishkrit mat kariye..hame bhi mauka dijiye...har bar jabhi workshop related suchnai milti hai to man karta hai sahbhagi hone..Asha karti hu is baat ki dakhal jarur li jayegi..

Vinod S Sharma said...


I got the Tantra Kaumdi e magazine from the Yahoo group and really it is quiet useful and a come in handy mag. Can we have some clarification for some sadhana?